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A Choice
G rated.

Bilbo meets a hobbit lass in Valinor, and is presented with a choice.

The prompt was one of my prompts. It got a short but sweet fic.
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I have some vocal muses. A few of these have been madly encouraged or outright caused by [livejournal.com profile] tf_bunny_farm. One of which is my Primus muse, who is a sub-muse of my Magnus muse, since usually Ultra Magnus is his drone body.

This is the Bunny Farm's fault -

Primus. Do Not Duplicate. )
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Title: The Fairytale of the Dragon King
Series: Guardianverse
Game: Final Fantasy IV
Pairing: Bahamut/Leviathan/Asura

Once upon a time, there was great and powerful king... )
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Okay, so I have been reading stuff linked on [livejournal.com profile] metafandom again and can't help but wonder why people consistently misunderstand the meaning of some things, specifically about that ill-used defense - Don't Like; Don't Read. )
If the fic has already been read, DL;DR is pointless. Stop throwing it around, you make it sad when you do.
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For once I am depressed that something has no section on the Pit.

I'm watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - yes, the old Kevin Costner one - and I really wish there was some fanfic for it - especially Robin/Will incest, because they had such great tension, and Costner and Slater looked good together.

Oh well, I guess it's just a bit too old and I should go back to some fandom with more backing to it and potential incest... like FFVIII or FFXII (and no, I'm not talking Solidercest, even I acknowledge that is squicky, but there's lots of fun to be had in the Rosenburg brothers though).

And before you ask, the reason why I'm watching Robin Hood is because it was cheap, it was available at work, it's an old favourite of Mum's, and I like listening to the commentary - I friggin' love commentaries! Doctor Who taught me that!
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Well I've decided to start tackling that massive backlog in my Ficness Memories folder. There's still a lot that needs to be cleared out (still well only 600 entries), but here's the first 40-something.

As always, it's a general mix of various FF and KH stories. Some time maybe I'll clear the Other Ficness folder, which is gathering up plenty of Doctor Who, as well as other random stuff.

Fic Archive 10 )
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This one is a little different, I was wanting to clear all the fics out of my FFXII memories tag.

WARNING! Read at you own risk! Spoilers exist in some of the fics listed here-in!

Final Fantasy XII Fics )

I have also opened a new memories tag specifically for these archive posts, because with the ridiculous backlog on the Fics tag would make it hard to find any of the posts after Archive 7, since they would end up shuffled into the list of fics.

That backlog still scares me, I believe ther is over 700 fics needing to be transfered into archive posts but I simply don't have the time or patience to get it all done.
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I'm not pleased about this, it started as some way to get one of my silly music-inspired mental images into words but turned serious on me, ending up feeling like a piece out of a larger series of events that I'm not sure I'll ever get written.

As usual, this is somewhat a crossover AU, with FFVII and FFIV characters appearing in the FFVIII-world as GFs - and I haven't given all their original names either.

But anyhow... Night Interrupted )

(Some day I might even elaborate on the matter of Tyr and Frigga's alternate identities, and Quistis' issues with Griever.)
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I got it into my head to write a christmas fic - but given the only fandom I write for (FFVIII - and nominally FFVII) christmas doesn't fit (please to be seeing my rant about that) so it's a bit more a generic Midwinter festival fic.

I really don't know, I think it's slightly cheesy. There's also mention of some of my finalised GF lineup for Guardianverse for anyone to guess at the identities of those mentioned.

Anyway... Midwinter )
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This isn't what I had originally thought to write when I decided I wanted to write more for the Griever-bunny, but this is what has come out first.

Prettymuch Griever-Squall-centric, heavily based on Summon theory from the plot analyses of Glen Morrow (aka Squall_of_SeeD), and the writing is probably as rough as hell.

Self-Made Legend )
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It's been some time since I've done any of these so I have a lot of stuff to clear out of Memories. This is the first installment.

Fics )
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More of what I am going to start calling my Guardian-verse. The FF8 ficlets about Griever-Squall, GF-Ellone and Chaos-lord-of-the-GFs.

I suppose it was the almost undetectable mention I threw in the last one of these of the idea [livejournal.com profile] angel_0f_sorrow and I put together that has prompted this one.

The idea of summon-human mergers in this fic is my attempt to sew together the idea of humans becoming Summons and the description of Eidolons in Squall_of_SeeD's FFIX Plot Analysis (and to a lesser extent, also in his Advent Children one).
It works in my head at least, I hope it doesn't confuse folks too much.

As always, warnings for Dirge of Cerberus spoilerisms.

Phoenix )
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This is another of my FFVII/FFVIII ficlets - you know, the ones where Vincent is a secret GF. This one I imagined from the POV of Ellone actually. I used an idea I had about the sort of position I think Vincent would take.
There's also a mention of something I thought up while chatting with [livejournal.com profile] angel_0f_sorrow - she will probably understand what I mean but no one else will since I didn't elaborate on the idea here.

As always with these, some spoilerism for FFVII:DoC.

Everyone thinks Bahamut rules the Guardian Forces... )
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I have no idea how like Vincent this sounds like. I'm not sure if I can right Vincent. I'll leave it up to the opinions of others if I got anywhere within a stone's throw of "Vincent".

This is in the same theme as that fic-thing from a week ago. FF7/FF8 crossover. No real spoilers, not even for DoC which this is so dependent on for an excuse for why Vincent is in the FF8 world.

Guardian )


Jul. 26th, 2006 05:40 pm
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I have a need to write something of Griever. It does follow my pet plotbunny of Squall becoming Griever and the whole timeloop of two versions of him co-existing.
There's also a big bite of my obsession with making other new GFs out of canon characters in this.

Slight DoC spoiler.

Fic-like... something. FF8, hints of FF7. )
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Archive 7 )

Note: Fics listed in previous archival posts get updated in those.
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Mrr... )
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More random FF and KH fics )
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The last serve )

That's it, all done! Or at least until the next time my fic folder gets to over 200 items memorized in it!

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