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mimi_sardinia: (Hyperbole)
I am really hoping this works now I have non-narfy graphics. I am installing BG2 again, as an alternative to The Sims 3, which has it's fair share of issues, even with the new compy.

I just have to get all my usual mods loaded - stuff like Ascension, Tactics, Unfinished Business, Ease of Use, a variety if other item mods and a handful of romance mods that I'm fond of.

I may even field a male sim if the message board indicated Nathaniel is in reasonable condition - maybe even resurrect Merric Thorn again, complete with Kain Highwind portraits.

Then again, there's also a measure of attraction to going right back to the most basic - Narri, my first ever BG2 Charname (though it might be a tad of bore to play out the Anomen romance).
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Because I have been so distracted by the Sims 3, don't expect a lot else but that.

More of Alana )
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I have, lately, been starting to move various nieghbourhood kids into college. That means there's also been some incidental aging-up of younger children.

Here's a few of the families I've been working on at the moment.

Prowl, Blue and Jazz )

Alice )

Roddy )

The Hyperbole Twins and the Sardinia Siblings )
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There was an unfortunate side-effect to my clearing-out of all the excess junk I had in my game - Prowl's eyes. Somehow I lost the colour I'd used on her and she'd been rendered with basic brown. Downright annoying! Couldn't the game have at least given her basic blue?

Anyway, after reloading several of the eye colours I'd scrapped, to no avail, I went to same way I'd done for replanting Rose and Daisy - I made a new sim in Prowl's image to convert Prowl to with the Sim Copy mirror... Bluestreak )
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I'm a bit bored, and I haven't posted in a while (haven't been doing much and haven't had any significant toy acquisitions), so I felt like spamming my journal with random pics from my Sims game, and general Sims natter.

Random Sims Narf )

A Few Pics

Apr. 11th, 2009 10:37 pm
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I ended up remaking the twins, then due to some silly fiddling, I had to reload the save files totally so I lost both the Twins and the made-over Elita/Blackarachnia. So, I ended up having to remake all three again, and this time I'm happier with the results - BA has properly red eyes, and the Twins have the pointed ears that all the holos have.

Anyway... )
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I finally got around to constructing these two -
Sunstreaker and Sidewipe )
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I did mention that two of my sim toddlers in Edea's care has a paternal sim who is Bhaal, didn't I? Well I got pictures: High Lord of Creepy Sims )

Meanwhile, I also made a Blackarachnia Sim )
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Because [livejournal.com profile] kotono asked, I got some more pics of Edea while I redid all the stuff I lost.

Here-ya )


Apr. 5th, 2009 03:12 am
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I have just spent the last few hours working on Edea's household - I moved them all again, and was getting all the lot set up and all, it's a lot from MST2 that is big, but is mostly open and has a huge number of trees, with only a small house. I'd got all sorts of things I felt it needed and all, and I'd just decided to age up the kids and in the middle of doing a little makeover work on Blaise... it crashed and I lost the whole damn evening's work!

Dammit, that is going to be a pain to do over again, though I think I'll dispense with some of the outdoor stuff I put in... but it's a pain to have to do all that work over again.

I just have to say, I hate building houses from scratch. I think I did it too much, and got sick of so many of them being terribly blocky, and all the stuff that needs to be done to get it all properly renovated and all. Probably one of the reasons why I'm not doing much in the Seeker house is for just that reason. After the Prima house and the admittedly lost session in the Grove lot with Edea... well I'm feeling very tempted to start yet again with the Seekers on a premade lot - if I can find one I like.

Just... bleh.
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I just wanted to post a few pics of my Prima household - my human "holo" sims of Optimus and Magnus and Roller.

More Sims Picspam! )
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So as previously mentioned in past sims posts, while talking with [livejournal.com profile] agiftedmind on AIM, I got to making human sims for my TF muses - [mostly] female sims.

I got around to creating them in the game itself now, though only a few of them as yet. I had to turn Optimus into a teenager, because I wanted Roller as her little sister, which meant I had to also give them a mother, who has been named "Alpha".

I have yet to get pictures of them, but I've got a few of another couple of holo-sims...
The Enforcer Sisters )

Oh, [livejournal.com profile] agiftedmind? Any work for you? )

Sims Stuff

Feb. 25th, 2009 09:54 pm
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So... a few of the latest Sims doings... Read more... )
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My recent generation of a new sim child to Aeris and Squall reminded me of just fond I am of the first such sim I had - the original Ellone Ifalna. As a result, I've dug her out of my savegame files and shifted her into the nieghbourhood I am currently playing.

With her I also moved a few of her OC family members - Storm, Wind, Talos, Silvanas, Lucrecia, Kestra... and one of the other uni students I'd created, Robert Albrect. There's been a few name changes and I may still go back and also change the first name of my current Aeris's girl, because I find it hard thinking of her as "Ellone Ifalna".


Nov. 20th, 2008 05:33 pm
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
I went in to put down a token payment on my games laybuy at EB Games, but the guy there gave me the games for the current sale price they're on for at the moment. That meant, that with the amount of money I'd already paid I was owed some money by the shop, so I got the just-released Mansion and Garden Stuff pack for the Sims 2, and a gift card for another $15.10. I may end up using that as a down-payment for Spore, after I have TFA Magnus and the DVDs off laybuy.

But it means I have FFXII:RW and FFIV DS sitting in front of me.

ETA: I have just been watching the start of the game... my nickname for Cecil is apropriate - Emo (short for Lord Emo). The bedroom chat with Rosa is quite sappy and having voices makes it even moreso, and... I don't like Kain's voice, it's too deep. ;_;

I'll have to go through it again because I can't put all my attention into it right now - I'm doing my daily journal sweep and have a Sims pack to install.
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I've made some decent progress over the last couple of days, in the Sims. I finally got around to moving the Seekers into their house, moving Vincent Valentine into Shinra Mansion, and got back to Prime house and got through Optimus and Magnus's wedding without crashing (first time I tried to run the wedding I summoned too many guests).

A couple of minor mentions - due to "ghost" characters (ones that were buried amongst the Default characters) I have Starwing back, I used SimPE to reset her familial relation to Magnus - and since Optimus reached a high enough rating in magic, he now has a cat familiar... named Roller. Roller happens to be female. I haven't yet had Magnus summon a familiar, so I don't know how I'll name that. Any ideas?

I'll post pics later, I need sleep now.


Nov. 1st, 2008 05:45 am
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Well I had another narf-up in the Sims - lost all the magic training I'd given my sim mages, and I'm going to have to go and move Megatron in again!

This time I think it's because I was fooling around in Body Shop quite a bit - I was editing the Final Fantasy sims I'm going to add into the game.

Hmph. Oh well, I know the easy way for the magic training - gather my trainees at one of the magic lots and slap in the electro panel and let them reeeeaaaad until they are all trained up.


Oct. 13th, 2008 01:51 am
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Continued from my last Sims post, here's some close-ups of the Hyperbole family... before I killed off the parents.

That's a lot of exaggeration! )


Oct. 9th, 2008 04:07 pm
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
Well I got my third camero - "Capture Of Bumblebee" Screen Battles set for $15 - though Bee is being a little bit of an aft when it comes to transforming into car mode. It also means I have three Sector 7 figures that I have no fragging interest in, but at least it got me a cheap Bee without the dinky blue highlights. I'll have to put up with those highlights to get Deluxe versions of Jazz and Barricade though - to make up my police car sandwich.

I also got Sims 2: Apartment Life, and Iron Man, plus I put Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and Final Fantasy IV DS on laybuy. I couldn't find a copy of Sims 2: Ikea Stuff.

I'm kinda sad Iron Man doesn't have director's commentary on it, but... ehh.

ETA 17:00: I just discovered where a piece of music I downloaded from one of the music meme posts I read (you know, the meme going around writing comms a couple of months ago about going through one's playlist and picking out songs to write drabbles on) came from - it's in Iron Man, namely the scene where Tony tests the first mark 2 suit. The file is titled "Driving With The Top Down".

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