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Apr. 5th, 2009 03:12 am
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
I have just spent the last few hours working on Edea's household - I moved them all again, and was getting all the lot set up and all, it's a lot from MST2 that is big, but is mostly open and has a huge number of trees, with only a small house. I'd got all sorts of things I felt it needed and all, and I'd just decided to age up the kids and in the middle of doing a little makeover work on Blaise... it crashed and I lost the whole damn evening's work!

Dammit, that is going to be a pain to do over again, though I think I'll dispense with some of the outdoor stuff I put in... but it's a pain to have to do all that work over again.

I just have to say, I hate building houses from scratch. I think I did it too much, and got sick of so many of them being terribly blocky, and all the stuff that needs to be done to get it all properly renovated and all. Probably one of the reasons why I'm not doing much in the Seeker house is for just that reason. After the Prima house and the admittedly lost session in the Grove lot with Edea... well I'm feeling very tempted to start yet again with the Seekers on a premade lot - if I can find one I like.

Just... bleh.


Oct. 13th, 2008 01:51 am
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Continued from my last Sims post, here's some close-ups of the Hyperbole family... before I killed off the parents.

That's a lot of exaggeration! )
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I got curious and went to look on the Attic to see how people are taking some of the shit Wizards of the Coast has pulled lately with Forgotten Realm (rant on [livejournal.com profile] canonrants) and happened to be listening to the radio when a familiar song came on.

That song used to be on all the time when I was a regular on the Attic. It became the theme for a Baldur's Gate AU of mine that was inspired by one of the Attic's quizes (fic prompts, in other words) - one which was "It was all a dream". The AU got about two chapters written.

As it is, the 4E discussion is all about game mechanics, not about plot events (which is what has me pissed off at WotC).
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Frank Welker did voices in Baldur's Gate! XD
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Had a fit of longwindedness over on my sock comm last night. Not interesting at all unless you give a damn about Baldur's Gate.


Oct. 17th, 2007 12:14 am
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Hit a problem. Imoen keeps disappearing.

I get through the ritual in Spellhold, and the dream, and to the dialogue with Bodhi, but as soon as the Bodhi dialogue ends Imoen vanishes.

Something is conflicting somewhere in here, thing is, I have so many mods installed that it'll be a pain to pull them one by one to check.
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After a bit of constructive uninstallation of mods, I finally got V.1 of [livejournal.com profile] twetwe123's attempts to put AVALANCHE in Baldur's Gate 2 to work.

Final Fantasy Line-up )

Now what I need is to come up with lines. I may start bugging people for advice on that, on IM.
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It just occurred to me after I finally got around to swapping Jaheira out for Valygar so I could do the Planar Sphere quest, and realised that there's is only one female on this team now, and she's slated to be swapped out at some point so for a short while Merric's team has been totally male.

It kinda reminds me of my IDW1 game, where all the characters were female.

Imoen's going to be in a really special position, she'll be the only girl once I pick her up, and she'll be such right through to the end of the game because any swaps from then on with be for male characters. If that was how I saw it turn out (which it wouldn't, because fics don't have a restriction on team size) then Imoen would probably have something to say about it.

On other BG things, I think I have a character idea that I might use to play the Kelsey romance. Interestingly enough, it's a very old character idea I had ages ago but it never saw light of day due to my terrible lack of endurance for writing long fics.

The idea is, what if Gorion didn't rescue only one baby back when he first got CHARNAME, but got twins? Only the idea, as I thought it through, only one of the twins gets captured and held captive by Irenicus (and it was always the sister, even back when I first thought up the idea), so even the twin who wasn't captured isn't going through the same development of their powers - even in ToB they are behind their sibling and Imoen.

One irony of that idea was that I'd imagined them as both being blond, but the portrait I picked for Avarin (the male twin) I later discovered the colouring was all weird in the picture, because the character in question? Squall Leonhart. Very not blond.

It's not the only time that happened, the other one was a post-BG character in Narri-verse whose portrait is Karl Urban - another totally not blond guy (some of his roles notwithstanding).

Actually, there are a few pics in my portrait collection - old pictures, that is - that I didn't find out who they were of until I got into the Final Fantasy fandom. Lulu for example, Adel for another, and Rinoa, and Rikku, and Yuna... and fuck, I just found one that is Vincent fanart... oh, and Sapphire WEAPON. XDDDD
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I've been thinking of a proposal [livejournal.com profile] twetwe123 made about making a mod if I had an idea for one... I have a silly idea that I have been ruminating for the past couple of days, and not my Sarevok/Imoen idea. Here's the basics:

CHARNAME and team are travelling from one area to another and somewhere in the random wilderness run into a strange group of people, the leader of whom has a strange story to tell.

Final Fantasy Meets Baldur's Gate )

Edit: I may need help from fellow FF7 fans to come up with short dialogue strings for the characters who do go in this mod.

EDit, The Revenge: Just went through and put in all the names.
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[livejournal.com profile] twetwe123, I hit the dialog you mentioned - the one you said would follow a sleep outdoors? Slimy fellow Latimer is, ain't he? But the game's been indicating that since Avery anyway.

Oh, and the sleep right after? Little minx Nathaniel is, huh?

Also ran into Ryan Trawl, ended up tripping off the Unseeing Eye when I had to go to Ano's Judgement. Yey progress.

As for anyone else reading this, all FFVII fans who are OT4 of SHINY (Seph/Zack/Cloud/Aeris) fans too, go see this picture. OT4 picture all the way!
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Nathaniel is damn cute.

There's these dialogue lines (well, they're actually action descriptions, but in game mechanics they come up as dialogue - just in brackets though) that come up every so often in the game where the PC catches him staring and he either blushes, fiddles with his backpack strap, gives the PC's hand a squeeze or says something inordinately cute and sweet. At one point he even grabs onto the PC's arm - he says it's because the area they're in gives him the creeps (I think I was in the sewers between the Copper Coronet and the Slaver Compound) but one can't help but wonder if that is the only reason... XD

And then there's plotty stuff like the panic attack he had - I do wonder if that will come up again later.

Anyway, just about to move on to Trademeet, but I feel like I'm missing bits because I haven't yet been into the Bridge District to do the Skinner Murders. That gave me shit last time though, it was one of the quests where the guy who I was supposed to report back to to resolve the quest kept coming up as "[NAME] has nothing to say to you." in the dialogue box.

Anyway, I'm going to have to do something soon about some character trades but it looks like the only character I'll be able to trade is Anomen because I can only swap out Nalia for Yoshimo or I won't have a thief at all and dammit but thief abilities are useful and I won't load that damn hack that takes out all locks - that feels more unfair!

Aaaaand most of you probably have no clue what I'm nattering on about anyway. Go read [livejournal.com profile] ciceqi's fics Pollen and Filtered, if you haven't already.

ETA: Ooooh! The list of actions available if the PC initiates talk with Nathaniel is just as damn cute as Nathaniel's... is that the flirting component?

Only now I have to decide when I'm going to start messing up the nice order of my team - Nalia's plot is done now but I don't want to swap her just yet because I like having the extra mage on the team. Also, I think the Jaheira romance has been put to an end - a quite final exchange came up that demanded Merric say one way or another. I might consider using her space for an optional character - maybe Valygar, since I have yet to do the Planar sphere.
I can't shift Anomen around yet because I'm waiting on his knighthood.

Actually, I am wondering how long it will be before something definitive happens with Nathaniel, OI! [livejournal.com profile] twetwe123! can you give me a clue? Merric just got kissed by a nightmare-suffering Nathaniel. I'm still showing stage 1 in the romance though.

Actually, I've been getting Imoen mod dreams coming up the last few sleeps I've put the team down for. It makes a very odd and slightly ironic juxtaposition with the Nathaniel plot. Of course I have reasoning developing in my head - it's a slightly weird last gasp of Merric's heterosexuality. "Slightly weird" because it is his sister he's dreaming is kissing him.

But I should lay off for the night, work tomorrow and I should go to bed.
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So, as I previously mentioned, I got into a long discussion on [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants about the pros and cons of various characters in BG... and decided to play it again.

Spent all afternoon and evening downloading new copies of all the mods I have, plus the romance mod I want to play. Is it much wonder though that the mod that I'm wanting to play is a slashy one? Methinks not! That's the only reason I finished Blaise Draconis, and the reason I went back and read the ToB section of A Capella - one of the better epics on the Attic.

Anyway, I also was displeased at all my character portraits, stripped a whole stack out of the folder and also made a couple of new sets - the Fighter (the FF1 character, but Dissidia art), and Kain Highwind (the new DS CGI model). I was actually intending on using the Fighter because he doesn't have any real character impression on me (the FF1 characters have less character impression than BG protagonists do, at least BG PCs have a basic backstory that is generic enough to encompass any sort of character one builds) to influence me, but I ended up having to use Kain because the Fighter was drawing a blank in the portrait selection section. And, yes, Merric has a spear amongst the weapons he's using, though I alway tend to favour swords (but then Kain can use some swords too).

Oh, and yes, that's his name - Merric. It's actually the tentative name I'd labelled the White SeeD captain in my head while I was going through that fit a month or so ago of Squall/Ellone.

Oh, and game commentary so far? Irenicus' dungeon is still boring! The only thing I can think will be worse is De'Arnise Keep. Thankfully, I'll have a chance to get Nathantiel when I run into the guy being beaten up by thugs on the way out of the city for the first time. Nathaniel is the romance mod charater I'm playing for this time.

It occurs to me also that I'm going to have to do a fair bit of party juggling, I don't know if I'll be able to keep Anomen right through, I certainly won't be able to keep Nalia, as I'll have to trade her off for Yoshimo, for plot reasons.

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I think it's because a couple of the skintones I'm trying to download for the Sims 2 are black ones that I got thinking on drow (Genensims had at least one black skintone labeled "Drow") which in turn got me thinking of the one drow I probably have the most interest in - Solaufein - which in turn made me think of my Twit that I played through the Sola romance with - Blaise Draconis.

Last time I played BG2 through it was the fact that I read somewhere that the Solaufein romance is totally equal oppertunity that I started playing the Draconis game again after months of ignoring it.

Yeah, slash made me play BG again.

I guess one of the drawbacks of getting into slash was that I lost interest in playing BG because all the romances in it were het ones - the romance wouldn't activate unless you had a mod that cut the restrictions but that would have even more WTFery than the slight implications I ran across in Sola's dialog that implied that Weimer was thinking hetronormatively when he wrote it.

Wherein I contemplate Forgotten Realms religion )

So after all that pointless thinking on an OC for an old game most folks on my Flist will not be familiar with I suddenly have this idea that some time I think I will try making sims of Blaise and Solaufein and dumping them in my neighbourhood.
Blaise can take a military career.


Jun. 30th, 2006 05:18 am
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Okay, so I wanted to reinstall BG2: SoA and ToB.

I had an error happen in the middle of it. Not just any error, a full fucking bluescreen (which totally strikes me as ironic because I recall once reading the first few chapters of a fic titled "Bluescreen" in the BG fandom - one where BG characters find themselves on Earth after a couple of players in a multiplayer game mutually crash).

Dammit, I want to play Blaise again!

I'll try again, but hell, if it happens again I am going to be right royally pissy!

Edit: Second try worked properly, now I just have to install all of the mods - there's 35 items in the C:\My Documents/BG/zip folder, but that does include the three Keepers (savegame editors - GateKeeper, DaleKeeper and ShadowKeeper). I have to sort through all the bits I have - Ascension goes on first, then the romances, then Tactics, Ease-of-Use and the item mods... Gah! Need to take a call from Nature first though, it's demanding back the hot lemonade and cold choc-coffee milk I've drunk.

Edit 2: Dammit, I think I am going to have to make a point of getting a backup hardrive after I have my PS2 and a memory card. I checked how much room was left after I'd finished installing SoA and ToB and it was showing around 12GB. Checked again after installing the mods, around 10GB. That's a lot of stuff in those mods!
And just so you know, out of all 35 zipfiles, only 4 were non-applicable and two were superfluous doubles of other mods.

However, now I just have to shift over copies of my favourite portraits and I can start building Blaise Draconis again (that name is so HP-inspired!). The only painful thing about playing Blaise is having to wait half the game for my chosen partner for him to appear (Solaufein).


May. 30th, 2006 10:09 pm
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It's times like these I wish I could get a working Bag of Holding in BG1.

The Cloakwood Mines has barraks on the second level and the hobgoblins it them respawn - so I have found.

I had this idea to get every single saleable item and transfer it in lots to the Friendly Arm Inn but respawning monsters? Can't be done! There's more of them than I can carry all the items for so I ended up giving up and just grabbing gems and enchanted armour and going on to the third level and the boss.

Why a Bag of Holding? Because I could go through only once and not worry about respawns because I can dump it all in the bag as I go.

Oh the benifits of BG2! How I miss thee!

On the subject of another game though, I finally got Kingdom Come finished and the Kingdom family moved in... but between either the size of the property, the length of time I was on, or that the family has six members it was playing annoyingly slow on me. I'll have to check that - maybe next time I'm in the game.

Also, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ff7aeris, I got a better version of Quistis' hair and a working copy of her outfit. My Quisty sim now looks the part properly. I also Got a better version of Rinoa but I didn't delete the first version, so now I have two versions of Rinoa living together. XD I still have to get the cheat mode working so I can rename the older version of Rinoa something indicative of the fact that she's the substandard version - really, the new version really looks more like Rinoa.

I wonder if I can drive both of them mad?

Want to go back and play the Valentine family a bit more - I want to age up Lucrecia but I want to do it naturally. If I can do it right, I want to hold back Ellone long enough that she doesn't age up until Lucrecia hits childhood.

Random thought from the last time I played that household, if I take into account vague storyline I have in my head Ellone has rights to one hell of a bloody long name - if she acknowledges all the surnames she could have inherited from everywhere. Ellone Ifalna Gast-Gainsborough Strife Leonhart-Loire Valentine. Ouch. Thankfully (that's debatable) she only wears Strife-Loire.

Mrr, want food.


May. 19th, 2006 10:39 pm
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I must be rather FF8 obsessed at the moment, I only just finished a game off and I'm already contemplating starting a new one.

I supose I can't help it, I really like the FF8 storyline - there's a sense of lightness to it that FF7 doesn't have.

Hmm... maybe after I've taken down Ruby and done a bit more of Sword Coast exploration (BG) though.
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I am reminded just how boring Nashkel Mines really are to play through, and why I dislike dungeons in general in Baldur's Gate.

The real problem is that you can't use Clarivoyance spells indoors or underground which ends up being a ripe bugger if you've played it all through before (several times) and what you really what to do is get straight to the point yet suffer from a dislike of those black regions on your map that slow unexplored areas. Clarivoyance is nice that way, it clears the blackout across a whole map but as I mentioned, it doesn't work indoors or underground which means boring legwork.

And the worst levels are yet to come, the rough caves - ones that aren't hice straight-cut mines - are still ahead of me. Damn, I'll be glad once I get Narri out of the mines so I can take her off into the wilds for a bit of nice casual exploration. Maybe hunt down that madman and the sirens down on the beach. Don't have a great will however to go through Ulcaster or the Firewine Bridge however - they're dungeons. Durlag's Tower either - I never did solve that one in previous games.

Maybe I'll tackle Icicle and the Great Glacier instead - or Adel for that matter.
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Just been through Nibelheim and Mount Nibel (I hate those pipes) but I just don't feel like going into Rocket Town yet - plus I still have to pour more Sources on Vincent.

Thanks to both Jenova and following all the directions I know for Love Points I'm either going to get Yuffie or Barret - Barret's ahead but Yuffie may beat him after I'm done with Wutai.

My current problem is a familiar one, I have games but I don't want to do the next section in any of them.

BG1 is sitting next to Prism's statue, on the Nashkel Mines screen and while the game is very liberal in the order of events I don't want to go wander off too much because there's a time limit on Jeheira's patience so I have to finish the mines some time and since I'm on the screen I feel beholden to go tackle it. Seriously, I hate the dungeons in BG1. I also hate the Windspear Hills dungeon in BG2 but on a whole BG2 has far less dungeons with the only really complicated ones being Irenicus' dungeon, Windspear and Spellhold (though De'Arnise Keep is boring too).

FF8 I don't want to tackle Ultimecia's castle at this point - it's practically as bad as BG dungeons, what with all the running around you have to do to find all the mini-bosses. The info I wanted to chase up about the Greiver fight I got by dumping my older savegames in the savegame folder again - FF8 is good like that, it has nice ecapsulated savefiles that can be saved easily instead of a mess of files that you can't make heads or tails of. It's probably a side effect of being made for consoles first and foremost.

I also want to read fanfiction but I don't want to read the KH fic I'm in the middle of - I want some FF8 but the only unread FF8 I can think of... well it's a TwigCollins fic and I'm not up to that level of angst at the moment (that KH fic totally floored me angstwise last week, I don't feel like doing that to myself again at the moment, even if Twig's fic is complete).

Maybe I should just throw in the towel and make myself go watch Peter Pan since I hired the thing and it has to go back tomorrow (for a given value of "tomorrow", usually if I'm up all night daylight - no matter which side of midnight I am - is "tomorrow, but in this case, it's technically Wednesday and the DVD goes back Thursday).

But... (sing it again) I don't feel like it!!!! o_o

And this post was brought to you by Apathy, and Run-on Sentences.
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These were all I could think of at this point, I've probably forgotten some - definately in LotR, HP and DBZ.

My masterlist of my pairings history )

Fandoms listed include FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX and X-2, LotR, Dr. Who, CCS, GW, Smallville, X-Men, PotC, BtVS/A, DCU, Narnia, Apocalyptica RPS, HP, DBZ, BG and USS Sevilia.

And I didn't include threesomes, foursomes and moresomes.

...except the Dr. Who ones.


Mar. 3rd, 2006 08:18 pm
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Me's starting FF8 again, for those times when BG1's music bores the bejesus out of me and those teeny little sprites just don't have enough PRETTEH.

I'm also going to wholesale name everyone silly names. Squall's already "My Love", which has already had an interesting moment with Ellone calling him that.

A line in a fic came back to me while watching the opening credits FMV about Squall having his whole life flash before him. That gave me this crazy idea that everything in the game is the flashback he has while in Time Compression. It'd answer why the opening has flashes of the cracked desert-scape he finds himself in, and flashes of Rinoa and the flower-field and various other events that happen through the game.

Meh, probably have to go name Quistis now, don't know what to call her though, any ideas for names people? And not just her, for everyone.

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