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Doctor Who

Oct. 8th, 2011 08:37 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
I have two words for the final episode of the DW series:

Conjugal visits.

Personally, I rather like River, she's fun. I probably wouldn't have shipped her with Ten, but Eleven? I like 'em!
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In defiance of my usual workday MO, I went out to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] agiftedmind and deliver to her the Stealth Lockdown I'd got for her on Thursday. I ended up going downtown myself and meeting up with her in there, because the buses were a bit narfed up due to a St Patrick's Day parade. I presume they were holding it today because it messed things up less to have it on a weekend than on the weekday the 17th is.

Anyway, we met up in the Queen Street mall, spent a little time letting our various toy muses play together. She had Black Vector, my White Vector came to meet him and got pounced by Swoop, she also had the Aerialbots, who Blue wanted to meet even though we didn't have a clue which one was Skydive, but Blue didn't care too much as he was glad to meet the whole team, also Screamer was fascinated by how small and cuddly Titanium Skyfire is. Screamer now wants his own Titanium Skyfire, he likes the idea of having a Sky he can comfortably have sitting on his lap.

Then we went on a toyshop crawl, visiting all the Queen Street area stores that keep Transformers. There were a couple of times I was going to buy, but I wanted to see what else was around first. I almost got Divebomb the movie jet, but eventually ended up with Acid Storm in the end. Screamer wanted his Universe miniature but was placated that I got a jet, and is now diligently seducing his new harem member.

Something funny came up along the way - I don't have the memory for the exact conversation, but we were in the Queen Street Toyworld (the other is in the Myer Centre), where the Transformers were displayed right next to the Doctor Who toys. Both of were deciding on what to get (I got Acid Storm there, she got Activators Bandit Lockdown) and stopped for a moment at the DW section, and while she was looking at the Daleks, I found the Tardis model there was actually a USB hub. A thought came to me around about then: How's this for a crossover, Doctor Who and Transformers... and the Tardis can transform. XD

Let's just say, she was in stitches over it.

And despite some worries, Mum didn't go spare for me being out all morning and I did get through my shift... though it did go a little wrong because I'd been told the wrong time to start so I only did two hours anyway. There's been a note put in the book about me getting another hour some time in the coming week to make up for it. I'll probably just have one of my normal shift days where I go in an hour early.
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So Thursday morning I had a lovely little medival slashy romance dream that I have been ruminating over for the last few days (now my two unamed guys from it have been stamped with Basch and Squall's faces due to my resistance to let Brokeback Mountain take them over), now - this morning - I had a puzzling little part-meta, part crossover dream that amuses me a bit.

What I remember of the begining had to do with novels and videos of old Doctor Who stories - one that had the Master in them (whether or not they really did in the waking world or not) and some strange idea that I bought them during a phase of fannishness for the Master (which IRL, I've never had).

Then I went to sit down at a table, where a young Sarah-Jane Smith joined me and I could see, out the window, a border fiddling with a motorcycle... who happened to be Sephiroth. Sarah-Jane saw him and was a bit freaked out, and I was worried she was going to cause trouble and started to reassure her that he's fine - he's just Jamie, the resident amnesiac of the house, while thinking on how that name is also the name of one of the Doctor's old companions.

And it was at that point that the newest resident wandered out, looking for breakfast - Squall, wearing black jeans and a black pullover and long Leon-esque hair - and I'm also wondering how he's going to react to Seph when he sees him... but I woke up at about that point.

And unlike the one from a few days ago, this isn't really fodder for fantasy, just one of those lovely curiosities one is damn glad to be able to remember.
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Here's a quick lesson in multitasking and how not to do it.

Never try listening to a DVD commentary at the same time as you are trying to read a fanfic.

At least not if it's the first time with either, because one will always win out over the other.

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I finally got it done! It's taken me a couple of days but it's done! I totally cleared the Other Ficishness folder out.

As with the last one, this is all Doctor Who and Torchwood stuff - seriously, I am suspecting fandom drift has set in on me! Anyway, as I said last time, the only warnings I give are for pairing, but two out of three of the most cracky stuff is evident just from the pairing given anyway - if you happen to know much about Torchwood that is.

Archive 13: DW & TW )
mimi_sardinia: (Jack Harkness)
All of this is Doctor Who and Torchwood fic, the greater part of which is Torchwood - mainly Jack/Ianto, as I have taken to that pairing like crazy.

I'm still not done emptying that folder but this has gone a long to getting there. There's a fair few multi-part fics in here, not all of which are complete.

Oh, and click any links at your own risk - I don't warn for content other than pairings.

Fic Archive 12 )
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Okay, so did say I aught to clear out the "Other Ficcness" folder in my memories into one of these archives some time but I really didn't realise just how much stuff my recent turn to Torchwood has expanded it, so this issue has all my incidental fandom reading (including fandoms I don't really know all that well), and all my older Doctor Who fic - stuff that is left since the last time I went reading Whofic, back before Torchwood and probably back before Series 2 of DW.

Some time I'll get onto doing the newer Whofic that's gathered - stuff since my latest turn that's mainly a pile of Torchwood fic with little bits of the Doctor thrown in.

Archive 11 - Various Fandoms with a sizable amount of Who )

Yey DVD!

Feb. 14th, 2007 10:45 pm
mimi_sardinia: (The Doctor: Still All Here)
So, I lashed out today, bought some DVDs. Oh not any random DVDs mind you, a whole box set - TV series season's worth.

Anyway, been watching outakes and deleted scenes - Cybermen running around a park, playing soccer with K-9 is kinda cute but the deleted scene of Jake saying Rickey was his boyfriend... well I'd heard of it before but it's still great to see - especially after the whole Torchwood "You people and your quaint little catagories" thing. XDDD

(Yes, said DVDs are Doctor Who - figured maybe they'd help me cope with waiting until Torchwood hits Aussie TV.)

Oh, and Anthony Stewart Head really does malevolent really well.


Feb. 12th, 2007 01:49 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Kiss)
I just noticed something, I don't like Doctor/Jack.
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I've been slowly reading through a page that documents every piece of information about Time Lords from every possible source, including the TV series, the novels, and other books for Doctor Who, and I got to a bit about Gallifreyan swearing to find that one common Gallifreyan curse is "Othering Omega".

That phrase suddenlt has me thinking of Other/Omega slash.

I must really be wearing my slash-coloured glasses today! XDDD
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Been poking at a fandom lately that ususally only draws my attention for a short while once a year (probably two now), I think I am starting to really see the potential of Jack/Ianto, which means my quiet love of Doctor/Jack has competition and I damn well want to know where Jack's going to be come Season 2 of Torchwood.

Plus this post is an excuse to use one of my newly added icons.

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