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Sep. 30th, 2013 03:13 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Imoen)
Well, it seems my desktop compy is having a biitchfit and my basic knowledge can't do anything for it.

That means a few things,
1) I'm stuck on Kili.
2) It may be weeks before I can do anything about it because I'll have to call in a pro and I don't have money.
3) I can't use Twitter because Kili hates it and won't let me type there without a huge rigmorole of space bar and delete t8 make sure it does't skip letters on me.
4) I can't use Y!messenger either so I should email Valandhir too...

ETA: Well I'm not stuck on Kili with it's issues, because I dragged Vector out from under the pile of random magazines and old catalogues. I can at least type on Veccy, and will be able to get onto Twitter, and Y!Messenger. I'm going to have to look up Google for my email accounts there though, because the only Bookmark file on Kili was older than I'd thought and is missing a number of bookmarks.

Veccy is still an awkward system to use, because it's slow, and I have to be careful about the power cord, but I am starting to realise that my first opinion about tablets is true - they trade usability for size and portability. Veccy though is more like a desktop that it is far more comfortable for my stubborn, growing old-fart-who-dislikes-new-fangled-crap attitude.
mimi_sardinia: (Bilbo and his Dwarves)
So, I'm finally back on Cybertron. I am relieved to have the compy back working. Veccy has plenty of limitations that makes the desktop far more comfy.

Been going through book marks too, since I collected up quite a few while relegated to Vec. I am however annoyed at Yahoo Mail, it keeps sending me to some annoying Overview page about it's new features and to only link on the page just goes to another page that's the same. I did dig out a URL that goes to the proper mail box at least - it's now on my Bookmark Toolbar.

I still don't know what was wrong with Cybertron, but the shop checked it over and now it's working, so that's okay. It still cost, but not a ridiculous amount and I was able to go get my copy of Sims 3 University off the impromptu laybuy I put it on, as well as get my first Hobbit Lego set.

Conversely, I have three foam LARP replicas of Hobbit weapons on laybuy - Orcrist, Sting and Fíli's warhammer.

On the subject of metal versions, I somehow ended up on the Weta website, looking at some of their merchandise, and looked at their swords. Sting is around $5000, Orcrist is around $10000. Umm, not planning on that unless I win Lotto. Maybe one of the cheaper companies that puts out movie replicas though. I still want letter openers too (there's a set with Glamdring, Orcrist and Sting available on Ebay).

Also, the Dwarf Lego figures are cute. The set I got is the one that has Thorin and Bifur in it (also Azog, but I'm not hyped on him).

Not yet tackling installing my Sims expansions.
mimi_sardinia: (Kíli - Pedophilia at 77?)
So for some unknown reason my desktop computer is not working.

It's like, one second it was fine, then there was what seemed to be a split-second blackout (I still think I heard the fan fail for a moment) and then the computer wouldn't turn on again. At all.

It's lucky I've got Veccy here, but I've lost all my Hobbit links, bookmarks and files (mostly pictures).

Also, it will be a while before I can do anything about it. I made one last splurge yesterday to go see the movie once more, got a copy of the soundtrack album, found a nice poster that needs laminating, and ordered the Fíli and Kíli double set of figures on Ebay (luckily it's an Aussie seller, so it's cheap and should be here soonish), since I couldn't find them in the shops. There was also the second half of a phone bill to be paid and I'm currently paying extra on the rent because I missed a week.

As much as I am finding Veccy less than optimal, I''m glad to have it, since it means I'm not totally cut off.
mimi_sardinia: (S3 Mimi)
So, today has been a hot, sweaty, dusty shmozzle. Why? Look in the corner )

It's going to take a while for me to get to the new layout - I'm not used to having a keyboard drawer.
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
So the monitor is get, and set.

It may take a little while to get used to it - I didn't check, but it seems larger than the old one, I may be imagining that though. It's also bright, it may take a bit to get used to it, and to get the colour and brightness settings to a point that I like.

I also got huge wheelie crate from Ikea to put my TF toys in. Money for it came from Lotto - I won a 6th division prize of $27.

And it's official, I am blaming my current cravings for MacDonalds cheeseburgers on fanfiction.

Meanwhile Ima sleepies so Ima not simmin' yet.
mimi_sardinia: (Starwing)
Well we're not getting it until Friday, but there's options on a 24" one.


Apr. 11th, 2012 09:48 am
mimi_sardinia: (Griever)
So, Cybertron's monitor seems to be broken. It won't switch on at all.

On the other hand, Mum is willing to buy a new one straight away, if we can get one in her budget. I hope so.

It reminds me of the recent news I got from Mum though, it seems my favourite computer store closed down. The store I usually get my compy fixed at. Dammit.

Luckily monitors are an anywhere buy, but it worries me for when I next have serious issues to deal with.
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
Word to the wise:

When you are personalising a new modem, it is a bloody good idea to go look at all tabs on a page titled "Advanced Settings" in your user interface.

I had problems because I'd changed my password in one place, but not in another. Problems of the "I can't get online!" type, which is always a big stress for me.
mimi_sardinia: (Happy Fun Ball)
First big lesson on new wi-fi modem: If Cybertron is asleep, it is no guarantee that the modem will stay charged.

This modem is a bit like a mobile phone. It is powered by a mobile phone battery and has a charger cord that doubles as a USB cord. The charger that plugs into a wall socket has a USB port in it that the cord goes into.

It seems that leaving the compy asleep does not help keep the modem battery charged. Mum apparently couldn't use the 'net because it had run down and I had to pull the battery out and put it back in to wake it up so it would work and start charging up. It's an hour since I got it working again and it's still only at 32% charged.

What I'd really like is a wi-fi plug-in for Cybertron so I can put the modem somewhere where it can just sit, and Cybertron can be one of it's wi-fi buddies instead of having to plug in.

Also, modem still needs a name. I am tempted to give it a SPN name. Maybe Impala? Or Castiel? Impala fits better, it's sleek and black.

I also think SG rav is now retired. I may consider seeing if it's rightful box is still somewhere and seeing if Telstra wants it back. It has served well anyway.

...I think I will be going with "Impala" for it's name.
mimi_sardinia: (Castiel)
I wasn't expecting to get back on here for another 5 days.

I have a new modem. It also doubles as a wi-fi hub. That means I can get online on Vector (my netbook) using Vec's inbuilt wi-fi abilities, and Mum won't have to come and kidnap the modem off me when she wants to get online downstairs.

It's a bit of a novelty right at the moment to only have the power cord and the mouse receiver plugged in.

Maybe my onlining the new modem got through to Telstra and my plan ticked over a few days early?

Whatever it is, I'm happy to be out of exile early.


Feb. 27th, 2008 09:48 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Where will you be...)
Well last night at today has been rather stressful.

Last night, at about 4 AM, I was heading off to bed. Now I usually turn off the power point, because if I don't anything that comes through the phone line will trigger the computer to turn back on. Anyway, I turned it off at the wall only to have the switch spark.

The switch has sparked before, but not as brightly as it did last night so I was spooked by it, and also spooked when it crackled and the lights on the monitor, keyboard and mouse flashed.

I will do anything to keep my compy safe and working, this compy is my link to the world.

I did want to go look in Kmart before work but I didn't get there early enough and once I was done in the music store Kmart was closing down for the night.

The music store gave me the wrong CD too - same band but wrong disc.

Anyway, Mum came up with a solution for where to plug the compy's powerboard in, but I've also found the powerboard has damage to the cord. I don't know if it's just scraping or if it's damage from Sam the Rat (who chewed cords and did a lot of damage because of it - I lost a printer cord because he chewed it - ended up taking him back to the pet shop, so I hope he got another home that was good to him, he was a sweet rat) but it's going to have to be replaced. It's currently wrapped in tape to protect the damaged part until tomorrow when I can buy the replacement. I also want a board with more ports - this one has only 5 ports on it, I'd prefer to get a 7 port one but that's going to bite hard because 7 port boards with phone/data cord ports and surge protector are expensive. If I can get it for $50 I'll be happy.

But it's going to be hell getting the wall socket fixed, because it's between the side of the desk (which is liable to collapse if we try to move it) and the pantry cupboard, which is full of food and will need to be unpacked before it can be moved.

But I don't trust that socket any more and I'm not going to use it until can be fixed (thank goodness for the Department of Housing - the electrical work is covered by them) but apparently one of the kitchen sockets is sparking too, so that'll need to be fixed as well. Mum said however that electrical problems get fixed pretty quickly, which I would think is wise because electrical problems are potential fire hazards.

Yeah, I was freaking over fire hazards before I went to bed, amongst other things.

But anyway, a way has been found for the compy to run without moving it (if I had to move it, I wouldn't be able to be online because I wouldn't be able to get the cords around to it).


Apr. 14th, 2007 01:36 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Where will you be...)
Fëa has been playing up on me. The stupid computer rebooted itself three times before it'd play nice today. It also rebooted on me last night, when I was loading Esthar - the Loire house in the Sims 2 - so I could move Laguna and Squall back there.

Oh, I'm sure other players of the game have noticed this themselves but apparently you can go from one lot to another without having to return to the nieghbourhood view. Useful. I just hope the Nathyus lot saved properly.

I hope this isn't a hardware problem, I don't have the money to fix a hardware problem at the moment.


Jun. 19th, 2006 04:52 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
Well after a boring weekend I took Fëa into the store and it turned out the power supply is what was on the way out.

Given that the power supply has a fan included in it I suspect that's also the worrying noise I've been having since before I had the upgrade in January done.

It took the guy all of 10 minutes to change it, and pull out the old DVD player as well.

As it is, I've had it on longer now than it was allowing before so I fully believe that's what the whole problem was.

I reread the equivilent of two books (half eah of two and another whole) - none of which were Going Postal or HBP. Some day I'll read those books... someday.
I also watched AC a few times and actually got back to my sewing, enough that two of my I-intended-to-finish-them-last-year-but-got-distracted plushies now have pants and I'm something like halfway through doing one copy of Sephy's belt. I still don't know how I'll do the logo on it though.

I'm actually relieved the computer didn't cost much ($49), that means I will still have a reasonable amount left after paying Mum back (she was the one who actually had cash today) so I can put another payment on the PS2. I'm still waiting on phonebills.

Now I need to catch up with fanfic!
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
I think I may be having more computer problems. I started up the comp earlier today and not loong after it shut down on it's own.

It did that three times.

I'm still worried it'll do it again.


Feb. 10th, 2006 11:29 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
Finally found a way to watch my .wmv files again.

Yey. :)


Feb. 3rd, 2006 08:19 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
Okay, so I started up FF7 to save a game so I had a savegame folder to move my old savegame files into and it struck me as curious that the sound was better on it than what it used to be.

Somehow I think the graphics card is what has caused that, I only have onboard sound but having a graphics card means it is cruching the numbers for the graphics and freeing up power in the main CPU for it to handle such things as sound. The fact that I have a more powerful CPU now than I did before may also help.

I am seeing the difference having a better CPU is making, programs open quicker and Notepad doesn't defer to Wordpad for longer files.

Also started in on FF8, I'm not giving silly names to the main characters (this time) but I am giving mildly silly ones to the GFs. Shiva's been renamed Ice Queen and I used Griever (the cheat program) to rename Quez Birdy and Ifrit FireBoy.

I'm less than eager to be constantly refering to a walkthrough printout so I'm going to fly [mostly] blind this time, only checking it after I quit.

That's another problem I have, I CAN'T FIND HOW TO QUIT THE GAME!!! I had to Ctrl+Alt+Del to get out of it! Does anyone know where I am suposed to find the Quit command? Yeesh!

Also on the current agenda, I agreed to beta read for Lady Yashodoa. Love her stories but her grammar... is not quite perfect. I don't know how good my own grammar is but I know I can clean up some of the things she has problems with.

Betaing however is NOT like simply reading, simple reading you can ignore minor mistakes but beta reading you have to go through it with a fine-toothed comb so you catch them. There's also the worry of really puzzling sentences that you just can't get the meaning of - worry whether the rewrite you've given agrees with the author's intention.

Ahh, but it's fun anyway, plus it means I get the new chapters of RtD a day earlier than FF.net does.

Ahhh Sound!

Feb. 2nd, 2006 12:57 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Real Men Like Plushies)
If anyone's missed me in the last day or so it's because I took Fëanor back in to get the sound problem fixed up. Thankfully it didn't cost anything so I have managed to get the phone bills under control for the moment and prospects on my laybuy are not too bad since I put $30 on it instead of my usual no-I-haven't-forgotten-my-laybuy amount of $5 (usually I put payments that low when I have other things of higher priority to worry over).

So now I am listening to AC again (yey), I will probably have to reestablish my playlists and also find out if my CD copy of Advent Nightwish (Dark Chest Of Wonders) will work since the one I have in my files won't show right.

I also have yet to check that FF7 is working fine again and I want to restart FF8. I think I also need to take a look at the walkthrough I got and see if I want a smaller one.
I think I'll just load the savegame files of my first FF7 game back in because I want to play stuff that is late Disk 2-Disk 3 stuff (like the arcade games at Wonder Square and the last minute runaround, like a last minute visit back to Nibelheim to see if I can find a flashback I heard about that has more of Zack in it).

It's a relief to have everything working properly again, now all I have to wait on is the money to get Sims 2 off laybuy.

On the subject for games, I noticed something on Tuesday, when I took the compy back in, EB Games has Final Fantasy IV on GBA available. That makes 5 or 6 games I'd like to get that are Gameboy ones.

What I want to know however is does the Nintendo DS play GBA games or not? I could probably get one of those in the next few months, even with the cut in my money thanks to the advance.

Also on Tuesday, I went and splashed out a little and saw The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe at the cinema - I wanted to catch it because big screen viewing is better by far.
It was good, very faithful to the book and generally great viewing. Plenty of nostalgia too since I've known the story since I was 8.

Well I better rack off again, I have an appointment this afternoon and we'll probably be leaving for it not too long from now.
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
I miss having sound. Can't play FFVII until I get it fixed.

Also, there is a definate speed difference with the mouse between normal view and CIVILIZATION. It's annoying when I have to adjust when I start and stop playing.

Meh, the travails of having XP.


Jan. 27th, 2006 07:07 pm
mimi_sardinia: (SacramentOfWilderness (Loz))
The last save of my Favourites Menu is old enough that I don't have any FF listings - or even the listings for this journal (or half of the muses).


Edit: Dammit, I need a Noire Sensus link. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
Zee Fish izz back from purgatory... yadda yadda yadda... or something like that.

There are still some kinks to work out, like a total lack of sound, a pile of programs to reinstall and the issue of a missing Favourites Menu or two.

If the Favourites are gone I don't have faith the savegames will be found either - barring my first game of FF7 which I shipped over to My Documents when I started the second game.
Not that I care at this point, I don't think I'll mind much starting over but the Favourites Menu is an issue - I'll have to go looking through my backup CDs for my last save of them and even then I've probably lost a crapload of stuff - particularly all my FF-related links.


Let's just say, the last week has been boring. I suffered two cleaning fits, phoned [livejournal.com profile] gardensgnome three times and read aproximately three and a half books - all but one I have read before and the previously unread one is not HBP.

I also had a thought on LO, FF7 and the fate of Masamune... )

Anyway, lots to do.

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