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mimi_sardinia: (Orin Crazy)
I hate it when LJ has problems like it did yesterday. After two months of throttle-back preventing me from getting on the site, yesterday was a bit of a scare.

Meanwhile, I think the Nathaniel mod is not a good idea... either that or some of the other stuff is mixed up. Either way, I have having to do some serious re-installation of mods and such, including copying over my Overides folder a Dialog.tlk file from Cybertron.

And yes, for those not on dA (or have friended my dA account), I am installing Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn (BG2) on my netbook.

I am planning on playing a game with Oraania as my Charname.

Oh, and enjoy the ever-lovable crazy Oraania icon.
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Valen remains an irritating team member, but I decided not to be rid of her. I have come around to the idea of seeing how things turn out with such a troublemaker in the team.

The latest of her actions: I had the scheduled encounter with Drizzt and his friends, and true to his style Solaufein (who I have taken on) had a drow to drow chat, but then Valen, the brat, challenged Drizzt.

The owner of the Adventure Mart doesn't like her either.

I haven't headed into the confrontation with Bodhi yet - I had a lot of last minute bits and pieces to deal with and now want some time off before I go into that stage.
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Thankfully, the game hasn't hung up at the spot I was dreading it to do so at. Last time I tried to play the Imoen romance (back with Blaise Draconis) when I got to the maze under Spellhold, Imoen would vanish for no apparent reason. I just wonder if it was a side effect of conflicting romances - I think I had the Jaheira romance active that time. It eventually resulted in me removing the Imoen mod and just waiting things out until I got to Solaufein.

Oddly, for the version of the mod that is supposed to be music free, this scene came up with music. I don't quite trust the music because the first time I played the mod, the first dialogue was way back in Irenicus' dungeon, right at the exit, up into Waukeen's Promenade, and if I tried to exit before the music finished, it crashed the game.
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For a few moments there I thought I was stuck in a permanent loop of doing the Guild War tasks for Bodhi, but I got out of it by tracking down the Global Variable for the Shadow Thieves' leader's death and adjusting it.

Thankfully it worked, and I didn't cause an even bigger glitch than I already had on my hands. It's a good thing this game is as old as it is, things like this are probably a hell of a lot harder to fix in newer games!

And now my team is on Brynlaw and I'll be facing the major turning point in the plot, and finally see the second half of the romance... if that doesn't narf up on me too.
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I have discovered the down side of playing Valen - she has the effects of Enfeeblement and blindness in daylight. Oh, that's reasonable for a vampire, but a tad inconvenient.

In other discoveries pertaining to Valen, the team get accosted by a group of vampire hunters - probably when Valen gets to a certain level. Their names? Van Helsing, Buffy, Faith and Kendra. They were actually rather tough and I had to finally resort to Ctrl+Y because they were hitting Vincent hard and so far I've avoided the death vid.

I will say that I feel taking the Bodhi course feels more like I'm living up to Vin's CN alignment. I admit, I have been following mostly that same sort of conduct I usually do - pretty good, though I think a few of the less polite dialogue responses have snuck by as I really feel Vincent Valentine does not bother too much with niceties - at least after Cloud dug him out of the coffin. Yes, sure, this Vincent has not slept in a coffin for 30 years like his FF inspiration, so he's more of a natural grump (though while I own the game, I've never played Dirge of Cerberus beyond the tutorial), and the whole Bhaalspawn thing probably exacerbated it.

The team is quite CN - Vin's CN, Yoshimo is True Neutral (just called Neutral in the D&D books), Anomen is CN (yes, I took him that direction - I still think I need to play the romance to see the full effects of it though), Haer'Dalis is CN, Goo is TN and Valen is Chaotic Evil.
So over all, almost total CN, with only one mark on the evil side, and that will be balanced when I get Imoen back - she's Neutral Good.
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One of the things about this game that can be a bit aggravating is how one can end up with 4 or 5 quests running at one time.

I always end up running De'Arnise Keep first (at least, first after the Circus), but the first time one leaves Athkatla it is inevitable that one will run into the thugs beating up on Renfield, which dictates a trip back to the Docks.
Entering the Docks with Yoshimo in party results in him saying he has to go see the head of the Shadow Thieves, which is the start of a quest to investigate a thief guild house. The first quest the guildmaster sends one's Charname on takes one to the Temple District.
Entering the Temple district is almost guaranteed to embroil one in the Unseeing Eye quest because to get from the upper entrance (which is where one always appears) around to the temple of Talos (the thief job is to steal a necklace from the Talosian high priestess) will go right by the spot that the Unseeing Eye cultist is proselytizing to the crowd, and as soon as that dialog is over, one from the temple of Helm will be automatically triggered.

Can I just say, if it wasn't for the fact that I cheat like crazy, tackling the Unseeing Eye this early in a game is virtual suicide.

Yadda yadda yadda )
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Just for amusement's sake, I have started a Baldur's Gate 2 game with a Charname named Vincent.

Black hair, major clothing colour black, minor red, Chaotic Good half-elf Fighter/Mage, weapons sword and crossbow. Portraits? Well who else by the name of Vincent wears red and black and uses a weapon the shoots projectiles?


I am thinking I should wait a bit on it until the start of my next phone period because I'm having crap downloading a new copy of Nathaniel and there may be other romance mods I can consider downloading as well. No, I'm not really inclined to slash Vincent with Nathaniel, but I may consider tackling the Imoen mod with him - Imoen seems mostly cut from the same cloth as Yuffie anyway.

ETA: Rebuilt him,only major change being to make him Chaotic Neutral. I'm at De'Arnise Keep, but I may need to replay it, unless the Imoen reinstall worked properly. I haven't been getting the mod dialogs, let alone the dreams... though I think I've only set them to sleep while I was back in Irenicus's dungeon.
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I am really hoping this works now I have non-narfy graphics. I am installing BG2 again, as an alternative to The Sims 3, which has it's fair share of issues, even with the new compy.

I just have to get all my usual mods loaded - stuff like Ascension, Tactics, Unfinished Business, Ease of Use, a variety if other item mods and a handful of romance mods that I'm fond of.

I may even field a male sim if the message board indicated Nathaniel is in reasonable condition - maybe even resurrect Merric Thorn again, complete with Kain Highwind portraits.

Then again, there's also a measure of attraction to going right back to the most basic - Narri, my first ever BG2 Charname (though it might be a tad of bore to play out the Anomen romance).
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I did mention that two of my sim toddlers in Edea's care has a paternal sim who is Bhaal, didn't I? Well I got pictures: High Lord of Creepy Sims )

Meanwhile, I also made a Blackarachnia Sim )
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Because [livejournal.com profile] kotono asked, I got some more pics of Edea while I redid all the stuff I lost.

Here-ya )


Nov. 2nd, 2007 05:08 pm
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Uhh... That was silly - was playing a little BG2 and when closing down, I saved Avaril's game onto Merric's save file. Haven't lost Merric - there's an edited copy there of his game, but it was just a "What did I do that for?" situation.
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So I went in to my Sims game, finally got Cid moved in with Tifa, had to fix a slight oversight (when I moved Cid in, Shera came, but Kain didn't), then I shuffled off to Sim State University to start making up some of the sims I'd idly made in Body Shop.

Problem the First: Two of my Bhaalspawn sims (sims I'd made up of my BG2 protagonists) weren't showing so I decided not to make up any of the Bhaalspawn. Not to matter, I had a few others sitting around that I could make up, and inventiveness with some of the models generated more... as well as one lucky accident.

So now I have dorm with one human, two Drow, one Moon Elf, an Aasimar and a Tiefling.

A-like so... )


Oct. 6th, 2007 08:22 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Hyperbole)
I am probably going to end up with more custom characters in this BG game than I'll have canon ones. So far, including Merric, I have three - with Nathaniel and Kelsey. I'd like to get Solaufein as well, but considerations of party composition seem to imply that it's going to be difficult. I'll have to dump either Jaheira or Anomen to pick him up and I don't think I could keep him if I want to pick up Sarevok in ToB. I have to keep one of them, just so I have a cleric on-team at that point. Interestingly enough, if I keep Ano (who currently has favour) Imoen will be the only female in the team in ToB.

Oh and it amuses me how straight forward Kelsey is, asking if Imoen is single.

Maybe I'll see if I can dual someone later... but I'm not overly fond of dual-classing, so I don't know.
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I think it's because a couple of the skintones I'm trying to download for the Sims 2 are black ones that I got thinking on drow (Genensims had at least one black skintone labeled "Drow") which in turn got me thinking of the one drow I probably have the most interest in - Solaufein - which in turn made me think of my Twit that I played through the Sola romance with - Blaise Draconis.

Last time I played BG2 through it was the fact that I read somewhere that the Solaufein romance is totally equal oppertunity that I started playing the Draconis game again after months of ignoring it.

Yeah, slash made me play BG again.

I guess one of the drawbacks of getting into slash was that I lost interest in playing BG because all the romances in it were het ones - the romance wouldn't activate unless you had a mod that cut the restrictions but that would have even more WTFery than the slight implications I ran across in Sola's dialog that implied that Weimer was thinking hetronormatively when he wrote it.

Wherein I contemplate Forgotten Realms religion )

So after all that pointless thinking on an OC for an old game most folks on my Flist will not be familiar with I suddenly have this idea that some time I think I will try making sims of Blaise and Solaufein and dumping them in my neighbourhood.
Blaise can take a military career.


Jun. 30th, 2006 05:18 am
mimi_sardinia: (Vin - *sulk*)
Okay, so I wanted to reinstall BG2: SoA and ToB.

I had an error happen in the middle of it. Not just any error, a full fucking bluescreen (which totally strikes me as ironic because I recall once reading the first few chapters of a fic titled "Bluescreen" in the BG fandom - one where BG characters find themselves on Earth after a couple of players in a multiplayer game mutually crash).

Dammit, I want to play Blaise again!

I'll try again, but hell, if it happens again I am going to be right royally pissy!

Edit: Second try worked properly, now I just have to install all of the mods - there's 35 items in the C:\My Documents/BG/zip folder, but that does include the three Keepers (savegame editors - GateKeeper, DaleKeeper and ShadowKeeper). I have to sort through all the bits I have - Ascension goes on first, then the romances, then Tactics, Ease-of-Use and the item mods... Gah! Need to take a call from Nature first though, it's demanding back the hot lemonade and cold choc-coffee milk I've drunk.

Edit 2: Dammit, I think I am going to have to make a point of getting a backup hardrive after I have my PS2 and a memory card. I checked how much room was left after I'd finished installing SoA and ToB and it was showing around 12GB. Checked again after installing the mods, around 10GB. That's a lot of stuff in those mods!
And just so you know, out of all 35 zipfiles, only 4 were non-applicable and two were superfluous doubles of other mods.

However, now I just have to shift over copies of my favourite portraits and I can start building Blaise Draconis again (that name is so HP-inspired!). The only painful thing about playing Blaise is having to wait half the game for my chosen partner for him to appear (Solaufein).


May. 30th, 2006 10:09 pm
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It's times like these I wish I could get a working Bag of Holding in BG1.

The Cloakwood Mines has barraks on the second level and the hobgoblins it them respawn - so I have found.

I had this idea to get every single saleable item and transfer it in lots to the Friendly Arm Inn but respawning monsters? Can't be done! There's more of them than I can carry all the items for so I ended up giving up and just grabbing gems and enchanted armour and going on to the third level and the boss.

Why a Bag of Holding? Because I could go through only once and not worry about respawns because I can dump it all in the bag as I go.

Oh the benifits of BG2! How I miss thee!

On the subject of another game though, I finally got Kingdom Come finished and the Kingdom family moved in... but between either the size of the property, the length of time I was on, or that the family has six members it was playing annoyingly slow on me. I'll have to check that - maybe next time I'm in the game.

Also, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ff7aeris, I got a better version of Quistis' hair and a working copy of her outfit. My Quisty sim now looks the part properly. I also Got a better version of Rinoa but I didn't delete the first version, so now I have two versions of Rinoa living together. XD I still have to get the cheat mode working so I can rename the older version of Rinoa something indicative of the fact that she's the substandard version - really, the new version really looks more like Rinoa.

I wonder if I can drive both of them mad?

Want to go back and play the Valentine family a bit more - I want to age up Lucrecia but I want to do it naturally. If I can do it right, I want to hold back Ellone long enough that she doesn't age up until Lucrecia hits childhood.

Random thought from the last time I played that household, if I take into account vague storyline I have in my head Ellone has rights to one hell of a bloody long name - if she acknowledges all the surnames she could have inherited from everywhere. Ellone Ifalna Gast-Gainsborough Strife Leonhart-Loire Valentine. Ouch. Thankfully (that's debatable) she only wears Strife-Loire.

Mrr, want food.

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