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Something I forgot in my Ebay post - as my immediate treat of the day (in comparison to the two 'Formers, which I might not see for another two weeks due to postage - which, might you, I got notice Roddy is due to be shipped, like, tomorrow), I got a set of markers. Very expensive markers. They come out at approximately $6.20 each.

They're calligraphy markers, with wedge-shaped writing tips that can do the characteristic calligraphy style of writing.

I love calligraphy pens, I used to have one, you can see in this example of my personal style of art the calligraphy pen style - lines that get thicker and thinner depending on which direction they're going.
That style was originally started with my first calligraphy pen and just adjusted for a normal gel pen (which has become the standard pen for that style now).

Anyway, these pens are, as they should be for the price I paid ($24.95 for four pens?), my new writing and artistic treasures.

I also need to get into my latest drawing projects - an experimental mech!Griever diagram (the only other time I have tried to draw an original TF, she didn't have enough kibble, so I have to also nut out Griever's kibble, as well as try and keep him looking like Griever), and a chibi Magnus pic or two - with his plushies.
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So, due to a post of [livejournal.com profile] hanae0711's, I went hunting for my school photos looking for a childhood picture of me. While doing so, I ran across some old examples of my personal style of drawing.

The good, the (not so) bad and the downright alien )

And now for something completely different.

I was discussing a type of drawing with someone on IM not long ago, but I don't recall who, and the subject of pictures made up totally of dots was brought up. I have done that before - once. It's a painstaking process and the one try I made (for an art class in highschool) was never completed.
I still have the picture however, and also found it while photo-hunting.

Trees )

Anyway, enough showing off.
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Okay, so as I previously said, the lack of internet connection caused fanart. )

So, plenty of chibis.


Dec. 4th, 2005 06:58 am
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Okay, here's a picture that is frankly the result of one of those half-asleep imaginings - a rather fairytalish thing that is totally AU with Sephiroth as a king, Zack as his general and a young recruit who gains the king's attention, and a young healer who draws the general's.

There is a bit of a catch to this idea, it's a girl!Cloud one for some reason (though before you ask, Cloud's still the recruit), so if I ever had the wish to write it I'd more likely change names and defining features and slap and Original Fiction label on it.

But anyway, since it is so AU, outfits would be totally different, and I got it into my head to draw the one I imagined Aeris wearing - at least after she gains a place amongst Seph's court mages.

So, a totally AU version of Aeris, though some colours will always be asosciated with her, even in AU )

It's only a rough sketch, done straight up in pen (as opposed to starting out in pencil and going over in pen afterwards) - and obviously, on green paper.
The whole lot is in gel pens - colouring included, and frankly the colour of her skin scanned far more natural than it is IRL - I don't think fluro colours scan because the practically fluro pink washed out too.
The outfit also turned out a bit more modest than I had originally thought (though not by a great deal).
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This is a personal style, one that is purely self-invented. It's whole point is that it is detailed as hell. The secondary point is that simple line drawings line human figures can be hidden within it for the viewer to try and find.

This particular picture has Sephiroth in it. Try and find him, and his name. )
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So I was out all day at a church-thing and I find church a very good place to sit a draw. Knowing I failed miserably once before when I tried to do a side-view of a character I decided to do a bit of a character study, though I realised when I got as far as pencilling in hair that I couldn't do Cloud because I can't recall the exact pattern of his spikes so I converted it to Vincent instead.

Cutski 'cause despite Photobucket shrinking it (I think) it's still big. )

I think I over-did the hair a tad on the third (and largest) version but it still carries over the whole "messy" feel that I think is a whole part of what makes Vincent visually.
The little pencil drawing at the bottem was just a self-reminder of his whole costume.


Jul. 7th, 2005 11:58 pm
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Me'ness )

Chibi Seph )

Chibi Vincent )

Chibi Cloud )

Oi! [livejournal.com profile] nashidesei!
This one's for you! )

My Pic!

Jun. 7th, 2005 04:18 am
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I found the "original" picture of myself - the one I have an icon of.

Cutski )


May. 22nd, 2005 04:28 pm
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Can I just repeat my wish for a scanner? Oh, and some new pens. One of my common drawing styles is not easy-going on teh ink - I just managed to get a chibi picture of Vincent and Cloud finished and the other pic (one in the ink-guzzling style) is left unfinished because both of my black pens ran out on me (I was using the last of the ink in one to get the chibis done).

There's a phone bill due so I can't start working on getting a scanner until the fortnight after so... bleh. Oh, and after that I wanna starts saving for AC, I fully expect I will have to order it online though I am hoping EB will get it in - after all, they sell anime DVDs and related manga as well and AC is FF7 so it's probably right up their alley.

Waaaaaaah! Can I mention a wish that I could win lotto? There's a big one soon, early in June I believe, but it's the one that has more chance of sharing the division one prize. I'll get a ticket anyway.


May. 14th, 2005 03:39 pm
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I have a Vincent chibi! Now all I need is a damn scanner!
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So, today we had a choir performance halfway across the city and like usual the Bint sat through the lesson period and drew, and also drew inbetween singing during church. She's got this book about drawing in manga style - a simple one mind you, think Pokémon level of complexity - and as her test subject she drew a picture of me. Not bad, I have to say - she has a thing for chibi style so it turned out rather cute.
On a bit of prodding from my way her second picture ended up being of Sephiroth so while I wouldn't mind getting the self-portrait online I really wanna get the Sephi chibi up because it's cute as - though it needs colouring first.
Next on the list of subjects to draw is Vincent, then we need to work out how to draw Cloud's hair, then maybe after that we can move onto Squall, Seifer and Laguna.



Mar. 8th, 2005 10:34 pm
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I was looking at a comic strip I found on a website of a fanartist who has a lovely picture of Squall dancing with Laguna and I finally came to accept something that has been in the back of my head for some time now:

Zack reminds me so damn much of Radditz.

It's the hair, really.

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