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Birthdate:Apr 18
Website:The House of §trange
I am Majin Baka Hentai, the Grand Exaggeration, the mad, bad, perverted Gryffindork Ravenclaw Bhaalspawn Nobody, Galifreyan Cetra Grey Warden Child of Ilúvatar and SeeD Jenova's Witness, Cybertronian Sevspace Ambasador, Time Lady and Keyblade Bearer, Hunter, Sailor §trange, Hyperbole the Great. All around Ideas Person and Plotbunny Feeder.

I also go by the name of Mimi Sardinia and claim to be a blonde living in the body of a brunette, glasses-wearing Australian who is 38. The glasses-wearing, 38-year-old brunette Australian is definitely true, how true the blonde bit is can be taken however you wish.

I also believe in the E at the end of the word "blonde".

Currently a fangirl of Hot Dwarves and Gondorian Captains (sometimes even together).

My DevArt is located here.

I also has a Twitter here.
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