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mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
You know, being at the start of a game is annoying, especially when you can't cheat.

I had a doctor's appointment today, that gave me some time to concentrate on FFIV. The Dalmycan desert - at the first visit to Kaipo - is a pain to start with because Rydia is so weak. It helped a great deal once she'd got up a couple of levels and could actually do some damage with her spells.

I had one point where I had no gil, no tent and no Phoenix Downs, and just had to let Rydia stay dead until Cecil had got the money for a Down and an Inn stay. That was a pain. Thankfully it was just after that when Rydia levelled up to point where her spells could kill the cold-weak creatures (which 3/4 of the encounters in the desert are just that) and after the next level could kill everything encountered... except that big toothy worm-thing. Still haven't re-encountered that yet, must be rare.

At least now I have a cap on Rydia, and a staff. Plus I am actually making progress with gil, not going from one inn-stay to the next. Now I just need to get some gil to stock up on Potions and Phoenix downs, then maybe I'll try the waterway.


Nov. 20th, 2008 05:33 pm
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
I went in to put down a token payment on my games laybuy at EB Games, but the guy there gave me the games for the current sale price they're on for at the moment. That meant, that with the amount of money I'd already paid I was owed some money by the shop, so I got the just-released Mansion and Garden Stuff pack for the Sims 2, and a gift card for another $15.10. I may end up using that as a down-payment for Spore, after I have TFA Magnus and the DVDs off laybuy.

But it means I have FFXII:RW and FFIV DS sitting in front of me.

ETA: I have just been watching the start of the game... my nickname for Cecil is apropriate - Emo (short for Lord Emo). The bedroom chat with Rosa is quite sappy and having voices makes it even moreso, and... I don't like Kain's voice, it's too deep. ;_;

I'll have to go through it again because I can't put all my attention into it right now - I'm doing my daily journal sweep and have a Sims pack to install.
mimi_sardinia: (Ultra Magnus 2)
Totally forgot to post on Thursday - I made another laybuy. Indiana Jones is out on DVD, and Sleeping Beauty has finally been re-released by Disney. That has got to be my favourite of the classic Disney Princess movies - not the post-Little Mermaid generation of Princesses, the old ones, like Snow White and Cinderella. I just feel that Aurora has more spunk to her than either of the other two do.

Anyway, I would have passed on the DVDs if it wasn't for the discovery in the toy section - Leader Class TFA Ultra Magnus is available. So I grabbed one, went back for the DVDs and laybuyed them.

I need to get the FF games off laybuy first, but I may be able to do that next pay - may, since I was sick on Tuesday. I think I so far knocked half the price of each game (EB Games is interesting like that, they like to divide payments up amongst the items on a laybuy).

Anyway, that's the news I really should have posted two days ago!


Oct. 9th, 2008 04:07 pm
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
Well I got my third camero - "Capture Of Bumblebee" Screen Battles set for $15 - though Bee is being a little bit of an aft when it comes to transforming into car mode. It also means I have three Sector 7 figures that I have no fragging interest in, but at least it got me a cheap Bee without the dinky blue highlights. I'll have to put up with those highlights to get Deluxe versions of Jazz and Barricade though - to make up my police car sandwich.

I also got Sims 2: Apartment Life, and Iron Man, plus I put Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and Final Fantasy IV DS on laybuy. I couldn't find a copy of Sims 2: Ikea Stuff.

I'm kinda sad Iron Man doesn't have director's commentary on it, but... ehh.

ETA 17:00: I just discovered where a piece of music I downloaded from one of the music meme posts I read (you know, the meme going around writing comms a couple of months ago about going through one's playlist and picking out songs to write drabbles on) came from - it's in Iron Man, namely the scene where Tony tests the first mark 2 suit. The file is titled "Driving With The Top Down".
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
FFIV is out!

I can't afford it though, at least not this week, due to health problems keeping me from work. Next week however, I may be able to. I am still hoping however that I can afford to catch Wall-E while it's in the cinema as well, but I am only considering putting the game on laybuy, plus I still haven't got FFXII:RW, and there's still two Sims2 packs I am yet to get.

Actually, on the subject of the Sims, I am currently contemplating giving up and starting again from scratch. Given my current mindset, I'm inclined to forego remaking any of the FF and KH sims for now and just restarting the TF ones.

But I also did ask at an EB store, and it seems I can get some credit for trading in FFT, since I have decided against getting a PSP. That will help a little.


Nov. 12th, 2007 10:56 am
mimi_sardinia: (Cecil/Kain - Staring)
FFIV DS has voice acting!

...And Kain's voice is deep.
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
Title: The Fairytale of the Dragon King
Series: Guardianverse
Game: Final Fantasy IV
Pairing: Bahamut/Leviathan/Asura

Once upon a time, there was great and powerful king... )


Sep. 17th, 2007 09:33 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
I really hate sim buildings where they've done something funky with the walls that results in them coming out as fences instead. I don't have the mods that fix those.

I'm trying to get Godo and Yuffie housed, though I'm in need of two properties because I want to ship Yuffie off to Uni as soon as I can re-establish her private school status and as soon as she gets home from that she's out and into her own house.

In other things, Ouch! My skin! Part 2: Got myself well and truly killed in the Lunar Subterrain by a nasty little bugger - a Little Murderer. That hurt twice as hard because I was working on a Quicksave so I lost the save. On the other hand, that means I can go tackle something I apparently missed earlier so... *Shrug* It also gives me a chance to buy a shitload of potions and such to keep my team going - particularly Dry Ethers.
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
My team is either a bit weak for this stage of the game or the Lunar Subterrain is damn hard. It's probably more the former, as I got bored of Bahamut's cave while trying to level up to fight him (not a bad thing per se, but useless for that fight as Kain seems the deal-breaker there).

Also: I hate Behemoths. Really. And dragons. Can anyone tell me if there's a rest spot somewhere in here?

I also need to stop trying to open the menu with the Right button. I blame FF3 for that.

ETA: Wikipedia is being annoying and demanding. I've been trying to open articles but at the last moment it changes to blank page begging for donations. I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIGGING MONEY YOU WANKERS AND I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANY WHEN I DO GET SOME BECAUSE I HAVE A PHONE BILL THAT WANTS PAYING FIRST!!!! *Sulk*
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
Any and all FFIV fans, if you haven't gone over to the official website DAMN WELL DO IT NOW!!!!

There's a movie up, and I got a lovely eyeful of the new character designs for Cecil, Rosa and Kain as it was opening.

I also went hunting on the FF Wiki (as those links might indicate) and Cecil's Dark Knight design is damn kickass too.

Barring a few passing gameplay caps in the opening there's not much on any of the others though (I did see a shot amongst those caps of Rydia) and only Cecil, Kain and Rosa on the character page.

Still, I do like that they haven't made Rosa some rake thin little thing, I suspect it's a far more realistic body shape for a kinda medieval setting. It's only modern times that have idolised tall and bony as a symbol of feminine beauty.

I have to say however, Cecil is more androgynous than I'd first expected, even with the Amano art of him (all of Amano's art of male characters comes off a bit androgynous).

P.S.: I am in love with Kain's ponytail.
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
Well for an off week (i.e. the one I don't get Centrelink) things have gone well. Mostly because Mum was able to come up with money to cover something of mine though.

Main thingie: I got PotC2 and the soundtrack of PotC3. All sorts of weirdness there because I laybuyed it back when I saw PotC3 but I should have waited at least until I'd wandered down to Big W instead of doing it at Sanity... and then today it was on special even lower. Ended up amending the laybuy to just the soundtrack and getting the DVD elsewhere, for about $16 cheaper than the price I had it on laybuy for.

Of course, typical of me, I get one laybuy off and immediately go and laybuy something else! In this case, it was FFIII and Phoenix Wright. Got prompted to do so buy a sale in EB Games but I didn't laybuy it there - they had absolutely no copies of FF3 at all!!! and I figured it was better to laybuy them together.

On the subject of early FF games, I finally got sick of putzing around Bahamut's cave and went and played the Giant of Babil section of the game. Yay! I got Kain back now *squishes Kain* and dammit if he didn't save the day the next time I tried for Bahamut!

See the problem with Bahamut is that his Mega Flare ends up wiping out the whole team in one go, but having Kain means I could have him jump, so he's not affected by Mega Flare and once he comes back down (with a nice bit of damage to Bahamut) he could phoenix down Rosa who could then start reviving the others.

I think I got mega-flared three times in that fight, and still didn't have everyone up and running by the time Bahamut wore out but dammit, Kain really saved the day in this case, and having Bahamut on side is damn useful for the same reason the fight was a pain - Mega Flare hits hard.

BTW, does anyone know if there's a copy of the FFIV script anywhere online?


Apr. 28th, 2007 01:24 am
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
I'm bored.

Oh, I have plenty to read, if I want Torchwood but my interests have swung back to FF a bit lately - not in the least due to [livejournal.com profile] madamhydra's new fic - and it's far too late in the night for me to put the Sims 2 on and no one I might consider talking to is on AIM at the moment and no one's on Yahoo at all (and don't talk to me about MSN - a pox on MSN and them ignoring me and not accepting my username and passwords).

I did get writing a "Complete Facts About Guardianverse" thing - if only to lay out for myself all the disparate bits of backstory, but it's already bugging me because I forgot certain canon details of FF4 - like the Lunarians coming from a planet within the same system (I hate the implication that the Blue Planet is Earth) and some of the extended backstory I made up in my head is itching now that I get it into words because it feels like I'm stuffing more history into FFIV than it really has room for - not something I have a problem with as far as FFVIII goes for some reason though.

Blah. I guess I'll go back to TW fic.
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
I miss Kain already!

Yeah, I got to the point where I lost him again, it kinda makes me sad - not just because his Jump ability is made of WIN but I am silly shippy little fangirl and every time Cecil ended up healing him I was pleased.

Plus using that Jump ability againt the Trap Doors in the Sealed Cavern is hilariously good when the door targets Kain, because invariably, Kain would be the first one to come active and I'd have him jump, and if the Door targets him (which I wouldn't know until after I'd set him to jump) he'd be off in the wild blue yonder when it cast Ninth Dimension (an instant kill spell).

Anyway, I'm off to bap Yang on the head with his wife's frypan, and I probably don't have enough Remedies (bloody expensive things to buy they are!) or Maiden's Kisses either - I'm going to have to rely on Cecil and Rosa's Esunas and Rydia's Toad, and leave Remedies until I run into Malboros - those things are a pain.

Then I can go try for Odin, and then carry om with the plot (and get Kain back! Cecil's depressed!).
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV - Cecil Kain Rosa)
I'm scrapping the OT4 icon in favour of this one - while I still like the idea of Kain/Rydia, my head simply won't accept Rydia in a foursome with Kain, Cecil and Rosa.
On the other hand, just those three together in a threesome? I already love the idea and have gratuitously thrown it into Guardianverse, as of my latest piece for that series (in my last post).

The only problem with Amano art is that the guys look incredibly girly - it was only very recently that I figured out that the righthand figure in that pic is Cecil, and Kain's jaw looks very... delicate too. At least their in-game menu page portraits aren't quite so girly.
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I'm not pleased about this, it started as some way to get one of my silly music-inspired mental images into words but turned serious on me, ending up feeling like a piece out of a larger series of events that I'm not sure I'll ever get written.

As usual, this is somewhat a crossover AU, with FFVII and FFIV characters appearing in the FFVIII-world as GFs - and I haven't given all their original names either.

But anyhow... Night Interrupted )

(Some day I might even elaborate on the matter of Tyr and Frigga's alternate identities, and Quistis' issues with Griever.)


Jan. 6th, 2007 08:42 pm
mimi_sardinia: (FFIV OT4)
Put this icon together myself - it's my FFIV OT4.

I was a little depressed at the effect saving into an uploadable format did to the quality, but then I had it blown up in Paint to 8 times the size. The effect isn't as noticable at this size.

I am a little puzzled at how dark Rosa's hair is though, she's suposed to be a blonde. Then again, Cecil is suposed to be a blond too, so that's just... special.

Dammit, Kain is cute as a sprite.

I have this inclination to print up an expanded version of those sprites and working out all the colours and crosstitching them. I've something the like before - someone somewhere (I suspect it may have been on the Childfree crafts comm but it could have been on an FF comm) crosstitched the 8-Bit Theatre sprites. I wouldn't mind doing a set of them too, for my FF1 team, who though I haven't played much more of them I am building a whole background story for them in my head.

Edit: decided to change it slightly so they're facing each other.
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I just had a thought about the whole crystal thing in the early FFs, and how it isn't in FFVII.

It actually is there, but it isn't a central theme in the world construction.

I mean, there's four caves located in difficult-to-reach spots where you can find really important materia - Mime, Quadra Magic, HP<->MP and Knights of the Round.

The other crystal reference is the Huge Materia, which now that I think about it, remind me greatly of the crystals in FFIV - especially how the FFIV crystals seem to be kept floating in their special chambers, and the Huge materia float around in Bugenhagen's observatory.

Oh, and what do you think of the icon? Frankly, I nicked it off a favourite info site for FF. The site always has a little quiz on the frontpage. I went there looking for the names of the four rare materia that you get from the caves and the quiz was whether Tifa and Cecil would make a good couple. 3 people had voted "Yes", 5 voted "No" (including me). The sprite was cute and just what I was wanting.


Jan. 2nd, 2007 04:16 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Cecil/Kain - Staring)
I found it! The butt-staring icon of Cecil and Kain!

As [livejournal.com profile] blueshinra said, it was on F_W, but what I really needed was to find a wank report that actually mentioned FFIV. Found that through Fandom Wank Wiki links to Final Fantasy wanks - specifically one about IV being ported to GBA.

Oh, and I am almost sure I can declare an OT4 for IV, though Rydia is still a bit of a sticking point.
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Well, my Dark Knight has turned into a Paladin and I'm bloody glad that while he went back to level one, he didn't lose HP. I would have been ropable if the game had done that!

Meanwhile, my D&D sensibilities are aching something bad from this - the nearest I can think of in that to whatever Cecil was as a Dark Knight is maybe a Doomguide (I think) - a special warrior of Kelemvor. Why that? Because Cecil's too nice to be a blackguard, which I think is the evil equivilent of a D&D paladin. Cecil I'd guage as Neutral Good, leaning towards Lawful, tipping over into Lawful once he changes class, because D&D paladins are universally Lawful Good.

Ee gads, I'm overthinking this aren't I? Blah, I just want more of Kain. How long before Kain gets some sense into him? *Pets Guardianverse!Bahamut-Kain, since he's starting to go emo about his less than glorious past.*

On the other hand, I'm glad I wandered around the landscape a bit and saved up for Cecil's new armour before toddling off to Mt. Ordeal, wouldn't want Mister Shinypants running around buck naked now would we? Well, maybe kain and Rosa might apreciate it but at the moment he's only got an old man and two kids (one I bet is inclined to be a right little perv too) as company.

Hey, now there's a shipping thought - Kain/Cecil/Rosa threesome! One-up that and throw in Rydia (once she grows up -and yes, I know she grows up fast due to being dragged off by Leviathan) and we have a possible OT4! :)

Oh yeah, I wandered over to FF.net to poke the early Final Fantasy section and found a C2 of Kain/Rydia. Sounds like a cool idea. Other point however is that Kain seems to be the FFIV emoboy. Blah, Bahamut is not emo - well not anymore emo that Tyr or Diablos or Griever are, Guardianverse emoboys grow up to be sensible GFs. Anyway, if Tyr was emo he'd have Frigga and Balder on his case, and if Diablos was emo he'd have both sides of Pheonix's double personality on his case. Griever would get it from Lady Time and Bahamut would get it from everyone.

I think I may be tired, which is why I seem to be rambling. I also am quite sure the Griever-bunny's friends (aka the Guardianverse GFs) have decided to take over my brain.

G-verse GFs: We're in ur brain, steelin' ur attention.

Yup, I'm nuts. Maybe I should take up calling myself an idiot again! :B

New Year

Jan. 1st, 2007 12:52 am
mimi_sardinia: (Where will you be...)
Well I probably had the oddest way of seeing in the new year - sitting on the toilet, getting a numb leg, playing FFIV.

And with that TMI thought, happy new year peoples.

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