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Okay, I give up on the idea of making a new neighbourhood for my FF and KH sims - I've moved all of them back into Pleasantview, though spread across both the home neighbourhood and Bluewater - the shopping district - with Hojo in Downtown.

Not all of them will stay where they are at the moment, there's at least four temp lots that I need to rehouse the tennants, and some of the older houses I want to get rid of and rebuild, or renovate a pre-existing lot, because frankly the ones that are my own making are awful blocky things and the reno jobs on a whole tend to be far more elegant.

I also have to move all of the current residents of Shinra Mansion out - barring the core family of Vincent, Aeris and Lucrecia. I also want to start moving kids off into college now I've decided on this course of action, so that will mean Ellone will end up leaving Shinra too.

I am going to try start my effort to reconstruct the FF10 sims' relationship bonds - meaning constructing individual families like the Al Bhed family I tried making before (and lost due to savegame deletion), and a Spira house that will be a Braska stand-in and Auron, and Zanarkand that will have a Jecht stand-in so the kids will have all the right parental records and Yuna will legitimately be Rikku and Brother's cousin.

I also finally loaded Glamour Life Stuff, which has been sitting on my shelf for a week now, unopened, and I have yet to go into Xehanort's house to change his hair to the more correct Xemnas style I found had been made, but I hoping that now I can get back into the swing of my Sims game.
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Okay, so I was contemplating silly ideas that will never even see a plotbunny summary and found myself juggling numbers and contemplating names - from Nobodies.

No, I don't mean OCs, or anagrams for Org members - I mean, well all the Org members still living in KH2 had Nobodies that were their special ones, right? Like the Dancers, Assassins, Berserkers, Dragoons, Snipers, Gamblers and Sorcerors.

So what were the special Nobodies for the half of the Org who got killed in Oblivilon?

I already have name ideas for most of them but I'm having problems with the names for Lexaeus and Vexen's, so my real question is:

For Vexen, Frosts or Shieldbearers?
For Lexaeus, Axemen or Wariors?

The others are Ninjas, Reapers and Spies - but I'm still slightly iffy about the last one - it's Zexion's.


Nov. 2nd, 2006 08:13 am
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Okay, so I seriously started to rethink some of the holes new canon info has poked in my poor Griever-bunny. Some of the stuff in my microscopic collection of ficlets for it have been Jossed and I'm thinking of writing something new to go over it again, with reinvented ideas.

I also reworked the GF lineup on AIM, with [livejournal.com profile] serinance. Some of the roles I have amongst the GFs, I got the idea from Seri - particularly Phoenix.

In other plotbunnies, I got chatting in comments on KHFFR and ended up relating the basic idea behind my KH mutation - the conglomeration of a few of my fluff plunnies. This is a direct cut-&-paste of the description )

Mrr. Not like these things will get written into epic fics - at least not by me, I know how well that would go!
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There was a post on [livejournal.com profile] khfanficrants which linked to a post written by a Naruto fan. The Naruto post was mainly a list of fandom terms given humourous definitions - one of which is "space ship", which roughly means the same thing as "crack ship".

So as a result of a discussion I got into on the KHFFR post, I ended up compiling a full list of all my KH pairings and assigning all of them ship names - in the tradition of SS/HMS [Ship Name].

So here is the Complete List )

Some of the ships listed were invented for this meme. If anyone wants to guess the any of the others, you're welcome to. :)
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I am currently in much amusement over this post on [livejournal.com profile] khfanficrants.

It is official: In my opinion, Vincent Valentine's middle name is Ienzo.
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Thanks to a line in a post by [livejournal.com profile] usagivindaloo I am listening to Magic Kingdom In The Sky again.

I was originally given a copy of it by [livejournal.com profile] gaiaeagle because she (or her Elrohir muse) was reminded of my Manwë muse by it (not a bad association, really. I think Manwë - when he was still here - was amused by the idea. He was a fun muse, as was his wife).

Now I can't help but think about something else when I listen it - especially this line:

They will ride that holy monorail
Into sweet Providence
When they know that their redeemer is
A mouse in short red pants

[Nice pants!]


Given my current fandom afiliation that makes me think of King Mickey, who mind you has red pants. The shortness is debatable though.

This song would make a good KH FMV.

Editation: Oooh... and as for reminders of my time in LotR - Blind Guardian, Nightfall. I know I read through an entire fic listening to this but I doubt it was a LotR one but it seems musical association has failed me this time because it gives me no solid images.

Either way, whooo! Fëanáro song! I think I got this one from Blade however (old friend from my BG/early DBZ days - before I found yaoi).
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I stumbled across a really good buy today, while I was in poking around Target. Two PS2 memory cards for $39.88.

Now take into consideration that all the other memory cards all had the exact same price, for single card packs.

I didn't actually see any other double packs in either of the security cabinets that contained memory cards so I think I was lucky.

That means I have one memory card per game that I currently own - though I'm not sure if that means I will take up playing FFX again yet - I have enough of a juggle finding time to play both of my KH games between work and my internet addiction (really, I love the internet - I seem to find excuses to stay on - even when the only apparently interesting option is to put on The Sims 2. I just feel like the internet is one of my few true links with the world - one that's interactive).

So I'll haul myself upstairs soon and start shifting games onto these two darlings so I'm not filling card space at both ends (I have my KH2 save at the bottom end of the same card that my KH1 saves are on) and they are still all playable, which is more than I can say for the saves on the Max Drive (I have to stick in the AR Max disk to even be able to identify the flashdrive on the PS2, let alone be able to transfer games from it to a memory card).

In a slightly odd turn of fan-driven perchasing, I bought a packet of sherbet lemons. I totally blame American publishers who feel a need to translate British books into American English - specifically the Harry Potter books, which I once heard a few examples of how typically British idioms and word usages got changed into more American ones. The three examples I recall is pants/trousers, lorry/pickup truck and sherbet lemons/[some sort of term for lemon candy].

*Idly using the Squee! icon because I have Xemnas on the brain at the moment.*
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Okay, so I've made up a neighbourhood. The landscaping isn't spectacular but that's because I still haven't gotten a full grip of the conversion between SC4 and TS2.

If anyone tries making their own landscapes, keep in mind that you only get the middle of the city plot you've transfered - that means, don't plan out roads on the outer edges of the map and expect to be able to use them.

As much as I love the peak in the middle of Never Was there's not many roads on the map that I can use - which is a pain, because the long shots show there's more roads further out.

Anyway, the plots I've managed to make aren't great for landscaping but what they do have in their favour is enough roads to suport my collection of FF and KH sims. Predicably, for a neighbourhood that is intended to be my perminent FF/KH one, I named the primary area Radiant Garden, the university Hollow Bastion, the shopping district Twilight Town and downtown Traverse Town. It was a bit of toss-up which would get Twilight and which Traverse, but I get the idea that Traverse Town is perminently night so it got Downtown.

The big problem now is setting up the sub-neighbourhoods - the uni, the shops, downtown. I think I am going to have to plunder the official neighbourhoods to get stuff - I am definately going to have to clone that nightclub I adjusted in Pleasantview Downtown (I didn't do much, I just altered the bathrooms to include Rejuvenation Chambers) and I am very inclined towards setting up a nice little vampire population as well.

But I still want to get all the Org families housed before I start moving them out of Never Was - and get all the Org toddlers trained in at least the basics (walking, talking, potty) - means less lots to shift that way.
I also need to do some work on some of the other houses - Supernova (Seph and Cloud's house) needs a garage, since the loss of the savegame I had before I transfered to Fanyarë erased the one I had made, the Kingdom house, Wutai, Spira house (if I keep it) and Square Round (the Hubbard house) will all need extensive remodelling to get a garage into them - if I don't just declare it a bust and just yank the families in question out of those houses and build new ones.

But the Org first - then neighbourhood setup, then I start placing houses and doing renovations to existing family homes. I'm still in for the long haul yet!
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There's some of the turns of phrase in The Sims 2 that are really quite funny - especially in the memories.

One of the Toddler Teaching ones (Teaching a Toddler to Walk - to be specific) has something along the lines of "Ahh, now that's done! ... What have I done?".

While I was doing Amyralis and her aspirations a few favours I also uncovered this one )
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Vexen = Hojo!!!!

I am much amused, considering I have maintained that Vexen inherited Hojo's Mad Scientist Frown Lines. (Any other Mad Scientist attributes he may have inherited I cannot speak on, having not played CoM and Skies of Memories not having much audio to speak of.)
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You know that plotbunny I was lamenting a couple of days ago as being total OOC fluff? Yeah, well I read a comment someone made about the CoM manga and the stupid rabbit is breeding another sideline.

See, the plotbunny is basically a reserection one that is a stupid excuse just to bring back the Org, as [almost] normal people, with hearts, and let them quietly settle down in various places across the worlds and live happy lives.

Only the comment I just read was something about the Riku Replica surviving, finding some Vexen Replicas and going off with them. Well the bunny pounced on that and I am suddenly wondering what would happen if the reserected Vexen ran into his copies and Repliku.
Or maybe Luxord or Saïx run into them (because those are the two who haven't settled down) - better Luxord though, because Saïx is just a little pissed off most of the time because he still can't find Xehanort (there's a reason for that) and running into multiple copies of Vexen and a copy of one of the brats who killed Xemnas... well I can imagine Saïx not being happy.

*Goes to fight the plotbunny off with some sim renovation work.*

Oh, this plotbunny is not one fit to be considered as fic material. It's mostly bedtime imaginings and therefore shmoopy OOC fluff.
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You know that disappearing sim?

Well I got the Ignatius family (Axel's) housed and Ïethacan turned up on... probably the third day (I've shoved in some of the SimSlice electro-boards so all three members of the family can work up some skills without interuption) and I decided to temporarily get an NPC Generator cabinet (another SimSlice toy - a recoloured shower that teleports other sims into the house as visitors) so I could have Saïx over as well and weirdly enough, there's Calista on the character selection piechart for the Nathyus family.

The disappearing, reappearing, made-over nanny )

So, I don't know what I'm going to do with this girl, maybe I'll see if I can get her to stay solidly in a house. I still feel like playing out the irony of hooking up Ïethacan and Selwyn though, but maybe I can engineer a few intervening memories and use Calista as one of my subjects for that.

At the moment, I'm going to do a bit of Body Shop work to get some of my yet-to-be-implemented sims ready to place so I may start on an idea I had in that direction - making up Edea as mother to teen sims - ones like Selphie and Irvine - so I can put the Teens into Uni.

Strangely, in this case, I am glad of this game's stubborness about surnames - it's kinda nice that I know Calista won't change names, even if I transplant her into Edea's house so I can work things around to getting her to fucking stay put.

Maybe I'll see if I can tweak the Ellone model's face into something I like better while I'm fiddling in Body Shop. Both of them I need to find clothing for because they either didn't come with custom clothing or the clothes didn't work. I at least have a dress chosen for Edea.

Actually, I'd like to download SimPE and start poking about with it - I read somewhere one can reset family relationships with it, but that sounds rather high level alterations that could potentially go wrong very easily. Meh, maybe I'm a bit too ambitious there!

Edit: Grr! Already having issues with Edea. You know those veiny-things along the sides of her face while she's the Big Bad Sorceress? Well they are part of the base skintone for her. That's what's annoying, you can't change skintones - you can't change eye colours either - once the sim is made up.
I wish whoever had made this sim had taken into account that Edea in "Matron" mode (in the flashbacks and the final scene after the Ultimecia fight, and in the camcorder FMV in the credits) didn't have those veins and had made them facial makeup, but nooooo! They're part of the skintone aren't they?
I also hate the skullcap - it looks daft, a lot dafter than the original in FF8 - which is why I am wishing the veins were makeup or eyebrows because then I could make over Edea mid-game, from "The Soreceress" to "Matron" and back again if I wished - because my experimental "Matron" is not looking very Edea-like at the moment.

Sims WTF

Sep. 25th, 2006 11:50 pm
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Okay, so I finally got Lunar Park finished. Yes, I'm sure there's a few WTFs at that joke. Anyhow, I got Saïx and his dad into the house and settled in to get both of them a few skills (that is becoming my usual habit isn't it?).

Problem is, I gave Ïethacan a garden - or to be specific, I gave him a whole plot of harvestable plants. A single father with a toddler and a whole plot of harvestables is going to keep me rather busy.

So I decided to get him a live-in girlfriend by kidnapping a service NPC (the nanny to be exact).

I got her all nice and made over and new clothes... then she left. I tried looking for her but she'd totally vanished, when I used the SimSlice NPC generator I found the sim with her name was totally different.

Oh well, I got it into my head while I had Ïethacan shopping (and outragously taking advantage of my non-jealousy hack) that I wasn't going to keep her as his partner anyway - I have the plan I have formed of marrying him off to one of the other single Org parents, specifically Selwyn. But not yet, I'll only do that when both Saïx and Demyx are older - childhood at the least, teens would be prefered. I'm definately not going to let those two hook up - I am not adverse to engineering my favourite ships and I would prefer to have Demyx hook up with either Xigbar or Xaldin - preferably Xaldin.

So in short: I don't know how [livejournal.com profile] enelar does it but I simply don't trust NPCs not to run off once I try to move them into one of my families.


Sep. 23rd, 2006 09:15 pm
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Okay, so I'm going to erase the Lexaeus family I have and remake it.

One, "Weffic"? My cr3ative name-creation went a bit off there.

Two, I got a reminder of how Lexaeus really looks and wanted to make my sim of him a bit more... angular. Lex has this really odd face that is practically all sharp corners.

I've been doing a tidy-up job in Body Shop - reordering all my sims into something vaguely like a sensible order. So far I have all the sims I have already used (except Reno, who I think I made from scratch once I got a good head of hair for him) and lined them up in something resembling the aproximate order in which I implemented them as playable sims.
The rest - the unused ones - are still a mess, but I really don't feel like tackling them yet.

Actually, it's a good thing toddlers can't socialise with other toddlers - at least the replacement won't register.

Edit: Lexaeus is now the fitest toddler in the Neighbourhood the Never Was!

So I did it, I replaced his family with a new set, based on a more angular Lexaeus model I worked up in Body Shop. Their surname is now Westbrook - a hell of a lot better than Weffic.

I dumped them on the Number 5 temp block so I could push up their bank balance and ended up sitting around, giving them all skills. This isn't easy... unless you have some of the modded items like I have.
SimSlice's Rejuvenation Chamber is a lovely thing, their electro panels are pretty damn good too - they're little panels that look like recoloured burglar alarms that affect the moods of all sims on the lot, meaning they keep said moods perminently at full. I couldn't use that all of the time - I had to let Lex's bladder fill so I could potty train him (which took a fair few toilet breaks to do because I didn't put in the SimSlice phone which allows sims to buy the aspiration rewards, so I didn't have any Smart Milk to speed the process).
But anyhow I did spend a fair while making fair use of a hack I got hold of recently - one that makes dancing a Body skill gaining activity - I set Lexaeus dancing and left him there. It took several sim days but he now has a full 10 Body skill points and a full fitness bar.

Oh, and his two favourite skills seem to be Logic and Charisma. Anyone else think that's fitting for him?

Sim Spam

Sep. 22nd, 2006 02:06 am
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Okay, so I managed to landscape the extra land in the Laville house - ended up putting in a pool and replacing the hotub with an in-ground one.

Also planted several harvestable trees around - oranges, apples, pears... and Twinkies. Someone took the harvestable tree someone else made and redid it as a Twinkie Tree. XDDD

Anyhow, also finally got Selwyn and Demyx into their Queenslander. Did you know socialisation doesn't work in toddlerhood? Meh! Also, Selwyn's aspiration is damn amusing - currently he has a want (which I locked - because of the amusement value) to talk about Grilled Cheese with Demyx.

Oh, and because I forgot about the Tree of Life Demyx is two days off his birthday. I think at this point I will leave the Oratario family unplayed until I have the others ready to transition as well. For those I didn't forget the tree, that means I have to have them trained in the three basic toddlerhood skills - walking, talking, and using the potty. Maybe some extra skills from their toys as well.
It strikes me as interesting that Demyx seems to favour the Rabbit toy - the one that awards Charisma points.

I'm getting them all housed - slowly. Getting a house ready for occupancy usually takes at least a couple of hours work - depending on just how extensive the renovation I have to do to get it to the point where I'm satisfied. That's one of the reasons why I downloaded that .NET Framework - because I really didn't want to go into a whole stack more renovations to Fire Road (which I renamed Via de Lightening) so being able to extend the lot out the side helped.

Oh, and yeah, I renamed most of the occupied lots. They are now named: Nowhere, Windbourne House, Freedom Range, Floribunda Villa, Via de Lightening and the currently unoccuplied Hacienda Firaga. Queenslander has not yet been renamed and I won't rename the others until they are inhabited.

I am still down by one house in my count - if I have no more lots I have to scrap as useless. Maybe once I'm back from the apointment I have tomorrow I'll go grab a video and shove it in... whichever machine is appropriate - VCR or DVD - get that houseplan book and my gridpaper and try convert one of the houseplans in it to sim standards.

Anyway, me? Bed!

BTW... anyone have any good Xigbar icons? Ones where he's smiling? I wish I could find that bloodlust one.
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Okay, so I knuckled down and got Microsoft .NET Framework installed.

The reason why this is neccesary is because a fair number of Sims-related programs that people have made to do stuff with S2 need .NET Framework to work.

The program I installed it for is one that can be used to expand the size of an already in-play lot.

I've already put it to use - mainly to extend the lot the Laville family is on out enough at the side so I could build a garage. I made a mistake though, I extended out the other side as well and found out I can't cut that extention back, so I'm going to have to find some way of making use of all that extra yardspace. Maybe I can give them a proper swimming pool.

Now I really need to go to bed!
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Well I have the Laville family housed but it took a couple of mistries.

I ran into another lot that was made by some house designer who thinks split levels are the shit. Yeah, they are shit.

This house was even weirder, from outside the lot it looks like the house has normal walls but in reality all it has is the black latice fences. I tried for a bit to convert it but after finding it impossible I finally scrapped the whole house.

The next I checked was a "gothic" lot that I'd picked up somewhere on MTS2 but it proved to be really small - too small for even a modest family of 3 to fit into, what with the way I usually set up.

So I moved on and finally found a house I could work with, got it renovated but only realised after I shifted the Lavilles in that there is absolutely no way for me to get a garage into the block without doing massive reconstruction.

The problem is, once a family is moved in, if you move them out, all the furnishings are liquidated into simoleons in that family's account. I really didn't feel like totally refurnishing the house again for someone else so I left them there.

Maybe some time I'll look into the issue of a garage but not until Edwin starts wanting a car.

Sometimes I contemplate backstory for my sims - taking into account who they are sims of. I finally resolved a minor issue I had with my Org sims - that is, the fact that other sims who are KH-exclusive characters that in KH are younger than them are older within my game.

It's simple, the Org has been reincarnated.

It also gives me an extra excuse not to bother making a Roxas sim - with the annoying problem of his hair I'm even less willing to make him. Besides, I prefer Axel/Sora over Axel/Roxas.

And the chocobos will drive you mad and I have SS Sadist Flowers on the brain.
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I've been wanting to do this meme since I saw it.

1) Write down fifteen ships of yours.

2) Invent a godawful shipname for them. It can be anything from an opaque melding to a bizzare abstract concept, but it must sound vaguely genuine.

3) See if your friends can guess what the ships are and why.

4) If you're doing multiple fandoms, clarify which ship's from which fandom to avoid confusing the flist.

SS Silver and Gold (FF7)
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] jessara40k

Flowershipping (FF7)
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] jessara40k

SS Angstbucket (FF7)
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] jessara40k

SS Materia Beast (FF7)

Gunbladeshipping (FF8)
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] jessara40k

SS Family Ties (FF8)
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] jessara40k

SS Guns and Leather (FF8)
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] jessara40k

Bonus: SS Past and Future (FF8)
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] jessara40k

HMS Destiny (KH)
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] bard_linn

HMS Heart's Flame (KH)

HMS Dopelganger (KH)
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] bard_linn

HMS Radiant Blade (KH)

SS Brains and Brawn (KH)
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] bard_linn

SS Sadist Flowers (KH)
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] bard_linn

SS Bloodlust (KH)

SS Stormcallers (KH)
Bonus Edit: Because Stormcallers is fucking obscure I have an alternate ship-name for them: SS Hurricane.
Guessed by [livejournal.com profile] blueshinra! I wondered if someone would get this one - it practically doesn't exist beyond my imagination.

Edit: Changed one.
Edit 2: Added it back.

At least two of those seem wildly obvious to me. One of the others I may have mentioned here before. There's at least one that could be mistaken for another ship in the same fandom. There's one that is an almost nonexistant ship and one that I have only developed within the last week (one of the KH ones) that I really think needs suport.

Any guesses?
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I'm working on my Org 13 sim families again. I've been consentrating on making the sims themselves and leaving housing them for later. I'm not sure how wise that is because renovating and furnishing houses can be a bit tedious even at the best of times - there's many little details to remember to put in - like remembering to paint walls, install lights, burglar and smoke alarms... meh.

So far however I have Xigbar, Xaldin and Vexen done. I can't repeat enough how damn useful it is to make parental sims out of the same sim as the child. It take a bit of fiddling with facial features to make sure they look okay and don't look like the kids is a total clone of them when they grow up (something I aught to consider dealing with in the Kingdom household - at least with Skye because Sora is going to end up practically identical to him).

So far every Org family has at least one parent who's base sim is the same as their child - Xeha's mum, Xigbar's dad, Xaldin's mum, Vexen's dad (*blinkblink* didn't notice that I have been evenly trading genders on it so far).
I also aught to consider some single parent families where the lone parent is the father because both Xeha and Xaldin have single parent families with only a mother to show for it.

However, at the moment, I feel like going upstairs, with my cup of tea and the bookmark I have been making and setting Krull to play so I can listen to it while I draw on this bookmark some more (it's just a piece of white card cut to aproximately bookmark size which I'm going to cover with my special style of drawing).

P.S. [livejournal.com profile] enelar, I totally see what you mean about some of them being ugly babies - Xaldin has a decidedly pinched face as a toddler.
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Okay, so this is a direct continuation of what is now being referred to as my Zexion-bunny.

I totally spammed [livejournal.com profile] serinance with this on AIM so now the rest of my Flist is getting it.

It has prominent teeth, long ears and blue-silver hair covering one eye. )

All in all, I think this has to be the complete plotbunny I have ever had. If I thought I could get it finished and had even a hair's chance of getting the characterizations right I'd write it, but I know what I'm like, this acts like a multi-chapter epic in my head and I'd more than likely give up before I'd finished even the first chapter and if I'd even got any headway in it I don't trust my characterization skills anyway.

Still, the bunny wants to spread-eagle itself across my brain and regale me with fluffy post-story slashiness between Ienzo and Elaeus, because really, it all started as a resurrection plotbunny that would result in a happy slashy ending for those two.

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