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mimi_sardinia: (Necrophilia means never having to say yo)
Dear Subconscious,

I have no idea what you are up to, sending me dreams about a fandom I haven't been involved in for at least three years - and even then I was never all that active in it since I only ever had two ships in it, one of which was not the most active (somewhat like my current OTP) while the other was a fanbrat favourite, therefore subject to a lot of bad writing and therefore hard to find goodfic in.

Add onto that you throwing a pairing at me I have never thought of before because it is so May/December that it's actually May/Next January. And necrophilia.

Was it that my latest fantasy included Primus sleeping with Optimus and Magnus that made you do it? Maybe the point that Primus sleeping with any Cybertronian is virtually incest is what prompted a pairing between a girl and a guy who is old enough to be her dad. And used to be best friends with said dad. And is dead.

Not that being dead ever stopped him.

Actually, I don't really mind something a bit off topic in pairings for once, it's not like I can't come back to Optimus/Magnus/Primus later, once the May/Next January necrophilia gets old.

Still, Subconscious, you are strange. Plz to be sending more strange dreams with high porn possibilities, preferably with interesting pairings involved.

Love, Mimi.
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Ever have a dream, then after you wake you're trying to recall the face of one of the people in it but just end up with the face of someone you know (whether it be someone in your life or someone you know from TV or such) slapped on them?

Yes, well, in this case, I have ended up with a romantic dream that the male half of has ended up in my mind's eye looking like Neil Kaplan. For anyone who doesn't know who he is, RID Optimus Prime's english VA. My G1 DVDs include a disk of extras that includes several interviews, including one with him.
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I had a dream where Aeris (FFVII) was standing on top of a cliff made of salt, alternating between contemplating the cliff itself and the Life Fruit (i.e. the glowing pears of the Sims 3) and avocado in her hands. Same dream then skipped to Cloud's final battle with Sephiroth, where he is figuring out how to force Sephiroth to eat a Life Fruit, in the belief that it will cure him of his madness. Cloud was also monologuing a bit about the Life Fruit and the times it's saved his life, and that bit implied that they were extremely rare, and the only ones left were ones that either had been given to the main characters before the Nibelheim events (like Tifa having one to give to Cloud when he made it to Midgar) or ones that Zack had squirreled away in places, like some secret lockers in Midgar and other towns. I think somewhere in there there was an implication that Aeris survived by dint of being fed one too.

Talk about crossover dreams!
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Had an... interesting dream last night (or, well, this morning) about a girl in highschool having a fight with a guy over a cake he'd made (it felt like it'd been for a cooking class, though the classroom looked like my old science/maths/english classroom from grades 7&8 - it was a small school) and the girl (from whose perspective the whole dream was seen) had nicked a huge chunk of the cake but she later was dissing because it had mock cream (basically, butter and icing sugar blended until it's white and fluffy - I hate it, I prefer fresh cream) and it ended up a fight between them, but then there was this flash of the guy and the girl and boyfriend and girlfriend and then it goes back to the fighting version and the girl calms down a bit and concedes that it was pretty good mock cream and the guy starts being nice to her...

Then the dream segued off into this weird theatrical play that was suposedly about vampires and maybe a stage version of Twilight (though barring the vampires there was jack-all resemblance) with a suicidal girl jumping from an upper balcony (on-stage) but it failing to kill her and a vampire girl considering turning her... and later a scene with two of the younger-looking vampires walking through an alley but their legs from the knees down were two thin sticks (on each leg) and a couple of busker bands of creatures worthy of the Tattooine cantina or MiB.

But the interesting part about the first section - the one about the fight over the cake - was that the guy looked just like Rude. From FFVII. Maybe a bit darker skin, but still Rude. I'm sure the girl whose POV I was seeing through was blonde.


Sep. 20th, 2008 01:00 am
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I had a dream. A TF dream.

Read more... )
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Interesting that I should have another vivid dream so soon after the TF one.

This time, mostly not fandom, except there was a little Star Wars somewhere in there - mostly Han Solo trying to escape people who want to kill him. Oddly it had overtones of being linked to a past dream.

But anyway, the main dream was about me running into a group of kids (young teens) shoplifting in a supermarket and following along with them as they sneak through a hospital, nicking stuff - mainly junkfood randomly lying around the place. There's a security guard that starts chasing us however, calling the kids "rats" and me and the Rats race to keep ahead of him, eventually getting out into the hospital courtyard, in two groups (me and the two girls, followed by the two boys) and as the security guard comes out we run around the back of the hospital, which has a drop not far behind it that goes down into woods. We run along the edge of the drop, trying to find the right spot to slide down - 'cause the Rats have a hiding place in the woods - and it's just turned night and we get away just as the security guy come round and makes some declaration that he (and the other guards) will probably see the Rats again, in a very "I'll get you next time!" sort of way.

Quite different from subconscious shipping.
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So, I had a dream. I managed to remember some of the details by dint of thinking over them furiously when I woke up because it was a fandom dream - Transformers fandom, at least. I'll probably take it to [livejournal.com profile] tf_bunny_farm later.

Anyway, in it, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are involved in a relationship with First Aid, however due to reasons un-elaborated but possibly due to some form of civic duty, both of the two first Combiner teams have been assigned away fro the Ark (or whatever), together and First Aid has been making friends with Fireflight.
Only, when the Combiners get a chance to come home for a visit the Twins pick up on the friendship and get insanely jealous, and while First Aid is protesting that it means nothing, it is not totally nothing.

There was also random background appearances made by both Optimus Prime and Hot Rod.
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It's actually quitw simple, I managed to encapsulate it in two sentences to Stormeh...

Everyone is fighting over Ultra Magnus so a competition is set up - one that involves running around a maze and eliminating everyone else.
The maze looked like a supermarket and Prowl is pulling dirty tricks on Hot Rod which seem more like an offer of teaming up than getting him out of the way.

Yeah... It's nice to know my OTP is maintained in my dreams. XD
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I wish I had dreams like this morning's more often! The bit in question is rather simple, Aeris was totally molesting Vincent.

Oh how I wish people would write more of that!
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When I have dreams they definitely weird. I like that, the weirder the better. This was no exception.

"Mostly what I did there was have sex though..." )

Surreal does not even begin to cover my dreams, and I love them because of it. I've heard of people being able to control their dreams but when one has such cool strange dreams why would you ever want to?

P.S. I really hate LJ's spellchecker telling me that "rumour" and "blonde" are spelled wrong.

Sim Gods?

Apr. 3rd, 2007 12:12 pm
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So here's another entry for the dreams tag:

Had a dream where I was trying to blockade a door so some annoying guy couldn't get in. He did anyway, but then I used a little trick I once got told in a self-defence class to take him down, then had another visitor turn up.

It turned a bit odd then because after I asked who he was the conversation turned into Sim-like pictograms, with cute stylized pictures of puffs of cloud to indicate he was a god (in a very greek myth sort of way) and the added extra of an arrow to indicate he was the god of War and wanted to offer me godhood in his service because he was impressed by my viciousness to my wouldbe attacker.

Don't you just love dreams like that, where the whole way of comunicating turns really surreal?
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I am starting to wonder if the cool weather that Autumn has finally produced is what is making me have more memerable dreams lately.

This one had nasty dolls that drained people's lives to fix themselves, and it as had altered versions of my two boys from a few days ago - and weirdly someone who faintly resembles Inuyasha.

I find myself wondering what the hell my head is doing... maybe it was channelling a bit from when I had to remake the Istilyn family last night - they're drow, so they have white hair, and I tend to leave actually changing their skintone until later in the building process because the black skin is hard to do facial modelling on - hard to see contours.

As for the sims, extreme measeures have been implemented to deal with the housing problem - I'm only halfway through at the moment and hardly have time right at the moment to go and do anything further - I have to go in to work early tonight, for stocktake. I'll be late home too but I'll see if I can get some more done then - at least settle the houses.
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So Thursday morning I had a lovely little medival slashy romance dream that I have been ruminating over for the last few days (now my two unamed guys from it have been stamped with Basch and Squall's faces due to my resistance to let Brokeback Mountain take them over), now - this morning - I had a puzzling little part-meta, part crossover dream that amuses me a bit.

What I remember of the begining had to do with novels and videos of old Doctor Who stories - one that had the Master in them (whether or not they really did in the waking world or not) and some strange idea that I bought them during a phase of fannishness for the Master (which IRL, I've never had).

Then I went to sit down at a table, where a young Sarah-Jane Smith joined me and I could see, out the window, a border fiddling with a motorcycle... who happened to be Sephiroth. Sarah-Jane saw him and was a bit freaked out, and I was worried she was going to cause trouble and started to reassure her that he's fine - he's just Jamie, the resident amnesiac of the house, while thinking on how that name is also the name of one of the Doctor's old companions.

And it was at that point that the newest resident wandered out, looking for breakfast - Squall, wearing black jeans and a black pullover and long Leon-esque hair - and I'm also wondering how he's going to react to Seph when he sees him... but I woke up at about that point.

And unlike the one from a few days ago, this isn't really fodder for fantasy, just one of those lovely curiosities one is damn glad to be able to remember.


May. 21st, 2006 06:43 pm
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Ever had a dream you think you've had before? And I don't mean twice in one night, but twice seperated be so long you can't remember the first time.

I don't knoe, now that I think about it I'm not so sure about that anymore but when I just woke up I was so sure I'd had a variation on this dream some other night* and forgotten about it.

I am sure I get repeats of dreams in one night* and the second time I have deja vu and know that basic course of events (they tend to vary the "second" time though).

The dream (or the details that remain clear) has stuff about caverns full of gysers having stopped gysering, four giant mech-things (I keep thinking the word WEAPON here) being a threat but the good side (the one I'm on) getting a hold of them and them (the WEAPONs) being represented by little strips of card (seriously, the cards were suposed to be the WEAPONs) and the fourth card, a white one, was the most powerful.

Somewhere along the line I and my mother ended up on a bus that someone (who reminded me of a kid I knew in school) sitting in front of us was passing out Mars bars and turkish delight and I knew that the bars had something in them that would turn everyone bad so I grabbed the low fat ones which would make me and Mum stronger but not subvert our minds.

* "night" meaining any substancial period of sleep - no matter the time of any given 24 hour "day". This dream happened in a nap that started some time around 4PM.

Hmm... I'm going to try read some of the BC episodes, then go play BG.


May. 4th, 2006 01:18 pm
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Had another wacky dream last night, something beside the sea, with an oddly shaped boat.
Main character - a nice sweet girl who reminds me a bit of the main female character in Howl's Moving Castle (before she got cursed) head off down the beach and she and a young guy wjo's with her meet a sea captain and they start planning a quest to go explore the Sun, which looks like a giant lantern.
The sea captain was on a previous quest seeking the same thing but that quest failed. The oddly shaped boat was one of the lifeboats from that mission and it's owner another of the old crew and he thinks it's a sign that he should try again. Mind you, the strangely-shaped boat is apparently named the "Gravy Boat". o.O
The girl goes to her room in the motel and locks up the door which has a whole stack of locks on it, and for some reason an electrical fusebox too. For some reason I keep getting vague shades of the epilogue of [livejournal.com profile] twigcollins' FF8 fic Grasshopper and the girl is some sort of witch or such who once had to leave home because people in her hometown distrusted her.

But, onto waking matters.

I'm just sitting and waiting for Mum's eye appointment to come up because I want to go see if EzeDVD has my copy of AC yet.

Also, when we stopped in the magazine isle in the supermarket today I took a look in the Playstation 2 magazine at the article about the PS3. Turns out it is backwards compatible to PS1 so I think I now want to get one of those instead. Thing is however, it won't be released until November and it's probably going to be expensive. I guess I'll have to save up for it then! (When I actually have money to be able to save!)
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Just woke up from an afternoon nap and I have to say, I don't have dreams all that often (ones I remember) but when I do they are worth noting. This one might have gone undocumented if it was for the fact that and unexpected face turned up in a setting totally strange for him doing something absolutely silly.

To start off with, the setting is Egypt and was very reminiscent of the movie The Mummy even down to having one of that movie's main characters, Evelyn, running around smug for being responsible for finding a whole new temple for archaeologists to explore.
For some reason she has a book that needs to be returned to a library and Cloud is with her, dressed like a girl - a wig included - in a kind-of stereotypical ancient egyptian style, copying distinctly feminine moves Evelyn is making.
Then off to one side some middle-aged guy is starting to learn how to play a violin but is having trouble even getting a sound out of it and Evelyn decides to demonstrate but Cloud can't stop giggling (and trying to keep up the facade of being a girl too, so he sounds ridiculous) because he knows she can't play and is going to produce a totally earsplitting caterwauling.

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