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We had problems with the new blu-ray player when I set it up last night - no signal was getting through to the TV.

I went out earlier today and bought a HDMI cable, that fixed it right up. Mum may still be watching Aliens.

I also saw some canisters that might make good display cases for the felties - crystal clear, plastic, reasonably secure lids - but haven't bought them yet because I have probably already dug into rent/phone money. I'll get them next fortnight.

Haven't got very far in SPN - stopped at 4.03 last night, but I'll get back to it. I don't feel I have a rightful footing to say anything in SPN fandom circles unless I watch the DVDs, and I already have plot bunnies.

This song seems ironic in conjunction with SPN.
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My felties from [livejournal.com profile] glasscamel arrived today.

Feltimus Prime and Felt Magnus )

And because I was uploading phone photos, I decided to finally post some of my Xmas pics.

The Big City )
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It is inevitable that, when packing bags for a trip, one realises that they've forgotten something vital after zipping up their bag (and putting the brightly coloured padlocks on).

Also, Rodimus Major has broken his hand. That is, broken it right off. The bow is to blame. Oh well, I guess Magnus and the Fallen aren't the only disabled mechs any more.
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So I went to the hospital for one of my usual appointments (long story short, which the surgeries I've had, I'll always be under observation to keep track of my vitamin levels) and while coming back I investigated the possibilities of the inner city JB Hi-Fi store for a computer accessory I have been considering for a while: A digital TV tuner.

In case you haven't guessed the obvious, it's for watching TV on my computer.

So far it's working fine, I'm picking up a fair few channels, though I have to use my rabbit ear aerial that I usually have on my main bedroom TV. The only problem with that is the prospect of the small aerial that came with the tuner not working down in Sydney and me having to invest in a larger one. I suppose if I have to, I can leave it there, because last year the reception on the main TV was an absolute horror on some channels.
If that discount electronics store I got my ball speaker from is still there, that could be a good buying location, though there's also a JB Hi-Fi in the same section of the centre as well.

Also got a copy of Green Lantern - still haven't watched it yet, too busy installing stuff.

In other things, for those who aren't on dA or just don't see my dA journal during my LJ exiles, I got both my Kmart Xmas laybuy and my purple laybuy (Target) off. That means a big box of random basic Lego, Leader Class Ironhide, Voyager Class Shockwave, and a remote control Tarantula.
I also got a Kre-O Bumblebee, and a Scout Class Decepticon jet named Hatchet. His name amuses me considering the fandom's name for Ratchet.

I have also become rather interested in the Slender Man, an internet meme/urban legend about a creepy stalkerish, overly tall, overly thin, sometimes tentacled figure in a black suit and with no face. I even had someone on FF.net take up a HP/Slenderman plotbunny I posted on the fic challenges forum.

Hmm... now that I think about it, TF/Slenderman cross. Red Alert starts seeing a strange, tall thin human with no face. Maybe I'll put that one on the bunny farm.

I confess to reading human slash again. NCIS slash. Still not quite back into the pron part of it, the effects of TF sticky still linger I guess.

As for what I mentioned earlier about Sydney, I don't know if I mentioned it before, but Mum and I are going down for Xmas. Mum wants an Xmas with all three of us (me and my brothers). The tickets were paid for ages ago, so mostly it's just waiting until the day we're due to go. I applied for an advance on my pension yesterday, it's due in tomorrow, so on Friday I'll open a second account and shift it into that. It's mostly for the trip - general funds.

I should also track down the rest of my digital copies and load them on my compy - cuts down baggage if I do that.

Random thought: I love "Jukebox In Siberia". Fun song. If you want to know, it's by the Skyhooks, an Australian band from the Seventies. That particular song however was from a brief revival at the start of the 90s - right in the middle of the time I religiously got up early on Sunday mornings to watch the top 50 on Rage. Shirley Stratchen (Skyhoooks lead singer and celebrity carpenter) is still missed.

Along with random Kre-O packs and ironically named jets, I also bought a CD of classic Aussie rock songs last Friday. It prompted me to dig out my Skyhooks Greatest Hits CD because it had Living In The Seventies on it. Good music.

Well I think I have streched everyone's flists enough!
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I called Telstra today to find out what's going on with my connection, turns out the turnover date is the 7th. As it is, the guy I talked to gave me some extra bandwidth so I'm back a week early. I really need to be careful with downloads though, it kills my month if I'm not careful.

I blame Barnacle Bay for this mind you!

So like usual, I have read lots, played the Sims lots, and also got my copy of Pets.

Speaking of which... )

I also got my Ultimate Optimus Prime off laybuy, the one with a trailer that transforms into wings. It's more than just wings, it's a full flight suit sorta thing, which makes the Optimus figure look lots bigger than it really is. Honestly, the figure is only about the size of a Voyager figure! It makes me feel a bit better about getting two large Optimus toys around the same time.


Oct. 7th, 2011 02:53 pm
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I got two of my laybuys off today, the Kmart one with four TF toys (all Deluxe), and the Target one with a TF and a cardigan vest.

I'm now wearing the vest and the five TFs are spread out on the desk in front of me.

Said toys are Wheeljack, Kup, Scourge, Jolt and Laserbeak. The latter two are movieverse, the former three are G1.

I haven't transformed them out yet - as soon as I do Kup is going to be hounding Roddy about wearing his Matrix around so blatantly, and Wheeljack will be upstairs snuggling with Perce, while Scourge will be off to find Cyclonus. Soundclaw is currently on the Jet shelf, so I'll probably send Beaky there.

Now I just have to whittle down the big Optimus, finish paying Glass, and wait out Pets then all I have left are the xmas laybuys to worry about.
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I think I know why this MP Rodimus is as cheap as it is (not that $60 is really cheap) - it's because he doesn't have a Winnebago trailer included.

Not that I care about the Winnebago trailer - not like Optimus's trailer at least - I never really liked Roddy's alt after he turned Prime anyway and am glad to take him just as Roddy.

Also, I did put the Ultimate Optimus Prime on laybuy. It's basically a Leader-sized movieverse Optimus, but it's got a trailer that converts into wings.

That means that amongst my collection of laybuys I now have two large Optimii (not to mention the large Ironhide, and Megatron).

Pics of Roddy will be forthcoming when he's unpacked and I find where I left my micro SD card (it's probably upstairs, in it's adapter card).

ETA: He doesn't just have one Matrix, he has two! One's probably the same size as Optimus and Magnus's (I haven't taken him upstairs yet, so I haven't compared sizes), while the other is an itty bitty one that goes in his chest.

He's also got stickers.
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This fic was in response to a bunny I posted on [livejournal.com profile] tf_bunny_farm.

Good little fic, I recommend it to anyone who like Ratchet, or Prowl.
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Look who I found in Toy R Us?

Rodimus Prime

Rodi Face

He only costs $60 which is slagging cheap, though I couldn't afford it today, because frankly, even the money I used to pay for lunch (today is Mum's birthday) has come out of my rent.

If I could wrangle it, I'd buy him on Friday, but I already have a $150 phone bill, plus all my laybuys and also payments to [livejournal.com profile] glasscamel. (Glass, don't take that as any sort of complaint. If anything it's a complaint about myself and my getting into so much at once.)

I also saw the Hasbro Ultimate Optimus Prime toy - the big one complete with a proper trailer that turns into wings. I am very likely to laybuy that one as well.

Maybe if I can at least get a reasonable amount paid on the phone, at least $50 to Glass, Rodi, and at leat $5 each to everything else, I'll be okay.

Or I could win lotto.

In totallly unconnected matters... This Is My Bleh Face )

New Mechs

Aug. 12th, 2011 11:44 am
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Well, I now have Shadow Command Megatron (black RotF Leader Class), Hobotron (DotM Megatron), Wheeljack, Kup, Scourge and... someone else who escapes my short-term memory on laybuy.

The four Deluxe ones are just a normal laybuy, while the two Megatrons are a xmas laybuy.

Actually I'm glad about SC!Megs, I was expecting I'd have to laybuy him in the city but I've found him down at the Hyperdome, where I have all my other laybuys.

Maybe after these guuys I can finally get onto buying MP Nemesis and Rodimus - at least, after Mum's birthday.

ETA 1:18 PM: Oh, the one I forgot was DotM Laserbeak.

Also, the first part of this post was done while I was waiting for a bus - my first mobile post outside the house! (This ETA is being done at home.)

ETA 9:16 PM: Also, SC Negs is officially going to be known as Blacktron. I don't know how many people understand the irony there, you have to have knowledge of early 90s Space Lego lines. For those who don't know... This is first wave Blacktron Space Lego.

Also? I own that set. It is still one of my old reliable sets in my Lego collection. If I recall the storyline correctly, the original owner was a Blacktron officer transferred to the Base after Blacktron cut a deal with Space Corp. I think his name was Marcus and he was in a relationship with the Base's resident space cop, Stella, until her brother (also a Blacktron) got transferred there as well. Let's just say Marcus didn't like how close Stella and her brother were and jumped to conclusions of the incest kind.
The Stell's brother's (whose name I can't track down) commanding officer, Josh, has Marcus removed from the base on grounds that the new relationship between Space Corp and Blacktron, and more importantly the Space Police and Blacktron didn't need a lover's spat messing it up.

Suffice to say, naming Megatron "Blacktron" has a lot of fond reminders for me of my great Lego saga.
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Went to the art gallery, I'm not sure the surrealism exhibition was as good as the one back in highschool.

I probably overspent a bit, bit I had just enough left that I went down and got TC off laybuy - with a bonus from a trolley someone was too lazy to retrieve their $2 coin from.
However I saw while taking a quick look at the shelves that Kmart also had Wheeljack, Kup and Scourge, as well as a movieverse TC. I'm not so sure about the movie TC, but the other three... WANT! 'Jack for the sake of the Ratchet collective and Percy, Kup so he can rouse on the two Roddies, and Scourge for Cyclonus's sake.

If they're in next week, when I get my next pay, I'll laybuy them.

I still didn't make the Toyworld laybuy, maybe next week I'll also see if the Hyperdome Toyworld has all three. If not, well another trip to the city.
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Lately I have been going a tad crazy with the sales season and the Xmas laybuys now available.

On Friday, I had my usual stuff - putting money on Vector (netbook) and the Sentinel laybuy - but I also went looking in Kmart at what they had. I ended up laybuying a Leader Class Ironhide, a remote control Tarantula, and a big box of Lego - the basic building type blocks instead of any of the specialized lines. The box has 1600 pieces in it. I also laybuyed a Generations Thundercracker (Deluxe Class) on a normal 8 week laybuy.

I also (when I remembered to get onto it) put a Jetpack Optimus Prime on laybuy on Big W's website, along with the Ark set, which comes with a small figure in it named Roller. He's going to end up Jetpack Prime's Lil' Buddy.

Tomorrow (if I wake up before midday), I am going into the city yet again, because when I was heading into town to see DOTM, I got talking to a lady at the bus stop and she told me there's a Surrealist exhibition on at the art gallery. Now ever since the time I went to a surrealist exhibition in high school (also here in Brisbane, which I came to see as part of an art class excursion) I have been a fan of surrealism in general and René Magritte in particular. Ironically, I'm not a huge fan of Salvador Dali.

But anyway, I am considering also putting on laybuy a Shadow Command Megatron and a movieverse repaint of Lugnut (since I missed the TFA issue of him). Maybe I'll put the DOTM Megatron on as well.

Then again, I may not do it right now, and wait instead until the Sentinel laybuy is off, but I'm a bit thingy about it because SC Megs is a bit on the older side, but then again, it seems no one is buying him either. If I don't, I'll use it to get Generations TC off laybuy.

But my most important laybuy will hopefully come off with my next pay, then I can concentrate on the Sentinel laybuy, and as long as I keep up regular payments to the xmas laybuys (jetpack Prime and the Ark will be coming out on automatic anyway).

And I will just say this about DOTM: I loved it. Sure, it has it faults - it's a Michael Bay movie! - but I think it's better than the first two. It does have it's painful parts, especially for us fans, but over all, good movie. Besides, those faults and pains? Fanfic will heal!
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[livejournal.com profile] nashidesei, is there any particular reason why I found eight thirteen cents in Starscream's box? One dime and three one cent pieces, one of which is Canadian.

thirteen cents )

Big-aft jet )

Sentinel Small )
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On the suggestion of Mum, I have (in her company) spent the afternoon in the city.

We ended up having chinese for lunch, and went upstairs so Mum could browse the fabrics in Lincraft - she's doing a new quilt because the little one she's been using since she started sleeping downstairs in her recliner is falling apart. After she'd found some good pieces of pink, she went over to browse the ABC store and I, after making a pit stop, took a quick look in Toyworld (which is on the same floor as the ABC store).

DotM figures are starting to appear, and I've already seen a Scout Class (I think) Sentinel Prime toy.

I want.

It is however $20, which is a bit higher than previous Scout Class waves, but since I'm going to have to go up that way again tomorrow (blood testing bleh!), I may be able to do that much as long as I'm careful with other things.

I am on orders to get some more green bean sesame balls.

There's a bakery that Mum and I investigated in the Myer Centre, it seems very Asian in it's style of rolls - a lot of filled rolls, both in sweet and savoury lines. The sesame balls are only small and cost only 80c, but they taste wonderful! I am not too impressed by the spicy beef roll I got though - too spicy for my taste - and I haven't yet had my green tea and red bean roll (it's another sweet one).

Anyway, something of a fun day, and I'll be doing it all again tomorrow.
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I am really having it out with this chapter of Guardians of Time - it's a key chapter and it's ending up long. It's also a semi-battle scene but I have never had any experience with battle scenes.

I also think my one-chapter OC is too silent in the face of his life's work being summarily destroyed by a giant robot. I need to rethink his reaction - quite a lot.

Vector on the other hand is doing just fine, and Setsuna isn't even in this chapter (she's back on the moon, playing a game of chasies around the Lunar Palace gardens with the other royal children of the Alliance).

*Decides that maybe the one-shot OC needs a night's sleep before being tackled again.*


Apr. 6th, 2011 10:37 am
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I have completed my set of mini stealth jets! I have my second Sunspot! He's officially known as Sunspy, while his twin is Spotty.

Fic Stuff

Feb. 16th, 2011 03:25 pm
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The TF/SM crossover ficlet from last week - I am continuing it, over on FNN. I did give it a title Guardians of Time. I just put up a second chapter - though like the first, it's only short.
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Well, not only is there a new release of Fantasia, but also one of Fantasia 200.

Just so you know, I am a long-time fan of Fantasia, as it is one of the better ways of getting into a bit of classical music - that is to say, WITH CARTOONS!

But I couldn't afford to get both... so I went to look through the TF shelf in Target and found a Deluxe Class Waahmbulance, Wreck-Gar (G1-esque Wrecky, that is), and PERCY!

No, I'm not really a fan of Perceptor, but still, it's nice to have a new toy of him out that I can add to my household. Also, he has caterpillar treads instead of back wheels.

Anyway, I dumped all of them on laybuy, decided not to get Outdoor Living Stuff (Sims 3 expansion) yet, and headed off to buy a shitload of caramel Mars bars along with the rest of the groceries.

Oh, I did however get the Underworld trilogy DVD set. Just because I wanted to, especially after seeing Underworld Evolution when it was on TV. I don't know how long it'll take me to watch Rise of the Lycans but it's there until I get around to it.
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Oh dear, I'm writing fic. Crossover fic. Whether I write more is debatable, because I know exactly what I'm like with writing and all...

Title: [No title yet]
Fandom: Transformers, Sailor Moon
Characters: Setsuna (Sailor Pluto), Vector Prime

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