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Oct. 19th, 2008 02:43 am
mimi_sardinia: (Ultra Magnus)
I can't help but feel a bit pleased that is becoming more common on [livejournal.com profile] tf_bunny_farm for people (besides me) to consider Ultra Magnus as Optimus's romantic partner. I feel I am gaining ground on Perceptor for 'Bots who are instantly thought of for bunnies (at least, for almost all romantic bunnies involving Optimus).
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My muse has been grabbing onto plotbunnies again over on [livejournal.com profile] tf_bunny_farm again.

Prime Consort )
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So someone posted a link to a Japanese fansite with fanart of several Transformers as femmes, only now the Cyber-bunny has taken a shine to it and declared it an unofficial AU (as opposed to an official one, like the Time Compression crossover mess, which is more of a it-did-happen-but-the-events-were-erased-from-time-so-it-didn't sort of thing).

Anyway, a previous plotbunny dictated a huge confrontation in Vector Sigma's chamber which gets interrupted by a pissed-off Primus, but instead of just ripping Galvatron a new one, he turns Galvy into a femme... and several of his Decepticons too (not Cyclonus though, as cute as the femme-Cyclonus is I'm getting shippy thoughts about him and Galvy).

The only problem is I have some of the recent sticky posted on the TF comms on my mind a bit too much... I really need to get over that.

Oh and it seems the Griever-bunny has an alter ego - the Cyber-bunny is it's Headmasters partner (even though I hate Headmasters - though the Cyber-bunny is not a plotbunny for Headmasters thankfully, it's just partner to the Griever-bunny).
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My Cybernetic Lion-bunny of Great Annoyance (aka the Griever-bunny after deciding to adopt the Transformers) finally gave me a brainstorm:


Okay, backtrack a bit: So I came up with a plot history for Cybertron where I worked out a way to merge Primus into cartoon backstory of the Transformers being Quint-made - in a way that I could stand.

Anyway, the basic idea behind it being that at the start of the universe the first population of living creatures was made up of energy beings, who, when the energy-rich environment of the early universe started to disappear as stuff like stars and rocks began to form, they bound themselves to matter to survive.

Anyway, the Griever-bunny pounced on this and decided it's where the Lifestream first came from - since my whole idea of the Lifestream reincarnating itself through a method based on Omega WEAPON in DoC left me with the question of where it all started.

Hyne in Transformer-verse )

Dammit, that lion-bunny eats everything!

P.S. Real Emotion is a fun song - even in Japanese. Anyone got an english version I could download?
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It's rather inevitable that I'd get plotbunnies somewhere along the way - well no, it isn't, because not every fandom I have been involved in, one way or another has generated plotbunnies, but Transformers is one that I feel enough connection to that I have been getting them.

I've left off until now however because some of my earlier thoughts were only partial but I've been mulling over one that has developed to a point that I just have to put it to rest somehow, and writing a synopsis has worked in the past.

You know, where I exposition at you, in length. )

The Main Event: Two Primes and a Sub-Commander go for a walk one day... )

One Last Thing... )
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Blaster playing Backstreet Boys. Loud. Over Metroplex's PA system.

P.S. Parcel card in the mail, it's probably Jetfire. Mum wants to nick him and wrap him up for christmas. On the other hand, I want to hunt down and laybuy a Softimus Prime.

ETA - The Main Event: Followup for the off-hand thought: Rodimus gets sick of Backstreet Boys blasting across Metroplex's PA so he storms up to the comm tower to yell at Blaster personally, commenting on how BSB shows a distinct lack of taste.

Blaster then starts playing Rammstein. Very loud.
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I got a copy of the Transformers '86 movie, and it's interesting that there's actually two copies of the movie in the DVD set.

Of course, this damn movie is a bit depressing in that it kills off practically all the significant Autobots of the first two years of the series.

Of course, I came to the conclusion that I have a thing for Autobot leaders - I always had a fondness for Optimus, I liked Ultra Magnus, even though he was leader for a very short time (something like half of the movie) and Hot Rod - aka Rodimus Prime, though I was never quite happy about the change into Rodimus Prime - as his article on the TF Wiki says, opening the Matrix gives you wrinkles. ~_^

Now I want to get the third season of the original series - it was always my favourite season of the series, probably because it was the post-movie season and I really took to the movie characters.

Besides, I have developed a G1 OT3 - Arcee/Springer/Hot Rod. Top/bottom totally applies there - Roddy is definitely the bottom and Arcee is absolutely the top. As I told [livejournal.com profile] misskalloway on AIM (with some extra elaboration), I have this mental image - post season 3, Rodimus has reverted back to Hot Rod, but he's still depressed. Seriously, that boy was rather emo during his tenure as Prime. Anyway, Arcee thinks something needs to be done about Roddy's funk and insists Springer help, and somewhere in the course of this attempt to cheer him up, Hot Rod gets pissed off and a fight starts but Arcee puts an end to it by the simple expedient of knocking the two off their feet... and sitting on them.

So, there's Roddy sprawled on the ground, with Springer lying across him, and Arcee sitting on top of Springer, sitting at an angle where she can conveniently kick both of them in the head while she lectures them.

I wish I could draw that.
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Something that just occurred to me due to my random comments to [livejournal.com profile] icedark_elf about a recent Crisis Core video:

Okay, so "lost in time" plots are a dime a dozen in Guardianverse, and this is yet another one.

Simply put, Griever gets thrown back in time, but he gets thrown to the point just after Zack died and Cloud is monumentally messed up, leaving Griever/Squall to try and pull him together and keep him from totally breaking down again. (Note: Griever already knows Cloud, albeit a version much older, i.e. Tyr - one of the elder GFs of Terra.)


Aug. 27th, 2007 02:44 am
mimi_sardinia: (FFIII - Ready to fight.)
The Griever-bunny just jumped on me with an interesting little image. Cutting because of FFIII spoilers and general plotbunny longwindedness )
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Okay, so I have a baby plotbunny that could easily be divided into two parts, though I built the idea as one whole idea.

It basically gives some history to how and why Squall has the Griever pendant and ring, tying it into his family history and his early relationship with Ellone.

Leonhart History )

The Griever-bunny has officially adopted this as part of Guardianverse.
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I had this weird idea grab me. There's already a couple ideas in G-verse I have along the lines of "[Someone] gets thrown through time-space to another world" but this one kinda takes the cake - for the moment.

Technobabble on the subject of Time Compression )
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This is a little FFVII plotbunny that has been hanging around, keeping the Griever-bunny from bugging me a bit (along with the help of a couple of perennial favourite non-fannish bunnies that I will never be induced to divulge).

Return Of The Living Dead... )
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It's rather interesting what ideas music can bring up. I just had a re-emergance of the idea of the GFs taking a night off at some club in Balamb (or wherever Garden is parked) and just having a some fun (with kareoke included).

Of course, I lay the blame on Elvis - and Morikawa Toshiyuki. Because someone put up a copy of Morikawa singing "Love Me Tender", and because I just re-eipped my Elvis CD, I have this image of Sephiroth singing Elvis songs.

Actually, I have an image of a retro night with kareoke at the GFs' favourite club, with Seph singing "Love Me Tender" on dare from Zack, Zack singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" to Seph ( with much giggling on Aeris' part), Irvine singing Burning Love and Griever managing to drag three or four of the others up for Little Less Conversation.

Not the first time I had an image like that, but the last time was back in the HP fandom and... *cringe* I don't want to think about that.

And for some reason Cloud refuses to leave his comfy spot curled up with Kain - not really surprising, those two have been very cosy in my head.
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Well, my Dark Knight has turned into a Paladin and I'm bloody glad that while he went back to level one, he didn't lose HP. I would have been ropable if the game had done that!

Meanwhile, my D&D sensibilities are aching something bad from this - the nearest I can think of in that to whatever Cecil was as a Dark Knight is maybe a Doomguide (I think) - a special warrior of Kelemvor. Why that? Because Cecil's too nice to be a blackguard, which I think is the evil equivilent of a D&D paladin. Cecil I'd guage as Neutral Good, leaning towards Lawful, tipping over into Lawful once he changes class, because D&D paladins are universally Lawful Good.

Ee gads, I'm overthinking this aren't I? Blah, I just want more of Kain. How long before Kain gets some sense into him? *Pets Guardianverse!Bahamut-Kain, since he's starting to go emo about his less than glorious past.*

On the other hand, I'm glad I wandered around the landscape a bit and saved up for Cecil's new armour before toddling off to Mt. Ordeal, wouldn't want Mister Shinypants running around buck naked now would we? Well, maybe kain and Rosa might apreciate it but at the moment he's only got an old man and two kids (one I bet is inclined to be a right little perv too) as company.

Hey, now there's a shipping thought - Kain/Cecil/Rosa threesome! One-up that and throw in Rydia (once she grows up -and yes, I know she grows up fast due to being dragged off by Leviathan) and we have a possible OT4! :)

Oh yeah, I wandered over to FF.net to poke the early Final Fantasy section and found a C2 of Kain/Rydia. Sounds like a cool idea. Other point however is that Kain seems to be the FFIV emoboy. Blah, Bahamut is not emo - well not anymore emo that Tyr or Diablos or Griever are, Guardianverse emoboys grow up to be sensible GFs. Anyway, if Tyr was emo he'd have Frigga and Balder on his case, and if Diablos was emo he'd have both sides of Pheonix's double personality on his case. Griever would get it from Lady Time and Bahamut would get it from everyone.

I think I may be tired, which is why I seem to be rambling. I also am quite sure the Griever-bunny's friends (aka the Guardianverse GFs) have decided to take over my brain.

G-verse GFs: We're in ur brain, steelin' ur attention.

Yup, I'm nuts. Maybe I should take up calling myself an idiot again! :B
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You know the tradition of naming one's electronics? Well the camera came with a name already - Vivi. Or to more accurate, the brand name is Vivitor and it seemed almost as if it's telling me that it's a "Vivi".

Meanwhile, though I don't have it yet, I am thinking that my DS Lite will be Larsa.

Edit (because I didn't feel like spamming): Ever get an image of a favourite character doing something so totally OOC it makes you wince, but the image is still amusing? Yeah, I got that, a kareoke image - you know charcter in question singing along to a song even though said character wouldn't be caught dead doing something so undignified.

Geez, that's a great run-on isn't it?

You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off you... )
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Ever go read something that's for an old fandom and get new ideas for it? I kinda had something like that happen today.

Got reading a couple of my D&D manuals - particularly the Forgotten Realms ones. The idea in question? Total OC story, somewhat immprobable given the character races... but is potentially a rather cute and sweet romance idea anyway.

To put it basically, a Cormanthor drow falls in love with an Eilistraeean elf. The drow is the male (nominally a Vhaeraun worshipper, but I supose if such a senario was to work he'd have to be very disaffected with any of the drow's usual (i.e. evil) deities - even Vhaeraun), and one of the major points - to start with - is a facination with the elven maiden's almost totally opposite colouration - very pale to almost white skin and practically black hair (I also imagine both her skin and hair have slight blueish tints - she'd have to be a moon elf with that colouring, but then moon elves are suposed to be the most common).

It's times like this I wish I could trust my writing. Oh well, I supose I could see if I have a head of white male hair I like and make up sims for them - I only hope I have a head of short spikey hair in white, I have rather a fondness for the drow in the picture comparing elven races in the front of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, who is rather cute, has short spikey hair (but not Squeenix spikey) and a double-ended sword with wavey blades.
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I currently have an idea in mind - inspired by a comment on [livejournal.com profile] khfanficrants - of a little club somewhere in the World That Never Was, that consists of a group of random Nobodies that have, one way or another, found their Heatless and are basically keeping them in hopes of some day being reunited with them.

There's something insanely cute about the image of a Dusk affectionately petting a Shadow like some overgrown Darkness-wrapped pet.

I also have this image of the leader of this club being a Sorceror and it's "pet" Darkside.


Nov. 2nd, 2006 08:13 am
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Okay, so I seriously started to rethink some of the holes new canon info has poked in my poor Griever-bunny. Some of the stuff in my microscopic collection of ficlets for it have been Jossed and I'm thinking of writing something new to go over it again, with reinvented ideas.

I also reworked the GF lineup on AIM, with [livejournal.com profile] serinance. Some of the roles I have amongst the GFs, I got the idea from Seri - particularly Phoenix.

In other plotbunnies, I got chatting in comments on KHFFR and ended up relating the basic idea behind my KH mutation - the conglomeration of a few of my fluff plunnies. This is a direct cut-&-paste of the description )

Mrr. Not like these things will get written into epic fics - at least not by me, I know how well that would go!
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You know that plotbunny I was lamenting a couple of days ago as being total OOC fluff? Yeah, well I read a comment someone made about the CoM manga and the stupid rabbit is breeding another sideline.

See, the plotbunny is basically a reserection one that is a stupid excuse just to bring back the Org, as [almost] normal people, with hearts, and let them quietly settle down in various places across the worlds and live happy lives.

Only the comment I just read was something about the Riku Replica surviving, finding some Vexen Replicas and going off with them. Well the bunny pounced on that and I am suddenly wondering what would happen if the reserected Vexen ran into his copies and Repliku.
Or maybe Luxord or Saïx run into them (because those are the two who haven't settled down) - better Luxord though, because Saïx is just a little pissed off most of the time because he still can't find Xehanort (there's a reason for that) and running into multiple copies of Vexen and a copy of one of the brats who killed Xemnas... well I can imagine Saïx not being happy.

*Goes to fight the plotbunny off with some sim renovation work.*

Oh, this plotbunny is not one fit to be considered as fic material. It's mostly bedtime imaginings and therefore shmoopy OOC fluff.


Sep. 26th, 2006 01:29 am
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It has just occured to me (while reading a parody fic no less) that some of my fannish imaginings would probably be so stereotypically OOC that it'd be scary.

It doesn't help that the characters who are victim of this possible OOCness are Org 13 members.

Oh well, it's just as well that when I do post plotbunnies here it's after a lot of forethought into how it could possibly be worked into being IC.

Also, it probably means that it's a good thing I don't write my own plotbunnies - I know I am enough of a silly fangirl that I'd probably end up writing OOC drek and I really do value IC enough that I wouldn't want to curse the fandom with that.

So folks, be glad I don't write - it means less badfic.

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