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mimi_sardinia: (Default)
Yes folks, I have finished Final Fantasy VII!!!

May I just say, after fighting Ruby and Emerald, Proud Clod, Hojo in all his forms, Jenova SYTHISIS, Bizarro Sephiroth and Safer Sephiroth all seemed easy? By Eru, what was the idea behind that Squeenix??!!!

The FMVs were interesting to see though, I have this facination with the way that those that turned up in Advent Children are so exact to the original. I also noticed something, the vision/whatever Cloud has of taking Aeris' hand when fighting Bahamut SHIN is exactly like the one he had after the final mental fight with Sephiroth (and DAMMIT! WHY DIDN'T THEY HAVE HIM SHIRTLESS IN AC????!!!!!!) that when he woke up whatever saw Tifa holding out her hand the same way.

Oh and why oh why didn't they show a nice clear shot in the final FMV of Vincent???? ;_;

Anyway, now I'm not sure what I'm going to do now I've finished the game, I'm not sure I want to go start it all over again... yet. Maybe I'll go play that second Blaise Draconis game I had sitting in BG2...

You know what? I want FF8 now, I've heard it was released for PC as well.

And I am just a tad miffed that I have already read all of Lady Yashodoa's FF7 fics, the idea of girl!Cloud has currently got a very hard grip on my mind. I supose I'll have to wait for her to update Road to Damascus but considering that I went and read the latter two thirds of Cloud's Secret most of RtD won't exactly be new ground for me (RtD is a rewrite of CS).

I also need to work on my dolls. Bleh.


Nov. 17th, 2005 12:44 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
You know the game you're playing is getting to you when you have dreams about playing it.

I had a dream this morning about fighting Ultima - it was an airbourne battle and for some reason the game was asking whether I wanted to hit a final strike now or let Ultima escape and meet it later at Cosmo Canyon.


I have also found out today that Cloudy-chan (my doll) fits into the pocket of my favourite shirt, and if I have Vinnie in the crook of my arm they are face to face.
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Well I have gotten slightly further, i.ie. I gave Fate's Vincent his bandana. )

I am still to get onto the Seph dolls though, I'm still thinking through how I'm going to do the pants & belt for them.

Edit: Haircut and make-up! )
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Okay, the lighting isn't great but he's my two silverhair dolls.

Sephi! )

I have yet to trim either of their hair. The blank I over measured a bit I think. [livejournal.com profile] teneshi? I think you'll be getting Sephiroth.

Grey Sephi

Sep. 29th, 2005 10:34 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
Got done sewing the grey wool to one of my blanks. I was right, it looks better than the white for Sephiroth's hair.

I don't have a picture yet, I think I'll be able to take one tomorrow - I've found natural light is better with the phone.

Whoo! \o/

Sep. 29th, 2005 03:15 pm
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Well! With much studious attention to numbers today I have come out quite well!

First of all, money had to be put aside for phonebills (still need to send that) but I'd already account for that.

And as something of a bonus, I was able to buy more snaps, a bottle of craft glue and another ball of wool. The snaps and glue mean I can start working on Sephi's outfit, thw wool - well lets just say that I have been not quite happy about Sephi's hair being white so when I saw a reasonably good shade of grey at Big W I got it. It's one of those somewhat mottled grey-coloured wools but I think it will fit. I'll hair one of the two blanks and see what I think before I decide if I'm going to pull the white wool off of Sephi and replace it with the grey.

So, busy-busy!
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I made Fluffy something to wear. )

Since I'm out of snaps it's being held on by a piece of black wool cross-tied around Fluffy's torso.

I'm not sure whether I will make Fluffy a cloak, I'll think about it.
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I am actually getting somewhere with my next lot of FF dolls, I have blanks, )
And the third blank has a head of hair, )
So given it's got the white wool it's going to be my first (true) Sephiroth (unlike Fluffy, who I am now thinking of as a Clone). Sure, Seph's hair isn't actually white but white and the right style is better in my mind than silver-grey and totally wrong. Besides, I couldn't find a grey yarn the right shade of grey for Seph and the clone-boys.

It'll be a while before I can make his outfit though, there's things I want to buy for it but what with grabbing the game on Ebay I can't afford to get them at the moment, so I'll probably sew what I do have the stuff for (I think I can do up his pants&belt, his boots and most of his coat) and wait until I have money for the finishing touches.

Hopefully when I have those I can get stuff for some others I am considering - like wool and fur for Reno's hair, fabric for Yuffie's outfit (I'm still debating which one to make, AC would be easier because that arm-guard thingie would be hard but finding a suitible print for her top is not going to be fun) and maybe fabrics and wool to make Aeris.

Edit: I have more pictures of Sephi, his face is done and hair trimmed. )
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I finished the last bits on Cloudy-doll, namely his sleeve and his buttcape.

Piccy! )

And here he is along with Vincent. )

And because I'm a sucker for cute poses... )
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I am making advances in Cloud's clothing. No buttcape yet but I do have his shoulder-guard done! )

In all honesty it was a bit of a bitch because it's two layers, the upper which is genuine leather (a piece that I have had in storage ever since those saiyan plushie ambitions I mentioned in my last post) while the under (there to hold two snap-fasteners so the stitching to hold them does not come through the upper) is normal woven fabric. The process of sewing them together was... painful. Next Cloud I make I am getting craft glue for the shoulder-guard. For that matter I'm getting glue for Sephi's shoulder-guards, they're going to be vinyl!

The Fenrir badge-thingie is just a knot of silver ribbon sewn onto the guard right over where the ribbon-strap is attached. There's another fastener underneath besides the strap one, it will be for the loose sleeve (fully detachable! Yey!).

I am having second thoughts about tacking Vincent's boots on, I may unpick the tacking, attack the raw edges of the boots with nail polish (to try and guard against further fraying) and keep them removable (all the better for doll-porn my dear!).

Meanwhile I have another silly photo I took last night... )


Sep. 22nd, 2005 03:37 pm
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OMFE, I never realised quite how much of a packrat I am.

I went searching for a piece of orange fabric I once bought when I had ambitions to make saiyan plushies (back when I was in the Dragonball Z fandom) but ended up finding a whole stack of other things.

First off, I found a bag full of stretch fabric offcuts, a bag of assorted green fabrics, three of my (for a given value of me) diaries (whoa memories! The 2002 one has the pile of extra notes shoved in the front and back covers - lists of details like names and such. There's a hell of a lot of my personal (as in me, Mimi, the soulbond) history there.), my BG2:ToB manual, the two HP suplementary books (Quiddich and Magical Beasts) and two reels of thread.

I also have the Bint cringing beligerently at me because I pulled out one of the "playtoy" pieces of fabric and have decided it would be great for more Vincent cloaks (I have prettymuch decided I will start making plushies to sell on Ebay for fellow FF fans). The "playtoy" fabrics are pieces of fabric that have been bought over time just to play with - not to cut up for sewing. I think the Bint channelled some of that tendency into her scarf collection - scarfs don't get any questions about what you are going to make out of them.

I also found a bundle of three pieces of fabric that looks perfect for Turk suits and Rufus' suit, so they are definately on the chalkboard too (I'll need dye though, AC has convinced me of Rude being a black guy - albiet relatively light-skinned black guy, especially compared to Barrett).

Also found more calico which means more fabric for doll bodies. Looks like I will be making more of these things after Cloud and Sephi are done! (Though first up is [livejournal.com profile] encodedfate's Vincent. [livejournal.com profile] teneshi, you want one? If so, who? It would make more sense for me to mail them together.)

Now I am going to transcribe some of those lists in my diary onto the computer.


Sep. 21st, 2005 06:11 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Original)
Umm, I think I overdid it with Sephi-Doll's hair, he's come out rather... fluffy )

I am starting to think that yarn was not a really good idea. Maybe I should have gone with the plain white normal yarn (it would have been cheaper too).

Edit: I have decided that I will make another doll with normal white wool for hair as my Sephi doll and this one will be... someone else. I don't know, maybe an elf. I don't really want to waste what admitedly expensive fluffy yarn by pulling it apart. So Vincent and Cloud will just have to take care of each other for a while before they will be truely joined by Sephi.

Doll Yaoi!

Sep. 21st, 2005 04:25 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
[livejournal.com profile] encodedfate has a very naughty mind - not that that is a bad thing! He made a comment about posing my dolls in yaoi poses and, well...

Doll porn! )

Cloud Doll

Sep. 21st, 2005 03:30 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
I am doing the Cloud and Sephiroth dolls that I wanted as accompaniment for Vincent. I have the bodies sewn and stuffed now, though they have come out thinner than Vincent's was (I suspect the fact that they were machine sewn instead of hand had something to do with it - seam allowances or some such).

Cloud now has his head of hair - I wanted to get onto it and get it done.
Picture )

It's yellow fur that I sewed onto his head and then brushed and hairsprayed into the right pattern of spikes.

I am thinking of maybe doing Sephi's hair then attacking both lots of clothing at once. I am still not sure how the hell to do that half-skirt thing Cloud wears though. Opinions people? Does anyone agree with my thought that it looks like half a hakama?
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As I decided, I made a plushie, one of Vincent Valentine!
The pictures aren't great in quality, I took them with my phone.

Lookit! )

He's small and cute and all mine. ^_^


Sep. 19th, 2005 04:42 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
I want plushies.

I don't want the damn ragdolls the Bint has patterns for, I want something simple that the dolls can be made in a day at WftD and the clothing needs only be scraps. Some the size of my hand.

I want plushies of Seph, Vin and Cloud. Would need hair for Seph and Cloud though, got black wool that I could use for Vincent.


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