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[livejournal.com profile] houseofstrange now has several member names struck through. This is because they were RP journals made on the spur of the moment that I never played with much.

Okay, so yeah, that could also describe some of my latest additions to the muse stable (like the Fallen, Primus, Harliquin and Khyilenna's journals), but they aren't as old as the recently purged ones.

Those purges date back to the height of my RP days, back in mid to late 2004, when I was deep in LotR and playing elves, Valar, and a handful of random crap. It's mostly the random crap that's been purged - silly stuff like Asterisks ( as in **), Fanon, Freecell (yes, the game), Tim Tams (the chocolate-covered biscuits). The RP comms I was in at the time proliferated several really cracky spin-offs.

I'm not deleting the names, even if I am letting the purge become permanent. Those names on the member list will remain as a reminder of what I once played around as.


Dec. 11th, 2010 06:14 pm
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I had the strangest PM ever. Someone thought it a good idea to send a huge long anti-Primus rant to [livejournal.com profile] pimp_planet.

I have no idea why, I thought I'd put enough indicators that it's not a serious journal on it. Then again, the person who did it has a mention on their profile (which also has an absolutely huge bio that was just too Teal Dear to read) that they are OCD, ADD and Aspergers, so maybe that's the reason for the rant-PM.

Not that my Primus muse cares, he's already dismissed it all as just the act of a Fallen or Unicron fangirl.
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So I decided to go into town to find some beads today. I also decided to see Avatar before it left the cimenas. Well I ended up doing a lot more than just that.

First off, I went to Garden City. Easy enough, it's on the bus route into the city anyway. I stopped there to buy some things for [livejournal.com profile] agiftedmind, and also it's the stop where I could get a bus out her way. After getting what I wanted, I went out to her place (include in there, a number of phone calls since I'd never caught the bus out to current place before) and she met me at the hospital near her place.

We walked back to the house, I tried and failed to get into my email (I don't actually keep the password on me. I should do something about that) and I got a little while off my feet. Then we wandered into Stone's Corner.

Actually, that walk wasn't so bad, really.

Anyway, we wandered around the shops for a while, had fun looking around Retravision, looking at the prices of fridges, until I took the time to check the time and found it was almost 3 pm. The movie plans? Session was at 4 pm.

So I had to head back to a bus stop to get in, in time.

I did find the bead shop, though it was blastedly expensive and had no catseyes. I decided instead (despite the price) to get some alternate feature beads and redo the beadwork. They're red and blue large crystal beads, and some small pink crystal beads. Starscream's colours and matching colour to the rest of the skirt. I think I'll tackle the beads a bit differently - I won't sew them onto their own band, but just sew them straight to the skirt after it's sewn.

Anyway, I had enough time to pick up some movie snacks courtesy of Coles, and find my way upstairs for my movie. Good movie too, glad I went and caught it before it left the cinemas.

The only real downer is that I am having to pull my Fallen muse out of the RP I'd been playing him in. Some players were unhappy about how I was playing him and my muse refuses to be blinkered into just one continuity when he insists he's multiversal.
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Can you peeps pass me some Cloud icons? Preferably AC/DoC/CC ones, and cheerful ones, with no captions. I know I've seen a CC Cloud around where he's smiling.

I'm borrowing the idea of one of my fellow players at Cracktrans and giving Bluestreak a video game holoform.

I could also do with one larger picture, for Blue's Wiki page - preferably one that matches one of the icons.
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Was just thinking of how Fighting Sky!Aerith would explain why she's alive again to Tifa and this Soylent Green reminicient line occured to me:

Lifestream is made of dead people.
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After getting officially approved for my second [livejournal.com profile] omg_ac character last night I did up a quick intro post after getting home and WOW things have gone totally BONKERS I'm getting so many comments!

Oh, just so you know, my second character is Jenova - OOC Jenova at that. She's an ultra-nice housewifey type who is kinda an honourary Cetra and loves baking (she has a thing for muffins).

Just my luck, I was the first Jenova to do an intro post so I probably got more responses due to that.

So I have a homicidal Aeris and a Muffin-baker From The Skies. XD


Sep. 25th, 2005 05:23 pm
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I know! I know! I'm a total twit for joining an RPG based on a video game I've never actually played!

Can someone help me on a piece of basic info? Which sector is Aeris' church in? 6 or 7? I keep thinking it's in 6, and that Seventh Heaven is in 7.

Edit: Went and Googled it, got two references to Sector 5 and one to Sector 6. I'll go with 5 for now.


Sep. 11th, 2005 11:43 am
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I need icons again. Ones of Rikku - preferably 10-2.

Anyone got recs?

Don't worry, found some.

Icon fun

Jul. 3rd, 2005 05:11 am
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Well I opened my own Photobucket account, though for general pictures I'll probably still be sharing the Bint's account because (A) It's daft uploading it to both hers and mine, and (B) Mine's being used as host for [livejournal.com profile] namomandos's moodtheme.

Said mood theme is something I randomly picked up somewhere and I'd love to put it on this account but this one isn't paid while the Vala's is. (Hell, I made the recent payment on Námo's account, I like being able to oggle his icons!)

Besides, there's something rather amusing about seeing Curufin with a mood icon showing Kuja, or Jareth (from The Labyrinth) with one of Zell. Setting the journal to force the moodtheme on the Friends Page is fun.
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One of my DF headmates is Fanon. He's a side effect of the tendency for people to make RP characters out of concepts, like the punction, the countries, food and anything else that comes to mind.

Someone on DF is having problems with their pup vanishing on them and made a spam call which resulted somewhere in the thread by all my headmates with Fanon coming up with this:

*Eats a Tim Tam and starts on a new theory about Jenova being a sorceress who also happened to be Ultemacia's mother before she took off into space and eventually ended up on Gaea making the lives of the Cetra hell.*

*Thinks this could be a good basis for a KH AU where Riku finds out he's a sorceror and decides he wants Sora as his knight because everyone knows Riku is Sephiroth's son so he's kinda the grandson of a sorceress!*

I did inform him he'd likely get two swords and a bullet for that one, though I might be understating the matter because I think he'd also get two gunblades and a machinegun too.

Proof that Fanon is scary.
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So... we (meaning mainly Baka and Varda, but with me in the background) were sitting in #desperatefansooc when the subject of a TV version of DF came up and I did have to pipe up and comment about making a game version too.

Well lookit what I got now? [livejournal.com profile] desperategamers.

It only has about 3 characters and 3 mods on the membership list so far, though one of those is [livejournal.com profile] novastrike who I thought of first and foremost for Sephiroth.

Note to self: Námo is not allowed anywhere near DG, we don't need a fight with Seph because our resident Mandos has the same face as him.

I think advertising on some of the promo comms may be a good idea, I'll have to prod Namesake-mun and Q on it.

I suspect I'm in for the big one here, I'll have to wait and see if DG gets off the ground though.

Oh, and I think my mouse's scroll wheel is broken.


Apr. 25th, 2005 04:44 am
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Well technically the newbie is still under the Bint's keeping - he's just blaming *me* for his icons.

My defense there is that I once read one of [livejournal.com profile] morgana_avalon's fics where she wrote Námo as having white hair - the only place I have come across him not having black hair. So, white hair on Námo? He looks like Sephiroth now! XD
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I am very inclined to join [livejournal.com profile] desperatefans - not as myself, since I am hardly a literary character, but with a pup of my own.

The Valar don't want me though, not so much that the pup I want to enter with is one of their "family" but because of my plans for his icons.
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I just had a strange image come to mind, Námo Mandos taking on an appearance like Sephiroth.

I have actually read of a white-haired Námo before, [livejournal.com profile] morgana_avalon wrote Námo like that so it's not totally odd but... whee! Fandom crossing! Plus even as cute as he is Seph also looks rather evil unsettling.

If the Bint wants to enlist Námo amongst her muses in the future I may insist she let me do his icons out with Sephiroth pictures *giggle*.

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