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mimi_sardinia: (Orin Crazy)
So I recently got my copy of The Sims 3: Showtime, complete with bonus Collector's Edition venue and Katy Perry props, hair and clothing.

I also blew $40 on downloads from the Sims 3 store, getting magic equipment, a Cowplant, and a new town called Lunar Lakes.

The idea behind Lunar Lakes is that it's a space colony.

To test all this out, I made up a new sim, Orinni )

I still have things to fix in my mods for the game. I need new store mods, still have to find spots in Lunar Lakes for a couple of clubs, a secondhand store, and a horse ranch.
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Random Acts is a charity that grew out of Misha Collins' Twitter following. I specifically went for the t-shirt with Castiel on it.
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My felties from [livejournal.com profile] glasscamel arrived today.

Feltimus Prime and Felt Magnus )

And because I was uploading phone photos, I decided to finally post some of my Xmas pics.

The Big City )
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Look who I found in Toy R Us?

Rodimus Prime

Rodi Face

He only costs $60 which is slagging cheap, though I couldn't afford it today, because frankly, even the money I used to pay for lunch (today is Mum's birthday) has come out of my rent.

If I could wrangle it, I'd buy him on Friday, but I already have a $150 phone bill, plus all my laybuys and also payments to [livejournal.com profile] glasscamel. (Glass, don't take that as any sort of complaint. If anything it's a complaint about myself and my getting into so much at once.)

I also saw the Hasbro Ultimate Optimus Prime toy - the big one complete with a proper trailer that turns into wings. I am very likely to laybuy that one as well.

Maybe if I can at least get a reasonable amount paid on the phone, at least $50 to Glass, Rodi, and at leat $5 each to everything else, I'll be okay.

Or I could win lotto.

In totallly unconnected matters... This Is My Bleh Face )
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In the ongoing process of making sims for some of my personal OCs, I have now finished making the Praadecalla family and have placed them on a lot!

Sims! )
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Well it seems my previous version of Khyilenna didn't get saved. I was a bit miffed about it because I was ready to start work on the rest of Mareph's family but ended up having to remodel Khyi again.

This time I didn't bother with silly ideas like trying to turn Bella Bachelor into an acceptable Khyi and instead used a base that I knew was good - I used Maritas Prima, who is actually based on Starwing (see icon).

It seems an irony that when I got done she ended up looking quite similar to the one who started out as a Bella clone - I guess when you're using the same tools, similar results will come out when one takes into account personal tastes.

But due to game crashes, I lost the first Maritas-based Khyi, and ended up having to do her again, this time saving after I finished basic facial alterations, and then again after her make-up (including tatts) was done. Her clothing isn't done yet, but at least the facial structure is complete.

Senna Daani Khyilenna Malaasa )

Then I had some genetic fun )
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Well I have been able to to get Danielle and Marcus happily married, and with the next available paper coming up with a Medical job (Marcus's lifetime goal is to get to level 10 in the medical career) the househodl now has two incomes coming in, which means I am not struggling so hard to keep things going. Oh, I still a struggle, but more often than not I am no longer waiting a day or two until Dani brings home a new pay before I can pay it.

I am also finally making progress in replacing the crappy starter furnishings, with a better TV, better stove, and a bookcase so I don't have to keep sending them to the library to learn stuff. The only thing is that it means I need to collect books now as Marcus entered the house with no skills.

However it's difficult to get much couple time for them, Dani's job is an evening one and Marcus's is a day job, and I can't cheat like I can on the PC game so I have to work hard to find enough time to get them feed, cleaned and toileted in between work and sleep. Luckily community lots are like in S2 - the home lot clock freezes while the sim is out - but they can't sleep on community lots.

Still, the game is going fine.

And now some Sim and Mii Picspam )
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So it may be obvious from my recent posts that I have some of my old OCs on the brain lately. Well I am also making sims of them.

The is not the Goth you are looking for! )

The only thing is I forgot to load the Lady Gaga sim I found - I want to use her as Khyilenna's base, since I have really taken to using Gaga as Khyi's face on [livejournal.com profile] riftfire_dancer.

On other Sims play: I had to scrap my 3DS game and start again - I found I had two copies of the Townie I'd made as Daani's prospective boyfriend. It would get too confusing with two Marcus Prides when I'm trying to get one to like Daani enough to romance.

The second take on Daani (Daani Malaasa) is Danielle Malan (a recently decided alias for Khyilenna). I haven't gone in to make a new Marcus Pride (Mareph) yet.
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[livejournal.com profile] nashidesei, is there any particular reason why I found eight thirteen cents in Starscream's box? One dime and three one cent pieces, one of which is Canadian.

thirteen cents )

Big-aft jet )

Sentinel Small )
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So [livejournal.com profile] agiftedmind was over last week to do some sewing on my machine, and because it'd be a few days, her cat Seth came too. He was fun to have around.

No cats were desexed in this stay-over )
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I just got my two PE warriors...

Rumble and Frenzy

They are tiny! Not even waist high to Soundclaw! Definitely Cassette sized, as they compare to Ravage - at least without their guns they do.

And as you can see, a good deal of the family were out to greet them. 8D

P.S. I'm rather pleased at the mood icon.
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And I didn't have to fetch it from the post office as an Australia Post car was able to deliver it!

I have not yet transformed her and she is currently getting motorcycle huggles curtesy of BittyCee and Blight.

ETA: Has transformed her, she has a tendency to look a bit belligerent, because of the way her mouth looks and because the design of her neck makes her head jut forward. Not that there's anything wrong with belligerent femmes.

Piccy! )

Her official muse name is now AniCee, since she's TFA Arcee.
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Well, Rachel opted in on an opportunity thread that I'd never managed to complete (I think Cornelia got it once, but I'd only done the first two parts). The result however...

Attack of the Scraplet! )
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I have had some luck! My Sims game has played nice for once and my copy of Starwing's base sim I had in files hasn't caused havok with the game. The result is that I now have a sim version of my [livejournal.com profile] tf_matrix version of her, Rachel Coulson.

A few pics )
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King Starscream

[livejournal.com profile] agiftedmind, second pack is yours.


Apr. 22nd, 2010 05:08 am
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So I finally got around to completing a little sim-modeling project. Took so long because I damn well had to reload the whole damn game.

Anyway, The Silmarils )
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Some time ago I had a dream about Starscream - specifically my Masterpiece toy of him - wearing a pink skirt. I have started in on making a skirt for him, though creativity has prompted it to be a bit fancier than the dream had.

Preliminary picture )
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I have been intending for a while to remake one of my early sims, Nathaniel Cullen (the cousin of a truck, not a vampire - personal joke, that), basically since I played with the "Make Me Know Everyone" cheat and seeing a prospective sim to base a new version of him on.

Back when I made the first version of Nathaniel, I was clicking through random feature combos and stopped on a slightly asian-looking one and worked from there with the sliders. This time, I kidnapped an Asian NPC into the active family, took him back to Sunset, changed his name, and then saved him to the CAS bin. Well... to tell the truth, I kidnapped three sims. As soon as am done with the Yaslana twins (which may not be for a while because I'd like to at least get Kyle through the three gardening opportunities - he's had the first so far) and can move on to Nemesis, I'll send her to their place with a certain teddy bear in her inventory (the Dexter Bear - great for getting rid of sims you don't want in town, as it allows your sim to murder).

Anyway, Nathaniel 2.0 )

New Sim

Mar. 16th, 2010 08:39 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] agiftedmind, I did the rest of Nemesis's clothing up.

Nemesis Prime )

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