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Ebay Slag

Sep. 18th, 2008 11:15 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Bloodied Seph)
I just got a letter from Ebay saying that the seller who I bought a Classics Rodimus figure from has been suspended.

I checked Mum's account (she owns our only current Visa card, though I'm working on getting one so she can leave St George) and the payment for it has gone through, but I can't register a dispute on Ebay until 10 days after the sale was made, and it was made on the 11th.

So I have to wait and see, if Roddy is in the mail, I don't think he'd arrive in the next 4 days (the seller was supposedly in Hong Kong), but I have to be cynical about it, for my own good. This counts as possibly worse than the slag I had over Jetfire.

On the other hand, I am at least happy to know that I can watch Magnus's progress, as his seller has sent him by registered mail with a tracking number.

mimi_sardinia: (I like big 'bots)
My Vector Prime has arrived!

It took a bit to actually find him at post office - the guy was searching for at least a good 15 minutes and even called the distribution centre and one of the other postshops to see if it got accidentally sent to the wrong place. But he found it eventually, and it was in some rather interesting packaging - around all the cardboard and padding it had pink wrapping paper.

Anyway, it is the soft-wing version of the toy, but I don't really mind. While the hard-wing version probably looks damn cool, this one still looks pretty good as well - I love the colours on him.

He's still got a bend in his sword though, like his gold twin - from what someone said in the CT chat, it's something that always happens.

mimi_sardinia: (Happycon)

Okay, yeah, I already have a Veccy in my tiny collection already, but he's a goldy-brown colour with orange highlights. That one *poings at link* is Veccy's true colours, and pretty them colours be!

Anyway, goldy-Veccy and white-Veccy can be twins and their Safeguards can play games together.


Feb. 6th, 2008 02:43 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Bee Got Back)
mimi_sardinia: (OMG YAYZ!)
Finely! Jetfire is here!

I can't play with him yet, Mum's grabbed him to wrap up, but I did give him a quick check over so he's just fine.

I didn't find a Softimus Prime - I think I found the pricing ticket where they're supposed to be in K-Mart but none there, not even the cardboard tray they'd be in. On the other hand I found a couple of small movieverse figures - Jazz and Ratchet. They were $6 each (less for me with employee discount - K-Mart is owned by Coles) and yes, they transform - I don't see much point in a Transformers toy that can't transform (unless it's Roller). They'll barely reach Jetfire's knee - if that.

I also found a DVD I have been searching for, for nigh on 6 months - Flying High, or as American might know it, Airplane!. Classic spoof movie, it is, absolute classic.

ETA - ETA On Wings!: You know the fun thing about Flying High!? Robert Stack. What's so fun about Robert Stack? He did the voice of Ultra Magnus in the '86 Transformers movie. ~_^
mimi_sardinia: (Feffiroff)
Blaster playing Backstreet Boys. Loud. Over Metroplex's PA system.

P.S. Parcel card in the mail, it's probably Jetfire. Mum wants to nick him and wrap him up for christmas. On the other hand, I want to hunt down and laybuy a Softimus Prime.

ETA - The Main Event: Followup for the off-hand thought: Rodimus gets sick of Backstreet Boys blasting across Metroplex's PA so he storms up to the comm tower to yell at Blaster personally, commenting on how BSB shows a distinct lack of taste.

Blaster then starts playing Rammstein. Very loud.
mimi_sardinia: (*Squee!*)
I am officially in love. Who with you ask? With Ultra Magnus and Jetfire.

If I had the money, I'd pounce on Jetfire instantly - one of my brothers, Grey I think, used to own a Jetfire exactly like that and I was frigging mad for the thing. That was a long time ago though, plus most of Jet's kibble got lost over time, but still, if I could scrape together US$160 plus postage, I'd get him.

Ultra Magnus, well I think Grey had one of him too - that exact one, kibbly partsformer who is at soul an Optimus recolour. I couldn't help but find interesting that, as mentioned on Mag's article on the TF wiki, that at least one of the G1 comics had him lose the armour and look like a white twin of OP - plus in more than one continuity he's considered practically OP's brother. I figured that out myself while playing with my brother's toy and thought Mags looked like how OP did in the Hate Plague storyline while he was coated with some super heat resistant white alloy.

Dear Eru, I have really lost it, haven't I? I'm inclined to go hunting tomorrow and see if the video store has a copy of the '86 movie in stock, or barring that, see if that box set of the G1 cartoon has the movie included in it.

But dammit, I wish I could get those toys! I simply can't afford them though! If anyone wanted to send me a christmas present, there's what I'd really like.

Edit: I followed up a financing option I was discussing with [livejournal.com profile] sirea1182 on AIM - I think I might be able to get Jetfire! My icon change says it all.
mimi_sardinia: (Yuna)
Well, I have bid on a copy of X-2 on Ebay.

The auction in question still has a tad over 2 hours left and I didn't go with Buy Now because of cost, so I'll have to wait and see if I win it yet.

Still, it'll be nice if I do, I like the idea that I will have a copy safely in hand once I get back to playing FFX (after I'm done on KH).

Edit: I've been outbid. I'm not going to try rebidding, I'll wait until some time when I have more money to put into buying the game than I do at the moment.


Jul. 28th, 2006 12:33 am
mimi_sardinia: (Vin - *sulk*)
Dammit, I wish the bank would get off it's backside and put that damn transfer through!

That'll teach me not to transfer money via online banking - it's quicker if I go pull it from an ATM and pester Mum for her card and deposit it in person!

Hope my Ebay seller ain't impatient.
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
I am now the owner of two necklaces (one of which is just a generic ball-chain), two rings (which hang on the ball-chain) and a letter opener.

Given that the non-ball-chain necklace and one of the rings are Greiver ones and the letter opener is a gunblade that counts as pretty fannish now wouldn't it?

And of all things, they cost me only 1 cent (postage not included).

Now I just have to wait until they arrive.


Oct. 6th, 2005 12:17 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
It's the game.

Agenda for the rest of today:

  • Check email
  • Feedback seller
  • Find walkthrough
  • Install game
  • Go buy seafood sticks
  • Play game
  • Give characters silly names
  • Try not to brood about [livejournal.com profile] teneshi's package

Prospective Names )

Coles supermarket (northwise of me) is currently in my bad books, they didn't have seafood sticks.

Whoo! \o/

Sep. 29th, 2005 03:15 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
Well! With much studious attention to numbers today I have come out quite well!

First of all, money had to be put aside for phonebills (still need to send that) but I'd already account for that.

And as something of a bonus, I was able to buy more snaps, a bottle of craft glue and another ball of wool. The snaps and glue mean I can start working on Sephi's outfit, thw wool - well lets just say that I have been not quite happy about Sephi's hair being white so when I saw a reasonably good shade of grey at Big W I got it. It's one of those somewhat mottled grey-coloured wools but I think it will fit. I'll hair one of the two blanks and see what I think before I decide if I'm going to pull the white wool off of Sephi and replace it with the grey.

So, busy-busy!
mimi_sardinia: (Original)

There is a fucking PC VERSION of the game on sale on Ebay and it's on BUY NOW!!!!!!!!!!


EDIT: IT'S MINE! I just hope the seller can be patient until Thursday for me to pay for it.


Feb. 9th, 2005 10:07 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Original)
I tried.

I made a bit on a copy of the PC version of FF7 but someone had already outbid me. I bid $20 and I would not care to go higher than that, especially on my off week. I'd love to get ahold of a copy of the game but not quite that desperately.

Ehh, I'll keep an eye on Ebay anyway to see if another copy comes up that I can try for.

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