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Aug. 9th, 2007 12:32 am
mimi_sardinia: (Jack - Not a morning person)
I missed Torchwood!

I missed it because I failed to comprehend properly the time they went and changed it to.

It was on last night.

I really wanted to see that episode.



May. 24th, 2007 05:38 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Jack - Not a morning person)
It seems I just missed the Torchwood ad on Ten because I was listening to a movie playing on my compy.

Oh yay. :/


Apr. 28th, 2007 01:24 am
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
I'm bored.

Oh, I have plenty to read, if I want Torchwood but my interests have swung back to FF a bit lately - not in the least due to [livejournal.com profile] madamhydra's new fic - and it's far too late in the night for me to put the Sims 2 on and no one I might consider talking to is on AIM at the moment and no one's on Yahoo at all (and don't talk to me about MSN - a pox on MSN and them ignoring me and not accepting my username and passwords).

I did get writing a "Complete Facts About Guardianverse" thing - if only to lay out for myself all the disparate bits of backstory, but it's already bugging me because I forgot certain canon details of FF4 - like the Lunarians coming from a planet within the same system (I hate the implication that the Blue Planet is Earth) and some of the extended backstory I made up in my head is itching now that I get it into words because it feels like I'm stuffing more history into FFIV than it really has room for - not something I have a problem with as far as FFVIII goes for some reason though.

Blah. I guess I'll go back to TW fic.


Mar. 12th, 2007 04:53 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Jack - Not a morning person)
Of all the blasted...

Why is it that a delivery one has been waiting for ages for (possibly - I'll explain later) has to arrive at a point in time where there's no one to recieve it?

Okay, well, there's two packages I'm waiting for and I don't know which this one is. It could be CDs from [livejournal.com profile] soultornasunder or it could be a USB cord from Telstra. I'd rather hope it's the CDs but that leaves me wondering why it's coming through Australian Air Express instead of Australia Post (doesn't matter that the pickup point is a post office) because no matter what form of mail it started out as (I've gotten FedEx before) it'd end up in the Australia Post system.

I'm just impatient. I want to see Torchwood and frankly the fun of finally being able to change my ringtone to One Winged Angel hardly stands up against Captain Jack Harkness.
mimi_sardinia: (Jack - His Doctor has arrived.)
I finally got it done! It's taken me a couple of days but it's done! I totally cleared the Other Ficishness folder out.

As with the last one, this is all Doctor Who and Torchwood stuff - seriously, I am suspecting fandom drift has set in on me! Anyway, as I said last time, the only warnings I give are for pairing, but two out of three of the most cracky stuff is evident just from the pairing given anyway - if you happen to know much about Torchwood that is.

Archive 13: DW & TW )
mimi_sardinia: (Jack Harkness)
All of this is Doctor Who and Torchwood fic, the greater part of which is Torchwood - mainly Jack/Ianto, as I have taken to that pairing like crazy.

I'm still not done emptying that folder but this has gone a long to getting there. There's a fair few multi-part fics in here, not all of which are complete.

Oh, and click any links at your own risk - I don't warn for content other than pairings.

Fic Archive 12 )
mimi_sardinia: (Jack - Not a morning person)

See here - http://community.livejournal.com/torch_wood/988207.html

Channel Ten is buying Torchwood.

Australia is getting it after all.

I found it interesting that the comment in that post had a lot of people predicting two or three episodes before they bump it back to a graveyard shift timeslot.

[livejournal.com profile] soultornasunder? Did you get the CDs in the mail? I'm wondering when to start expecting them.
mimi_sardinia: (Ianto = Marvin)
I think I could really grow to love Ianto's voice.

Still wqant the DVDs though, trying to get even 10 minutes of an episode loaded via YouTube is a pain with my connection.
mimi_sardinia: (Jack - Needlessly Messianic)
I am currently not happy at the ABC.

According to the new TV Week, they are not going to be showing Torchwood.

Oh, I'm looking up other ways of getting it - after all, Britain has the same regional settings as Australia so if I have to, I'll order straight from BBC UK.

In other news, Dirge of Cerberus finally came in, so maybe now I'll go back to my PS2.

Yey DVD!

Feb. 14th, 2007 10:45 pm
mimi_sardinia: (The Doctor: Still All Here)
So, I lashed out today, bought some DVDs. Oh not any random DVDs mind you, a whole box set - TV series season's worth.

Anyway, been watching outakes and deleted scenes - Cybermen running around a park, playing soccer with K-9 is kinda cute but the deleted scene of Jake saying Rickey was his boyfriend... well I'd heard of it before but it's still great to see - especially after the whole Torchwood "You people and your quaint little catagories" thing. XDDD

(Yes, said DVDs are Doctor Who - figured maybe they'd help me cope with waiting until Torchwood hits Aussie TV.)

Oh, and Anthony Stewart Head really does malevolent really well.


Feb. 12th, 2007 01:49 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Kiss)
I just noticed something, I don't like Doctor/Jack.
mimi_sardinia: (Ianto = Marvin)
Been poking at a fandom lately that ususally only draws my attention for a short while once a year (probably two now), I think I am starting to really see the potential of Jack/Ianto, which means my quiet love of Doctor/Jack has competition and I damn well want to know where Jack's going to be come Season 2 of Torchwood.

Plus this post is an excuse to use one of my newly added icons.

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