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A Choice
G rated.

Bilbo meets a hobbit lass in Valinor, and is presented with a choice.

The prompt was one of my prompts. It got a short but sweet fic.
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I finally got it done! It's taken me a couple of days but it's done! I totally cleared the Other Ficishness folder out.

As with the last one, this is all Doctor Who and Torchwood stuff - seriously, I am suspecting fandom drift has set in on me! Anyway, as I said last time, the only warnings I give are for pairing, but two out of three of the most cracky stuff is evident just from the pairing given anyway - if you happen to know much about Torchwood that is.

Archive 13: DW & TW )
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All of this is Doctor Who and Torchwood fic, the greater part of which is Torchwood - mainly Jack/Ianto, as I have taken to that pairing like crazy.

I'm still not done emptying that folder but this has gone a long to getting there. There's a fair few multi-part fics in here, not all of which are complete.

Oh, and click any links at your own risk - I don't warn for content other than pairings.

Fic Archive 12 )
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Okay, so did say I aught to clear out the "Other Ficcness" folder in my memories into one of these archives some time but I really didn't realise just how much stuff my recent turn to Torchwood has expanded it, so this issue has all my incidental fandom reading (including fandoms I don't really know all that well), and all my older Doctor Who fic - stuff that is left since the last time I went reading Whofic, back before Torchwood and probably back before Series 2 of DW.

Some time I'll get onto doing the newer Whofic that's gathered - stuff since my latest turn that's mainly a pile of Torchwood fic with little bits of the Doctor thrown in.

Archive 11 - Various Fandoms with a sizable amount of Who )
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I'm not pleased about this, it started as some way to get one of my silly music-inspired mental images into words but turned serious on me, ending up feeling like a piece out of a larger series of events that I'm not sure I'll ever get written.

As usual, this is somewhat a crossover AU, with FFVII and FFIV characters appearing in the FFVIII-world as GFs - and I haven't given all their original names either.

But anyhow... Night Interrupted )

(Some day I might even elaborate on the matter of Tyr and Frigga's alternate identities, and Quistis' issues with Griever.)
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I got it into my head to write a christmas fic - but given the only fandom I write for (FFVIII - and nominally FFVII) christmas doesn't fit (please to be seeing my rant about that) so it's a bit more a generic Midwinter festival fic.

I really don't know, I think it's slightly cheesy. There's also mention of some of my finalised GF lineup for Guardianverse for anyone to guess at the identities of those mentioned.

Anyway... Midwinter )
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Just went over and took a look around the flist on my other journal... wow, reminder of old fandom stuff eh?

I don't think I'm ready to go back and read LotR stuff again (I have found that after some time away I am willing to go visit an old fandom - if only briefly), or at least not [livejournal.com profile] morgana_avalon's writing. Hell, if Orchyd Constyne was still writing LotR I don't think I'd go back at the moment for even her writing!

On the other hand, I may go poke around [livejournal.com profile] stubenfliege's journal and see what her latest fic is about. I know it's an Apocalyptica RPS and I am marginally interested. Took me half a second to remember who "Ansta" was though.

In things closer to home: I have to thank [livejournal.com profile] lazzchan for a new pairing-threesome-whateversome, post-KH2 Riku/Sora/Roxas, specifically with Sora and Roxas sharing the one body and implied Riku/Roxas from the pre-KH2 period.
It's like Riku gets two boyfriends in one. XD

Also, found another fandom that, at those point, will probably only rate as a minor one to distract me in times of low ficcage in FF - Homestar Runner. I have, after a couple of recent visits to the website, developed a fondness for Homsar. He's cute and he talks weird, and once he turned into a moderately hot girl in an imaginary senario. XDD

I also want shota. Someone write some FFXII creepy shota incest? Two guess who I want to see in it. *poings at icon*


Nov. 11th, 2006 08:30 pm
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I really think I am unsquickable - in the OMG MY CHILDHOOD! kind of squick.

What I mean is, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on TV at the moment - yes, the classic Judy Garland one - and I found myself wondering (with barely a o.Ô reaction) if there was WoO porn fanfic in existance.

Thus I repeat: o.Ô


Nov. 6th, 2006 08:40 pm
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I am inclined to finally give my playstation a name - Xemnas.

Dunno why, other than I currently have a thing for Xemnas.

I am monumentally bored.

I also totally failed to hear the rain (Mum was just meeping about wet clothes).

Meanwhile, a not so random pimpage: [livejournal.com profile] icedark_elf's Nibelhiem Burning and Oh Gracious Twist Of Fate. Giiven that she's writing OGTOF for NaNo, here's a good source of November reading for FFVII fans.
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This isn't what I had originally thought to write when I decided I wanted to write more for the Griever-bunny, but this is what has come out first.

Prettymuch Griever-Squall-centric, heavily based on Summon theory from the plot analyses of Glen Morrow (aka Squall_of_SeeD), and the writing is probably as rough as hell.

Self-Made Legend )


Sep. 26th, 2006 01:29 am
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It has just occured to me (while reading a parody fic no less) that some of my fannish imaginings would probably be so stereotypically OOC that it'd be scary.

It doesn't help that the characters who are victim of this possible OOCness are Org 13 members.

Oh well, it's just as well that when I do post plotbunnies here it's after a lot of forethought into how it could possibly be worked into being IC.

Also, it probably means that it's a good thing I don't write my own plotbunnies - I know I am enough of a silly fangirl that I'd probably end up writing OOC drek and I really do value IC enough that I wouldn't want to curse the fandom with that.

So folks, be glad I don't write - it means less badfic.
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More of what I am going to start calling my Guardian-verse. The FF8 ficlets about Griever-Squall, GF-Ellone and Chaos-lord-of-the-GFs.

I suppose it was the almost undetectable mention I threw in the last one of these of the idea [livejournal.com profile] angel_0f_sorrow and I put together that has prompted this one.

The idea of summon-human mergers in this fic is my attempt to sew together the idea of humans becoming Summons and the description of Eidolons in Squall_of_SeeD's FFIX Plot Analysis (and to a lesser extent, also in his Advent Children one).
It works in my head at least, I hope it doesn't confuse folks too much.

As always, warnings for Dirge of Cerberus spoilerisms.

Phoenix )
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This is another of my FFVII/FFVIII ficlets - you know, the ones where Vincent is a secret GF. This one I imagined from the POV of Ellone actually. I used an idea I had about the sort of position I think Vincent would take.
There's also a mention of something I thought up while chatting with [livejournal.com profile] angel_0f_sorrow - she will probably understand what I mean but no one else will since I didn't elaborate on the idea here.

As always with these, some spoilerism for FFVII:DoC.

Everyone thinks Bahamut rules the Guardian Forces... )
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I have no idea how like Vincent this sounds like. I'm not sure if I can right Vincent. I'll leave it up to the opinions of others if I got anywhere within a stone's throw of "Vincent".

This is in the same theme as that fic-thing from a week ago. FF7/FF8 crossover. No real spoilers, not even for DoC which this is so dependent on for an excuse for why Vincent is in the FF8 world.

Guardian )


Jul. 26th, 2006 05:40 pm
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I have a need to write something of Griever. It does follow my pet plotbunny of Squall becoming Griever and the whole timeloop of two versions of him co-existing.
There's also a big bite of my obsession with making other new GFs out of canon characters in this.

Slight DoC spoiler.

Fic-like... something. FF8, hints of FF7. )
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Archive 7 )

Note: Fics listed in previous archival posts get updated in those.
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Mrr... )
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More random FF and KH fics )
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The last serve )

That's it, all done! Or at least until the next time my fic folder gets to over 200 items memorized in it!
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Even More Fics )

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