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Just for amusement's sake, I have started a Baldur's Gate 2 game with a Charname named Vincent.

Black hair, major clothing colour black, minor red, Chaotic Good half-elf Fighter/Mage, weapons sword and crossbow. Portraits? Well who else by the name of Vincent wears red and black and uses a weapon the shoots projectiles?


I am thinking I should wait a bit on it until the start of my next phone period because I'm having crap downloading a new copy of Nathaniel and there may be other romance mods I can consider downloading as well. No, I'm not really inclined to slash Vincent with Nathaniel, but I may consider tackling the Imoen mod with him - Imoen seems mostly cut from the same cloth as Yuffie anyway.

ETA: Rebuilt him,only major change being to make him Chaotic Neutral. I'm at De'Arnise Keep, but I may need to replay it, unless the Imoen reinstall worked properly. I haven't been getting the mod dialogs, let alone the dreams... though I think I've only set them to sleep while I was back in Irenicus's dungeon.
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I had a dream where Aeris (FFVII) was standing on top of a cliff made of salt, alternating between contemplating the cliff itself and the Life Fruit (i.e. the glowing pears of the Sims 3) and avocado in her hands. Same dream then skipped to Cloud's final battle with Sephiroth, where he is figuring out how to force Sephiroth to eat a Life Fruit, in the belief that it will cure him of his madness. Cloud was also monologuing a bit about the Life Fruit and the times it's saved his life, and that bit implied that they were extremely rare, and the only ones left were ones that either had been given to the main characters before the Nibelheim events (like Tifa having one to give to Cloud when he made it to Midgar) or ones that Zack had squirreled away in places, like some secret lockers in Midgar and other towns. I think somewhere in there there was an implication that Aeris survived by dint of being fed one too.

Talk about crossover dreams!
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I have made mention of a number of sims I have transfered over from an old game, so I thought a picture guide to who they are would not be out of place.

The Children Of Squall the Prolific )

Sims Stuff

Feb. 25th, 2009 09:54 pm
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So... a few of the latest Sims doings... Read more... )
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I've made some decent progress over the last couple of days, in the Sims. I finally got around to moving the Seekers into their house, moving Vincent Valentine into Shinra Mansion, and got back to Prime house and got through Optimus and Magnus's wedding without crashing (first time I tried to run the wedding I summoned too many guests).

A couple of minor mentions - due to "ghost" characters (ones that were buried amongst the Default characters) I have Starwing back, I used SimPE to reset her familial relation to Magnus - and since Optimus reached a high enough rating in magic, he now has a cat familiar... named Roller. Roller happens to be female. I haven't yet had Magnus summon a familiar, so I don't know how I'll name that. Any ideas?

I'll post pics later, I need sleep now.
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I spent absolutely ages last night doing piles of work on the Witwicky lot in the Sims. Like before, it's Optimus's house, which means this time around it's also Magnus's, though given the pairing set-ups this time around I won't be moving Magnus out.

The original Witwicky lot has a few issues in it I am not wholly impressed with, including not a lot of yard space for a few fruit trees. I do so love growing crops for my sims (though the requirement in this game that they build their gardening badge before they can grow some types of vegies is less than impressive, though I have items to deal with that).

I also added an oversight to Edea's quite crowded household - Jenova. Actually, watching the toddlers in Edea's house playing with the toys in the nursery is cute. I need to go in and do some work in there though, I need to fix several of the bedrooms up - I know I need to do work on those ensuites.

I also need to get my aft in gear and get Megs and the Seekers housed.
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Can you peeps pass me some Cloud icons? Preferably AC/DoC/CC ones, and cheerful ones, with no captions. I know I've seen a CC Cloud around where he's smiling.

I'm borrowing the idea of one of my fellow players at Cracktrans and giving Bluestreak a video game holoform.

I could also do with one larger picture, for Blue's Wiki page - preferably one that matches one of the icons.
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This bit, in the section about Life Death and the Matrix, in the article about Transformers Technology on Wikipedia struck me as interesting:

It is the source of all Sparks that exist, have existed, or ever will exist, sending them out into the world to live, so that when they die, they will return to the Allspark and share their experiences, thereby increasing the collective wisdom and knowledge of the Allspark.

Anyone else see parallels with the Lifestream?
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After a bit of constructive uninstallation of mods, I finally got V.1 of [livejournal.com profile] twetwe123's attempts to put AVALANCHE in Baldur's Gate 2 to work.

Final Fantasy Line-up )

Now what I need is to come up with lines. I may start bugging people for advice on that, on IM.
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I've been thinking of a proposal [livejournal.com profile] twetwe123 made about making a mod if I had an idea for one... I have a silly idea that I have been ruminating for the past couple of days, and not my Sarevok/Imoen idea. Here's the basics:

CHARNAME and team are travelling from one area to another and somewhere in the random wilderness run into a strange group of people, the leader of whom has a strange story to tell.

Final Fantasy Meets Baldur's Gate )

Edit: I may need help from fellow FF7 fans to come up with short dialogue strings for the characters who do go in this mod.

EDit, The Revenge: Just went through and put in all the names.
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[livejournal.com profile] twetwe123, I hit the dialog you mentioned - the one you said would follow a sleep outdoors? Slimy fellow Latimer is, ain't he? But the game's been indicating that since Avery anyway.

Oh, and the sleep right after? Little minx Nathaniel is, huh?

Also ran into Ryan Trawl, ended up tripping off the Unseeing Eye when I had to go to Ano's Judgement. Yey progress.

As for anyone else reading this, all FFVII fans who are OT4 of SHINY (Seph/Zack/Cloud/Aeris) fans too, go see this picture. OT4 picture all the way!
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Something that just occurred to me due to my random comments to [livejournal.com profile] icedark_elf about a recent Crisis Core video:

Okay, so "lost in time" plots are a dime a dozen in Guardianverse, and this is yet another one.

Simply put, Griever gets thrown back in time, but he gets thrown to the point just after Zack died and Cloud is monumentally messed up, leaving Griever/Squall to try and pull him together and keep him from totally breaking down again. (Note: Griever already knows Cloud, albeit a version much older, i.e. Tyr - one of the elder GFs of Terra.)
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I got asked yesterday if I would take one of the [livejournal.com profile] fandom_bound journals, thankfully it's the het one because nutting out Leon's hair is a bitch - not that the journal that's applicable is even in circulation yet.

Anyway, here's the preliminary picture for the het journal - Aeris and Vincent )

Keep in mind, this is only the starting point, the completed picture will be along the same line as this picture is, but I'm already at the stage where I can start on the detailing, since the central figures and the boarder marker lines are done.

Despite what I first thought, I will have to glue this into the journal.
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This is a little FFVII plotbunny that has been hanging around, keeping the Griever-bunny from bugging me a bit (along with the help of a couple of perennial favourite non-fannish bunnies that I will never be induced to divulge).

Return Of The Living Dead... )
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I wish I had dreams like this morning's more often! The bit in question is rather simple, Aeris was totally molesting Vincent.

Oh how I wish people would write more of that!
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Okay, so I'm finally done fooling around in Shinra Mansion in my sims game. If I'm going to be going to this sort of length with everything I'm just going to go ahead and install the expansions and do all the fixer-upper stuff afterwards!

Anyway, amongst all the stuff I did I aged up two of the residents, gave out four makeovers, and got pissed at the game interupting my painting bee.

Another day in the Valentine household... lots of longwindedness and a few pics )

Maybe now I can leave this house until the expansions are loaded...
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So Thursday morning I had a lovely little medival slashy romance dream that I have been ruminating over for the last few days (now my two unamed guys from it have been stamped with Basch and Squall's faces due to my resistance to let Brokeback Mountain take them over), now - this morning - I had a puzzling little part-meta, part crossover dream that amuses me a bit.

What I remember of the begining had to do with novels and videos of old Doctor Who stories - one that had the Master in them (whether or not they really did in the waking world or not) and some strange idea that I bought them during a phase of fannishness for the Master (which IRL, I've never had).

Then I went to sit down at a table, where a young Sarah-Jane Smith joined me and I could see, out the window, a border fiddling with a motorcycle... who happened to be Sephiroth. Sarah-Jane saw him and was a bit freaked out, and I was worried she was going to cause trouble and started to reassure her that he's fine - he's just Jamie, the resident amnesiac of the house, while thinking on how that name is also the name of one of the Doctor's old companions.

And it was at that point that the newest resident wandered out, looking for breakfast - Squall, wearing black jeans and a black pullover and long Leon-esque hair - and I'm also wondering how he's going to react to Seph when he sees him... but I woke up at about that point.

And unlike the one from a few days ago, this isn't really fodder for fantasy, just one of those lovely curiosities one is damn glad to be able to remember.
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I am currently not happy at the ABC.

According to the new TV Week, they are not going to be showing Torchwood.

Oh, I'm looking up other ways of getting it - after all, Britain has the same regional settings as Australia so if I have to, I'll order straight from BBC UK.

In other news, Dirge of Cerberus finally came in, so maybe now I'll go back to my PS2.
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I'm just venting over something on [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants...

No matter how anyone sees a character, someone else will disagree with them.

Why is it so hard to understand that?

No matter how straight one may see Cid Highwind as being, someone (quite a few someones for that matter, given how popular Valenwind still remains, even in the face of canon Cid/Shera) will refuse to accept that he is totally absolutely straight and will still slash him with Vincent.

As far as I am conserned, it's not about Cid, or his presumed orientation, it's that people will always slash characters, no matter how much of a "redblooded bloke" that character may be.

Fine, Cid's straight. He had a woman in a bikini painted on the side of the Highwind. He's canonically married. He's a typical red-blooded male. But that will never stop people from slashing him.
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Well I have been doing a fair bit of work in Sims 2, fixing problems and getting my households restored again.

First off, I was having problems with Supernova House - the house where Sephiroth and Jenova are. When I tried to load it, it would keep on crashing on me.
Well I got past it by creating a stand-in sim (Freya Strife), putting her on a block and using one of my pet modded items to move Seph, Jen and Cloud in.

This does mean however that I lost all teh furnishings in Supernova House, which is going to be a pain to restore, but it means I don't have to go back to an old savegame (which is a pain in itself, because I think the last save file I have is before I built the Org families).

I do have one strange problem though, Laguna is registering two Squalls in his relationships - the one who I just moved in, and the one he is married to. That's a pain, because it's suposedly the same Squall but until I can deal with the phantom one (that he thinks he's married to) I can't get them remarried, and I don't know SimPE well enough to get it straighened out.

I also went and changed Xehanort's hair to the Xemnas style from MTS2, the results of which are ridiculously cute, because I haven't yet let him age up from toddlerhood.

I'm going to poke around SimPE and see what I can find about the phantom Squall. If I have to, I'll kill off Laguna and remake him totally - same applies to Seph if I get similar problems with him and Cloud.

Edit: I did it, I killed Laguna off and made a new one. I hope it doesn't take too long for the reserection wants to disappear from Squall's Wants dial - maybe I'll look into making them parents.

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