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mimi_sardinia: (Orin Crazy)
So I recently got my copy of The Sims 3: Showtime, complete with bonus Collector's Edition venue and Katy Perry props, hair and clothing.

I also blew $40 on downloads from the Sims 3 store, getting magic equipment, a Cowplant, and a new town called Lunar Lakes.

The idea behind Lunar Lakes is that it's a space colony.

To test all this out, I made up a new sim, Orinni )

I still have things to fix in my mods for the game. I need new store mods, still have to find spots in Lunar Lakes for a couple of clubs, a secondhand store, and a horse ranch.
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I has meh laybuy off. You know, the one with the first three seasons of SPN in it.

I also got The Sims 3: Master Suite Stuff, and pre-ordered the next major expansion.

I don't know when I'll get around loading MSS, I am currently doing so much of my online stuff upstairs, on Vec, and haven't been playing much of the Sims - 3 or Medieval.

Hmm... I do wonder if anyone has made SPN sims...

ETA: I am thinking of leaving season 5 for a while so I can watch seasons 1-3.

Also, resorting icons again so I could get one of both Winchester brothers in, and a couple of others.

Also: Totally addicted to this song.
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I called Telstra today to find out what's going on with my connection, turns out the turnover date is the 7th. As it is, the guy I talked to gave me some extra bandwidth so I'm back a week early. I really need to be careful with downloads though, it kills my month if I'm not careful.

I blame Barnacle Bay for this mind you!

So like usual, I have read lots, played the Sims lots, and also got my copy of Pets.

Speaking of which... )

I also got my Ultimate Optimus Prime off laybuy, the one with a trailer that transforms into wings. It's more than just wings, it's a full flight suit sorta thing, which makes the Optimus figure look lots bigger than it really is. Honestly, the figure is only about the size of a Voyager figure! It makes me feel a bit better about getting two large Optimus toys around the same time.


Sep. 18th, 2011 01:05 pm
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It appears I cannot load Bridgeport, again.

I wanted to take a bit of time out from playing the Praadera family so I am starting on something totally different and want to use a different town than either Sunset Valley or Twinbrook. Seems somewhere along the line my game won't play nice with the Big City so I am having to go back to the town I was a bit suspicious of, Riverview.

I can't afford at the moment to put out the money needed for simpoints to by Barnacle Bay, and I think there's another downloadable town available now, but same thing applies. The only reason I have Riverview was because it was free.

I also have half a dozen of my older OC sims I need to rebuild as I didn't totally trust the old versions not to crash the game on me. I have, once again, lost my pair of sisters that [livejournal.com profile] agiftedmind created based on herself and one of her own OCs. The save I had of them were in a house and something in that house doesn't mix with the current version of the program.

I am also feeling very tempted to reload The Sims 2 and start again with it. I kinda hope that I could recreate my S2 Starwing, as well as several of my other characters.

Right now however I am fiddling with a new copy of Kyla Yaslana.

Sunset Grr

Aug. 19th, 2011 06:56 am
mimi_sardinia: (Aeris - Screw You Guys)
It seems I may need to totally scrap all my Sims towns (except Riverview) and start again.

I tried opening Sunset Valley, but first off, Serena sounded suspiciously... male, in voice, and when I decided to try one of my already well-played households (the Bachelors), the game crashed.

So yet again, I am going to have to start right from the beginning.

Oh well, I guess that means I get to try out the Generations features on Bella and Mort, but I do have all the irrits of having to reset the newer community blocks - Consignment store, Firehouse, beauty parlour, clubs, pubs and the movie backlot... ehh. Oh well.

I just hope I don't have this all over again with Pets - I can do the same trick with the Praadera I did before - dump the whole house in the Household library and reboot the neighbourhood, or just put a totally new copy in a library'd copy of the house (with it's vast basement of fun and stuff), but the Bachelors and the Goths have already set connection in Sunset, like the two Bachelor graves in the graveyard, and Agnes Crumplebottom (Cornelia Goth's sister).

I also want the damn guide book for Generations there's a lot of bits and pieces I'm seeing that I want the details on. Hmph!


Jul. 21st, 2011 05:52 am
mimi_sardinia: (*Squee!*)
I am finally back from my internet allowance-induced exile!

And I only had to bequeath an extra $30 per month for it.

Anyway, for those who don't read my dA journal, I have been having a lot of problems lately with the measely data quota my internet plan had and as a result I couldn't get into LJ. I think there's something to do with the I-stat, because that is where it always stalled.

I also did a bit of file cleaning in my Sims game which has tremendously improved the function of the game so instead of just barely limping along it's actually going somewhere. It still has it's issues, but I'm finding ways to cope with them, especially with save times that aren't half an hour - or so it feels.

The state of my recent pet project of creating sims based on some of my personal OCs has progressed to actually playing them, and I have had a consequent creative streak of imaginings about previously neglected cast members.

And most significantly, I have my netbook! This post in particular comes to you from my bedroom, upstairs from the desktop known fondly as Cybertron, curtesy of Vector Prime the potentially wandering compting device (most of it's wandering has been only within the house).

I still have to get used to some of the basic netbook things, like the feel of the keyboard (though I'm still not totally comfortable with Cybertron's keyboard, which was new as of when I got the new compy), and the mouse which is tiny (though I love the retractable cord on it).
I also have to accept SG!Ravage (the modem) vanishing downstairs while I sleep, since I'm mostly sleep daytime at the moment (though I'm pushing it back) and Mum tries her best to stay diurnal as she can with her insomnia, so usually she comes and grabs SG to use on the compy downstairs.

The other effect of the new addition is the ability to do two things at once - something that amused Mum a fair bit the first time she saw me at it. I can now be online at the same time as playing the Sims, though I still have the occasional keyboard mix-up where I try to copy-paste on Cybertron's keyboard something I'm wanting to move on Vector.

And the moving happens - if I need to move files it's usually via Ravage (MP3) or Alpha Trion (1TB portable drive), by simple dint of plugging said drive into one compy, copying files to it, unplugging drive, plugging into the other compy and copying files over.

I also hate mouse touch-pads too.

But anyway, I'm pretty sure I've missed a pile of TF fic while I've been exiled, so I'm going to go hunting.
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In the ongoing process of making sims for some of my personal OCs, I have now finished making the Praadecalla family and have placed them on a lot!

Sims! )
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Well it seems my previous version of Khyilenna didn't get saved. I was a bit miffed about it because I was ready to start work on the rest of Mareph's family but ended up having to remodel Khyi again.

This time I didn't bother with silly ideas like trying to turn Bella Bachelor into an acceptable Khyi and instead used a base that I knew was good - I used Maritas Prima, who is actually based on Starwing (see icon).

It seems an irony that when I got done she ended up looking quite similar to the one who started out as a Bella clone - I guess when you're using the same tools, similar results will come out when one takes into account personal tastes.

But due to game crashes, I lost the first Maritas-based Khyi, and ended up having to do her again, this time saving after I finished basic facial alterations, and then again after her make-up (including tatts) was done. Her clothing isn't done yet, but at least the facial structure is complete.

Senna Daani Khyilenna Malaasa )

Then I had some genetic fun )
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Well I have been able to to get Danielle and Marcus happily married, and with the next available paper coming up with a Medical job (Marcus's lifetime goal is to get to level 10 in the medical career) the househodl now has two incomes coming in, which means I am not struggling so hard to keep things going. Oh, I still a struggle, but more often than not I am no longer waiting a day or two until Dani brings home a new pay before I can pay it.

I am also finally making progress in replacing the crappy starter furnishings, with a better TV, better stove, and a bookcase so I don't have to keep sending them to the library to learn stuff. The only thing is that it means I need to collect books now as Marcus entered the house with no skills.

However it's difficult to get much couple time for them, Dani's job is an evening one and Marcus's is a day job, and I can't cheat like I can on the PC game so I have to work hard to find enough time to get them feed, cleaned and toileted in between work and sleep. Luckily community lots are like in S2 - the home lot clock freezes while the sim is out - but they can't sleep on community lots.

Still, the game is going fine.

And now some Sim and Mii Picspam )
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
So it may be obvious from my recent posts that I have some of my old OCs on the brain lately. Well I am also making sims of them.

The is not the Goth you are looking for! )

The only thing is I forgot to load the Lady Gaga sim I found - I want to use her as Khyilenna's base, since I have really taken to using Gaga as Khyi's face on [livejournal.com profile] riftfire_dancer.

On other Sims play: I had to scrap my 3DS game and start again - I found I had two copies of the Townie I'd made as Daani's prospective boyfriend. It would get too confusing with two Marcus Prides when I'm trying to get one to like Daani enough to romance.

The second take on Daani (Daani Malaasa) is Danielle Malan (a recently decided alias for Khyilenna). I haven't gone in to make a new Marcus Pride (Mareph) yet.
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I am finally getting way too tired of the total lack of space on my hard drive. No, I can't get another one right now, but for the time being, I am uninstalling the Sims 3 from the compy completely.

I have backed up the game, of course and I'll eventually reload it when I can do something about the HD space, but until then... well I think I'll see if one of the FF games can go on instead, though I'll have to see about the Chocobo mod if I want FF7.

That won't stop me from getting S3 expansions, I just won't be playing them for the time being.

ETA: Slag that for a pile of slag, FF7 simply won't start, even with the chocobo patch, and Griever, the savegame editor won't work. I am not playing these games without a working editor!

Maybe I'll see if I can get BG or IWD working, though BG is it's own pile of scrap because of all the mods I usually istall, but maybe the Nathaniel mod has a decent update by now that doesn't have the faults of the last one I DL'd.
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First off, let me headesk about the Sims.

*Headesk!* *Headesk!* *Headesk!*


I managed to get some good progress with my latest sim, Serena Viator, and got it into my head to call over a sim orphaned in my early work in killing off sims I really detest, only I was giving her a makeover and... BAM! Game crash! Several hours of play lost!

In other things, Mum and I are having our xmas early - opening prezzies and having our turkey dinner tomorrow. This is because Xmas Day I am getting up at buttfuck o'clock in the morning to get on a plane to Sydney. As I have found out, that's going to be interesting because my cousin and her family are down for the hols, so my Aunt (Dad's sister), Uncle and younger cousin are staying at Dad's place while Older Cousin and family are at her parents' house.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be the big DVD viewing day, with two box sets of Doctor Who to watch through.

In other things, I now have a Galvatron, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] onetruesikorsky. He's sitting on the desk in front of me, next to Cyber-Megs, with Cyclonus sitting on top of him. Red Alert thinks this blodes some massive plot to kill all the Autobots in the house. He also thinks Big Rav having his roof pack thingie is part of the plot.

Last thing: [livejournal.com profile] agiftedmind has let me know she's got her cat, Tika, back. I'm sure she'll give the details when she can get online and post an update.
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Mum got a cold.

I got it from her.

Okay, so I haven't had it as bad, but that was because I had earlier warning and have been steadily dosing my self with Anticol and Strepsils. Plus Mum is twice my age and diabetic.

I took Primus in for some more RAM on Friday - turns out I still only have DDR1, which means oooold crap machine (but not as crap as Feanor), but the shop had 512 gig RAM card available.
Not that it went totally well, I got Primus home to find it didn't want to start, so I took it back the next day, one of the guys at the shop fiddled around with the RAM cards and eventually got them working. Seems Primus was unhappy about the order they were placed in, or something the like.

So I can play LN, but not a hell of a lot better than before, and I can't open Bridgeport (the LN-specific city) at all, and even Twinbrook is giving me trouble since I started placing some nightclubs.
So far I've got Rachel a nice supply of plasma fruit, but have yet to get some planted. Rachel is in the middle of doing the Master Invention opportunity, though I don't intend on keeping the Simbot - let's just say I'm not really taken with simbot aesthetics.
I've also put in an extensive sub-basement in the lot, against the time I turn Rachel into a vampire. Nice and dark to spend her days away from the crippling sun... if I can get the game to play nice and not crash on me.

Let's face it, I'm not going to have a really stable game until I can fund the purchase of a new desktop.

That's another thing, I doubled my hamper bill for the next year by signing up for a netbook through Chrisco. Maybe if I do it that way, I'll actually get one! That just leaves getting the accessories for it to every day finances.
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Well I should have read the damn pack before I bothered.

Turns out I don't have enough RAM on Primus to run LN. The irritating part is, I did have enough on Feanor but when I had to change, I didn't think to ask about the RAM that would be in Primus. I didn't consider having a new 1 TB drive installed either, but whatever.

Thing is, I can't afford to do anything at the moment - I have bills, xmas to buy for, not to mention the trip to Sydney, and I don't think I'll have the money spare to get more RAM installed.

I guess I either have to do a full reinstall back to Ambitions again, or just not play the game.


Nov. 23rd, 2010 02:28 am
mimi_sardinia: (Bloodied Cloud)
It looks like I have lost all my Sims 3 backups.

I have been having some problems with Vector ecer since it was transfered into an external housing, and decided to reformat the whole drive. It appears though that not everything copied over when I was doing the last minute backup.

I have found one possible save... a copy of the savegame folder that somehow landed in the C/: drive, which I'd deleted, but I hadn't emptied the Recycle Bin - I am hoping it works or I'm going to be stuck right back at the beginning again, having to raise both Bella and Mort from childhood all over again.

Meanwhile, I have installed Late Night but have yet to test it to see if the game is working okay.
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I am getting irritated from my Sims game crashing every damn time I try to play it.

Iffy Net

Aug. 5th, 2010 01:15 pm
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If folks haven't noticed, I've been offline for the last two days. I have no idea what's causing it, except the computer claims there is no dial tone, but the phone disagrees and all the cords seem to be in fine, if dusty, condition.

This may be the modem getting old.

As it is, I am just pleased it's playing nice at the moment, so I can check my mail and such.

I have been playing a lot of Sims 3 - finally got out of the Goth house and am resettling Agnes back into her house... along with the Yaslana twins, which means I have a whole basement to furnish. I have already tried to do that once but the game got stuck so I had to kill the game and lost all that work. Yutz.

At the moment I am having to save frequently - as Mum said last weekend, I seem to spend as much time on my lounge, playing Tetris and waiting for it to save as I do actually playing it.

Anyway, while I'm on I'll be reading. Haven't been able to get my fanfic fix for the last couple of days!
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Well, Rachel opted in on an opportunity thread that I'd never managed to complete (I think Cornelia got it once, but I'd only done the first two parts). The result however...

Attack of the Scraplet! )
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I have had some luck! My Sims game has played nice for once and my copy of Starwing's base sim I had in files hasn't caused havok with the game. The result is that I now have a sim version of my [livejournal.com profile] tf_matrix version of her, Rachel Coulson.

A few pics )

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