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Apr. 23rd, 2007 03:11 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Balthier - Just That Awesome)
[personal profile] mimi_sardinia
Well, today has been a day of heavy lifting. Hadn't realised the new TV would be so damn heavy! The old one isn't nearly as heavy, but then the old one is 23 years old so I wonder how much stuff is in the new one.

I also got my FFXII guidebook off laybuy, nice to know I have it so when I actually do get around to firing up Xemnas again I'll have it by. Love the nice closeup pics of the characters in it - I can't help of what a few people around say about Reks' outfit - a "battle bra". *Snerk*

Never got a really good look at Mataeus before so I didn't realise there's a figure in the middle of all those limbs that is tied up.

Anyway, short list of things to do now: pay the new phonebill, buy more vit D, get back payments for the christmas fund dealt with (I figure if I can get $100 in next off-week Coles pay), the Sims Celebration Stuff pack, FF3, and then maybe save up a bit of money to get Fëanor more RAM. The Sims kinda needs it.

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