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I spent absolutely ages last night doing piles of work on the Witwicky lot in the Sims. Like before, it's Optimus's house, which means this time around it's also Magnus's, though given the pairing set-ups this time around I won't be moving Magnus out.

The original Witwicky lot has a few issues in it I am not wholly impressed with, including not a lot of yard space for a few fruit trees. I do so love growing crops for my sims (though the requirement in this game that they build their gardening badge before they can grow some types of vegies is less than impressive, though I have items to deal with that).

I also added an oversight to Edea's quite crowded household - Jenova. Actually, watching the toddlers in Edea's house playing with the toys in the nursery is cute. I need to go in and do some work in there though, I need to fix several of the bedrooms up - I know I need to do work on those ensuites.

I also need to get my aft in gear and get Megs and the Seekers housed.

Tee Vee

Apr. 23rd, 2007 03:11 pm
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Well, today has been a day of heavy lifting. Hadn't realised the new TV would be so damn heavy! The old one isn't nearly as heavy, but then the old one is 23 years old so I wonder how much stuff is in the new one.

I also got my FFXII guidebook off laybuy, nice to know I have it so when I actually do get around to firing up Xemnas again I'll have it by. Love the nice closeup pics of the characters in it - I can't help of what a few people around say about Reks' outfit - a "battle bra". *Snerk*

Never got a really good look at Mataeus before so I didn't realise there's a figure in the middle of all those limbs that is tied up.

Anyway, short list of things to do now: pay the new phonebill, buy more vit D, get back payments for the christmas fund dealt with (I figure if I can get $100 in next off-week Coles pay), the Sims Celebration Stuff pack, FF3, and then maybe save up a bit of money to get Fëanor more RAM. The Sims kinda needs it.
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There's some of the turns of phrase in The Sims 2 that are really quite funny - especially in the memories.

One of the Toddler Teaching ones (Teaching a Toddler to Walk - to be specific) has something along the lines of "Ahh, now that's done! ... What have I done?".

While I was doing Amyralis and her aspirations a few favours I also uncovered this one )
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You know that disappearing sim?

Well I got the Ignatius family (Axel's) housed and Ïethacan turned up on... probably the third day (I've shoved in some of the SimSlice electro-boards so all three members of the family can work up some skills without interuption) and I decided to temporarily get an NPC Generator cabinet (another SimSlice toy - a recoloured shower that teleports other sims into the house as visitors) so I could have Saïx over as well and weirdly enough, there's Calista on the character selection piechart for the Nathyus family.

The disappearing, reappearing, made-over nanny )

So, I don't know what I'm going to do with this girl, maybe I'll see if I can get her to stay solidly in a house. I still feel like playing out the irony of hooking up Ïethacan and Selwyn though, but maybe I can engineer a few intervening memories and use Calista as one of my subjects for that.

At the moment, I'm going to do a bit of Body Shop work to get some of my yet-to-be-implemented sims ready to place so I may start on an idea I had in that direction - making up Edea as mother to teen sims - ones like Selphie and Irvine - so I can put the Teens into Uni.

Strangely, in this case, I am glad of this game's stubborness about surnames - it's kinda nice that I know Calista won't change names, even if I transplant her into Edea's house so I can work things around to getting her to fucking stay put.

Maybe I'll see if I can tweak the Ellone model's face into something I like better while I'm fiddling in Body Shop. Both of them I need to find clothing for because they either didn't come with custom clothing or the clothes didn't work. I at least have a dress chosen for Edea.

Actually, I'd like to download SimPE and start poking about with it - I read somewhere one can reset family relationships with it, but that sounds rather high level alterations that could potentially go wrong very easily. Meh, maybe I'm a bit too ambitious there!

Edit: Grr! Already having issues with Edea. You know those veiny-things along the sides of her face while she's the Big Bad Sorceress? Well they are part of the base skintone for her. That's what's annoying, you can't change skintones - you can't change eye colours either - once the sim is made up.
I wish whoever had made this sim had taken into account that Edea in "Matron" mode (in the flashbacks and the final scene after the Ultimecia fight, and in the camcorder FMV in the credits) didn't have those veins and had made them facial makeup, but nooooo! They're part of the skintone aren't they?
I also hate the skullcap - it looks daft, a lot dafter than the original in FF8 - which is why I am wishing the veins were makeup or eyebrows because then I could make over Edea mid-game, from "The Soreceress" to "Matron" and back again if I wished - because my experimental "Matron" is not looking very Edea-like at the moment.
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Well Sims 1 is giving me curry, it wants to smear trails of images when I scroll anywhere while in House View (i.e. on any house plot wher I can play an active family). If I am to renovate the Strife-Gainsborough house (Seph, Zack, Cloud and Aerith - Cloud and Aerith being the only ones with official surnames since I don't think Seph ever had one (even if I believe he could get away with "Sephiroth Crescent")) I need to either solve that or be damn patient.

I tossed the Goths (one of the starting families that originates from the base game too so it's in that top bit of the broader neighbourhood that was the limit of the original neighbourhood before Unleashed? I think? - consisting of a man, woman and a girl child) and put the OT4 in that house but I'll need to do extensive renovations to the place before they settle in.

I actually like doing it that way, I end up with more interesting houses if I just extend pre-existing ones.

I'm also temped to reinstall some of the Baldur's Gate stuff - maybe see if I can get BG1 to work again. Last time I tried it kept crashing almost as soon as I tried to get Narri (my favourite PC - a female half-elven Chaotic Good Fighter/Mage who I tend to equip with a longsword and a crossbow) to do anything.

As I said before, it's all too likely these games will get ignored when I get Sims 2 off laybuy and currently I have yet to go back to FF8.


Feb. 9th, 2006 12:18 am
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Okay, I'm caving.

I'm going to reinstall Sims 1.

I expect I will neglect it once I get Sims 2 but that won't happen for at least a week.

I can't help but wonder if I'll have a siliar thing happen with The Sims as did with SimCity. I didn't mind Classic SimCity, I got to know it better during the years before I got Fëanor and all I had was a hand-me-down SNES.
I played SimCity 2000 way back before then, on Grey's computer - the first computer of any note in my household. I loved it.
I bought my own copy when we first moved to Brisbane (as an adult - not that time way back when I was 2-3) and Noddy had a computer that was parked in the spare room.
I ended up having to buy one of those sets of half-a-dozen old games to replace that disk since I took it to Tafe once and left it in one of the library computers and it obviously got taken by whoever the next person was that got on that compy.
I got SimCity 3000 at some point, tried it but ended up finding it too troublesome so I reverted back to SC2000, where I had no nonsense cheat codes, a game that I could play without the codes if I wanted, and the ability to create custom tiles and tile sets. My personal tile sets get named after stars, the first one was Epsilon (yeah, not actually a star but greek letters remind me of how stars are named), the second Sirius (must have been during my time in the HP fandom) and my current Alderbaran.

Like I said, I hope I don't have the same happen with Sims 2.

Meanwhile it's going to be fun sorting through all my skins again and shuffling them all into their proper folders again. The C&C stuff is horribly messed up, I'll have to totally clean it up because the behavioural mods are mixed in with the object mods.

I am thinking this time of making the Cloud/Seph household include Zack and Aerith instead. Squall can go live with Seifer, Irvine and Zell.

ETA: Blah, reinstalling all the extras I've downloaded over time is painful, especially when I have to extract them again and pull them out of the folders that extraction generates so I can dump them in the Downloads folder.
I need to make new recovery folders.


Dec. 29th, 2005 03:28 pm
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Well I didn't get a PS2 on laybuy. BIG W had run out of them and EB Games doesn't laybuy consoles.

I laybuyed Sims2, a 50 pack of black CDRs, a packet of 50 empty jewel cases and a new street directory instead (our old street directory is old - like at least 5 to 7 years old).

It'd be good if I could get that off next week but I won't hold my breath, I have bills to pay as well and I don't want to dip into the healthy safety margin I've built on the rent. I do want to get that stuff off before I send Fëanor in for work though, which means I won't be able to start saving for said work to be done until I have the laybuy off. :(

Oh, and by the way, I hate bills.
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I've never actually done this before, but I just felt like it.

* Final Fantasy VIII - PC edition, english language, Australia Pacific region (region 4).

* Final Fantasy IX - english language, Australia Pacific region (region 4). I'll get a PS2 eventually so I can play it.

* More paid time on this journal.

* More icon space to go with it.

* Fanfic. Preferably any one of: reserected redeemed!Seph/Cloud, Vincent/Cloud, Cid/Cloud, Cid/Cloud/Vincent, Seph/girl!Cloud, Seph/Zack/Cloud, Zack/Cloud/Aeris, Reno/Rude, Veld/Vincent, Tseng/Rufus. Nothing sad though.

Anything else is a bit too much to ask (like the money for getting Fëanor the Computer upgraded so I can run Sims2, or a PS2). (And even then I wouldn't expect the first two from anyone, or that either of the journal ones are all that likely. I'd be quite glad of the fanfic though.)
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I have always had a thing for pairings between enemies, I think I always will, even in fandoms I am not exactly all that knowledgable in )
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After pulling up Aeris and Zack's house last night I think I may need to consider extending because in the time I was playing them I got three baby questions (two "Should we have a baby?" pop-ups and one adoption offer).

Whew! Those two however are so damn cute!
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Okay so, thanks to what I mentioned in my last post I had to go and do something to cheer myself up.

I ended up killing some more sims.

Don't know if it helps but I can always blame Squeenix!
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I tested an unused spell in Sims1 - the Friend In Deed spell. It's about the only spell that is directed at pets.

Now I thought it would be a pet version of the Relationship Boost or Smiley Face spells but as it turns out, I was wrong, it turns a pet into a human sim.

So result? I ended up with Braska, the Spira household's cat, turned into a human, and an ugly one at that! NO HAPPY! So I decided that he needed to be killed off.
Killing a sim is rather easy, all you have to do is to go into the Build View and suround them in walls or a fence and then ignore them completely for the next several days.

So now I have a gravestone decorating one corner of the Spira compound and an empty space that I can maybe get Jecht into. While I was considering the issue of getting Lenne into a house with Shuyin it occured to me that Jecht would fit into the Spira house as he's a FFX chara (as opposed to a FFX-2 one) but the fact that the only slot not taken by a human was taken by Braska blocked that. Of course I didn't mourn such a fact much as it was for leftover sims like Jecht that I made the Krammer household (named such because it's head is Edea) but I guess the thing with Braska give me the space to move Jecht in. It'll take while though to actually get him, but that's okay.

Anyway, since returning to playing with them I decided to toss the OC sims because I still had plenty of fandom sims that are in need of placement and it also gave more room for me to spread out a few charas, like making a new household of Rude and Tifa and setting up Shuyin so I can have him and Lenne together.

There's also one lot I was testing how long it took to kill a pet on, and just for the heck of it I also killed the pet's owner. Morbid as it might be I think I might do some more of that and see if I can't build myself a nice sim graveyard. >:D


Sep. 1st, 2005 06:11 pm
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I think I have finally gotten through to the Other Side Of My Head (aka The Bint) on the subject of a PS2. It'll be while yet, I may not be able to get one until next year.

Don't even mention the PSP to me, that is just not happening. Besides, I want to play PS1 games and the PSP could hardly do that!

Dirge of Cerberus was what did it, I want Vinnie!

I'm also having to reread the last chapter of Why Me? A Love Story for Manic Depressives - it's been so long since I read the existing chapters that I need a refresher before hitting the new chapter (wheee! New Chapter!). I wonder if I'll get back into the Sims tonight?

Oh, and on the subject of Sims, I am officially pissed off at C&C - their site is down.
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It seems I may finally get one of my Sim families into one of the premium Magic Town housing properties. Though of all the families to get there it'll end up being the Bauglir family - the one that consists of Morgoth, Sauron, Curunír (aka Saruman) and Ultimacia.

Couldn't happen to a nicer family. *Snerk*

I also decided to go look in my beloved Valentine household. Had a rather cute scene come up just before I closed:
I'd sent Cloud to work on his logic skills by playing chess. Squall was the first finished the morning's round of gardening so I sent him up to join Cloud. So the chess game plays out and I prodded Squall into kissing Cloud and wouldn't you know it? Seph came up right at that point and decided off the cuff to kiss Cloud as well.
Not only did I NOT get any jealousy issues (does that mean the mod I got is actually working?) but they are at a nice happy 100/100 relationship score all around (meaning all of them have 100/100s for both of the others).

It's nice when family life is happy!


Aug. 27th, 2005 10:14 pm
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For the first time in a while I have opened my Sims1 game. The reason? I am plotting to institute my latest ship, Rude/Tifa.
This is not as easy as it seems since I am out to steal already existing sims from the families they are currently in and making them into a new household.

The plan by which to do this is that I will use a third party to seduce one of them out of their house, kill third party sim off, then have the first one to move house seduce the other out of their old family unit.

I have, while typing this, realised that I may need to redo the steps I have taken so far in this plot, I don't really wish to have Tifa and Rude slapped with the surname "Cupid" for the continuity of the game so I may have to remake Eros which in turn means I will have to at least refurnish the house I built for him. Oh well, there goes the 16 point friendship score caused by Tifa acting as the "welcome wagon" (someone turns up the first day a new sim moves in and introduces themselves. The usual culprits are Tifa and Zell or Aeris and Zack).

Now I just have to decide what name I want them to have. I had this idea of using "Lockhart" and doing a similar trick to change Barrett and Marlene's surname to Wallace since I originally named their household "Lockheart". More's the pity Rude is a one-name character (though I have seen in my reading so far that many people have that as short for "Rudolph", and the fic I commented on a couple of days ago had "Rude" as his surname).


Apr. 22nd, 2005 10:29 pm
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There's one pairing I hear about the canonical impossibility of on [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants a fair bit but it keeps happening in my sims!!!!!!!


I don't know why but it's always one of those two who ends up joining the other in bed. The session of play I just ended had them go at it at least four times without my prodding (oh, and once where I did prod them).



Apr. 11th, 2005 05:11 am
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After getting distracted with the Súlimo household I finally got around to correcting my ommission )

Only I not only added Jecht but also put Lenne in, having finally worked out which head was suposed to be hers.
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I forgot Jecht!

I'm going to have to dump the Krammar house to put him in!
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Okay, just following up on my last post, I finished the latest residents of my Sim neighbourhood.

Oh Eru help me... )

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