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2008-11-20 05:33 pm
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I went in to put down a token payment on my games laybuy at EB Games, but the guy there gave me the games for the current sale price they're on for at the moment. That meant, that with the amount of money I'd already paid I was owed some money by the shop, so I got the just-released Mansion and Garden Stuff pack for the Sims 2, and a gift card for another $15.10. I may end up using that as a down-payment for Spore, after I have TFA Magnus and the DVDs off laybuy.

But it means I have FFXII:RW and FFIV DS sitting in front of me.

ETA: I have just been watching the start of the game... my nickname for Cecil is apropriate - Emo (short for Lord Emo). The bedroom chat with Rosa is quite sappy and having voices makes it even moreso, and... I don't like Kain's voice, it's too deep. ;_;

I'll have to go through it again because I can't put all my attention into it right now - I'm doing my daily journal sweep and have a Sims pack to install.
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2007-08-15 09:00 pm
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2007-04-23 03:11 pm
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Tee Vee

Well, today has been a day of heavy lifting. Hadn't realised the new TV would be so damn heavy! The old one isn't nearly as heavy, but then the old one is 23 years old so I wonder how much stuff is in the new one.

I also got my FFXII guidebook off laybuy, nice to know I have it so when I actually do get around to firing up Xemnas again I'll have it by. Love the nice closeup pics of the characters in it - I can't help of what a few people around say about Reks' outfit - a "battle bra". *Snerk*

Never got a really good look at Mataeus before so I didn't realise there's a figure in the middle of all those limbs that is tied up.

Anyway, short list of things to do now: pay the new phonebill, buy more vit D, get back payments for the christmas fund dealt with (I figure if I can get $100 in next off-week Coles pay), the Sims Celebration Stuff pack, FF3, and then maybe save up a bit of money to get FĂ«anor more RAM. The Sims kinda needs it.
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2007-01-27 01:47 am
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Fic Archive 9: FFXII

This one is a little different, I was wanting to clear all the fics out of my FFXII memories tag.

WARNING! Read at you own risk! Spoilers exist in some of the fics listed here-in!

Final Fantasy XII Fics )

I have also opened a new memories tag specifically for these archive posts, because with the ridiculous backlog on the Fics tag would make it hard to find any of the posts after Archive 7, since they would end up shuffled into the list of fics.

That backlog still scares me, I believe ther is over 700 fics needing to be transfered into archive posts but I simply don't have the time or patience to get it all done.
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2006-12-24 11:09 pm
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He's really that old?!!!

I just went to look at the Final Fantasy XII character page on Wikipedia... Basch is really 36??? That puts a hell of a different perspective on a lot of pairings for him - especially my possible pet pairing (which is totally spoilery so I won't say).
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2006-12-11 03:08 pm


Just went over and took a look around the flist on my other journal... wow, reminder of old fandom stuff eh?

I don't think I'm ready to go back and read LotR stuff again (I have found that after some time away I am willing to go visit an old fandom - if only briefly), or at least not [livejournal.com profile] morgana_avalon's writing. Hell, if Orchyd Constyne was still writing LotR I don't think I'd go back at the moment for even her writing!

On the other hand, I may go poke around [livejournal.com profile] stubenfliege's journal and see what her latest fic is about. I know it's an Apocalyptica RPS and I am marginally interested. Took me half a second to remember who "Ansta" was though.

In things closer to home: I have to thank [livejournal.com profile] lazzchan for a new pairing-threesome-whateversome, post-KH2 Riku/Sora/Roxas, specifically with Sora and Roxas sharing the one body and implied Riku/Roxas from the pre-KH2 period.
It's like Riku gets two boyfriends in one. XD

Also, found another fandom that, at those point, will probably only rate as a minor one to distract me in times of low ficcage in FF - Homestar Runner. I have, after a couple of recent visits to the website, developed a fondness for Homsar. He's cute and he talks weird, and once he turned into a moderately hot girl in an imaginary senario. XDD

I also want shota. Someone write some FFXII creepy shota incest? Two guess who I want to see in it. *poings at icon*
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2006-12-07 02:49 pm
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Well I started on cutting down my list of games I am backlogged on buying - I got a copy of Sims 2 Happy Holiday Stuff - the christmas expansion for this year.

Went for that first for two reasons, EB Games didn't have Glamour Life Stuff, even with discounts Pets would have been $10 more, and if I didn't jump on it now I'd likely miss the christmas one totally.

As for what to get next... well I either hunt down GLS, or I go for DoC - I'm still not sure. I'm a twit for memory cards and want more of those to backup DoC and FFXII (yes, I know it'd be months before it gets down here, but I may as well think ahead!) before I really start in on getting a DS Lite.

I hope I can avoid getting out the advance this year, I'd like not be total skint for over half a year (because dammit, it takes the better part of 3 months just to get over it!) but I bet that when my rent rise comes through it's going to hit pretty hard.

I supose I can hope the Powerball entry in my purse is a winner.

Anyway, maybe with HHS, I should get off my butt in regards to the Sims and see if my latest workings in SC4 make for better Sims neighbourhoods.
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2006-12-06 01:28 am
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Well I went and poked my FF7 savegame - played the single most boring fight of the game, Ruby WEAPON.

See, when I last played this savegame I tried a few options, like trying Revive=Final Attack instead of Phoenix after I realised all elemental attacks get absorbed by Ruby therefore healing it. I also tried using Bahamut ZERO as my principal attack.

Well replacing Phoenix in the set-up failed grandly, because half the time the dead person tries to revive someone else instead of themselves, and Bahamut turned out badly, because he attacks all enemies and the one thing you really don't want to do is attack Ruby's fingers enough to make Ruby pull them up and cast Whirlsand.

Phoenix is not so much of a problem, so long as you're otherwise giving big hits because it's fire attack only heals something like 160-180 points a time. The problem with not using Bahamut however leaves the only reliable attack for the fight Knights of the Round.

Knights of the Round is boring.

Oh, maybe not the first couple of times, but over and over and over... I get the same problem with Eden in FF8 too, it's a fault of their blastedly long summoning scenes.

Well anyway, I finished the fight - admitedly after having to restart it - and with the special prizes one only gets from the WEAPON fights, I went and serched Kalm and found the Traveller and got myself some new materia (not that I hadn't already Jenova'd in those exact materia already) and a gold chocobo.

I named the chocobo Larsa.

Much to my exasperation, Larsa turned out to be female.

I have tried to change that status with Jenova, but Jenova has odd stubborn fits over chocobo editing.

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2006-12-04 02:53 am
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Oh. Dear. Eru.

I just realised one of my silly theories about Final Fantasy has proven true for FFXII as well.

Spoiler cut for the sensitive who are still playing XII - and I mean REALLY a spoiler! Like don't read unless you've finished the game!spoiler! )
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2006-12-02 10:17 pm
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FFXII Fanart Amusion

Thanks to an Anonymouse in my post asking about Larsa's age, I have been going through a few japanese fanart pages.

This particular page is of much amusement, particularly the eighth picture down, where Vayne is snapping a photo of Larsa's butt.


Oh, and the first picture? What is that potion bottle doing in Larsa's bed? Did Squeenix engage in more product placement by featuring those bottles in FFXII?
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2006-12-01 08:41 pm
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FF Kids

I've just been thinking, over the last few hours since I got thinking about Larsa Solider, about kids in FF games, and it seems that practically all the games since FF7 (since I don't know any of the pre-7 ones well enough to give an opinion) have some sort of Token Kid - either of the Cute Kid, or Smart Kid type.

FFVII - Marlene.
BC - Yuffie.
AC - Denzel (though he shares with Marlene).
DoC - Shelke.
FFVIII - Ellone.
FFIX - Ekio.
FFX - Bahamut's Fayth.
FFX-2 - Shinra.
FFXII - Larsa Solider.

I know, I didn't include FFXI, but I know crap all about 11 and am never likely to bother since it's a MMORPG and my internet connection is crap for things like that.

Also, KH kinda doesn't count, since the lead character is still young either that he scrapes into the "Cute Kid" catagory - or at least he did in KH1, before puberty really hit him. (That makes me wonder, has anyone ever written a fic that actually brings up how much Sora grew while he was asleep between CoM and KH2? That'd be interesting reading.)
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2006-12-01 12:34 pm
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Augh! Bad Brain!

For anyone playing FFXII, just how old is Larsa?
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2006-11-16 06:14 pm
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Well I good a replacement for the chair with little problem - except for the wait at the refund section.

Also, I got something in the mail... FFX-2. Yeah, I know, the last time I mentioned it I lost the auction but I tried again last week and this time went for the more reliable option, Buy Now.
Checked the disk by playing through the opening FMV and the first few fights (until onboard the Celsius), and oooooh boy! I know some people have likened it to Charlie's Angels but I never guessed how much!

Oh, and I finally got the trailer for FFXII: Revenant Wings loaded - OMGSQUEECUUUUTE!!!! would be a fitting description methinks. Not to mention that I love the Final Fantasy theme.

That confirms it, I want both FF12 and FF12:RW.