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Nabbed off of [livejournal.com profile] bard_linn -

Top 10 'Ships Overall
01. Cloud/Seph - It was my first ever FF ship and I still love it.
02. Vincent/Cloud - Sure, it's mopey and emo, but they can help each other get over the mopey and emo.
03. Laguna/Squall - Squall just needs to get over the whole "moron" idea and see that Laguna is perfect for him (and they're only family by genetics anyway).
04. Riku/Sora - Oh come on, like half the fandom doesn't already agree with me?
05. Riku/Kairi - Just because I feel there far more interesting chemistry there than Sora/Kairi will ever have.
06. Basch/Balthier - Fanfic has done this to me. I need that damn game!
07. Baralai/Yuna - It could happen, if X-2 ends without Tidus coming back.
08. Xemnas/Saïx - I really can't explain why, since I still haven't played far enough yet to see them. Fanfic, probably.
09. Sarevok/Imoen - This was my big BG canon character ship (so no player characters) - almost-but-not-quite-incest too.
10. Blaise/Solaufien - Blaise Draconis is a Baldur's Gate player character - therefore an OC. Sola was a minor character who got a romance mod made about him. I was originally playing Blaise to test a different romance mod but that got skuttled and I ended up playing out Sola, so now the pairing has stuck.

Top 5 Love Triangles/Threesomes (practically all threesomes because I don't like the implied rivalry in triangles)
01. Sephiroth/Cloud/Zack - Hey, it's a natural extention of C/S. I also like Aeris included, which is my OT4 of Shiny.
02. Laguna/Squall/Irvine - [livejournal.com profile] gardensgnome did this one to me - she needs to write more of it.
03. Riku/Sora/Kairi - As much as I have been turned to dislike the phrase "practically canon" by the fanfic rant comms, this threesome really is.
04. Xaldin/Xigbar/Demyx - another fanfic-ecouraged one, though this came to me in pieces, with Xigbar/Demyx and Xaldin/Xigbar.
05. Seifer/Squall/Rinoa - the only way I'll have Squall and Rinoa together.

Top 5 Canon Pairings
01. Balthier/Fran - at least it's common opinion they're canon.
02. Cloud/Aeris - okay, any Clo/Ti shippers? Not saying CloTi isn't.
03. Cid/Shera - What can I say? It's cute!
04. Mickey/Minnie - I'm reaching for pairings at this point, I'm not much of a canon-shipper.
05. Narri/Anomen - Narri's a player character, one of my first BG2 ones. Anomen was the only romancible male given in BG2 (apparently they ran out of time and didn't get any more in). Ano almost always belonged to Narri in my head.

Top 5 "Not my favorite, but they're very nice alternate choices" 'Ships
01. Irvine/Squall - Oddly enough I think this rates just a shade above Seifer/Squall because sometimes the rivalry just grates.
02. Squall/Seifer - Classic rival-ship. The one I first read for FF8, before I found the incest. XD
03. Xigbar/Demyx - Fanfic's fault, I just really like them.
04. Xaldin/Xigbar - Ditto fanfic's fault.
05. Lexaeus/Zexion - They are so married.

Top 5 Pedophilic May-December Ships
01. Auron/Rikku - hard to find good stuff for and has a huge reputation for OOC, but good stuff for it is just great.
02. Vincent/Shelke - I know, I haven't even seen the game yet but this one has grabbed me anyway.
03. Vayne/Larsa - My new OTP. Teetering on questionable because Larsa's so young but nothing can be done about that.
04. Basch/Vaan - Just found this, the fandom needs more.
05. Cecil/Rydia - I don't know if it's even probable but it occured to me yesterday while playing the part right after Mist Village.

Top 5 "WTF that makes no sense... but I LOVE it!" 'Ships
01. KH Tidus/Yuna - It's like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, only more FF.
02. Nanaki/Yuffie - it's interspecies, possibly furry, and very different personalities, but I still like the idea.
03. Buster Sword/Nail Bat - inanimate objects need love too!
04. Sephiroth/Cactuar - it's totally canon.
05. Griever/Squall - my own personal invention. Griever survives, jumps into Squall's head and travels back in time and eventually becomes the cause of Squall becoming... well, Griever.

Top 5 Crossover 'Ships
01. Vincent/Squall - [livejournal.com profile] misskalloway needs to write more of that.
02. Sephiroth/Irvine - it's fic I have periodically kept an eye on. Irvine finds a new GF by the name of Sephiroth.
03. ...
04. ...
05. ... I don't do crossovers much.

Top 5 "I just don't feel what everyone else is feelin'" 'Ships
01. Cloud/Tifa - I am just not very attached to this one.
02. Squall/Rinoa - I give them six months tops before Squall realises Rinoa is too demading and annoying, and Rinoa realises Squall will never be as open as she wants.
03. Irvine/Selphie - I just never ever got this, despite canon indications. I rather slash irvine - with Squall for preference, because I don't really get him with either Seifer or Zell either.
04. Tidus/Yuna - I only ever suported this because I had not found an alternative I liked. I have Yunalai now, so X/X-2 Ti/Yu will never be a prime pairing for me (though I'll still read it if the rest of the plot sounds good).
05. Penelo/Larsa - it's one of the growing XII pairings but I can't bring myself to be much more than "Meh" about it. Maybe because I'd prefer to slash Larsa. I'd probably read a threesome of Vaan/Larsa/Penelo however.

Top 5 "I hope these DIE What the hell were they THINKING?" 'Ships
01. Vincent/Tifa - I don't have words for why, but I just don't think they work. At all.
02. Hojo/anyone - I see why people do it, it for the hatesex and torture, but I dislike hatesex and torture.
03. ...
04. ...
05. ... Besides those two I don't usually feel that strongly against any pairings. I usually give them a "Meh. Don't like it." and leave it at that.
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