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Green Soup

Apr. 30th, 2014 12:46 am
mimi_sardinia: (S3 Mimi)
Here's a cooking idea that is really simple, especially if you frequently have bags of frozen vegetables in storage.

Take a bag of mixed frozen broccoli and cauliflower florets, a 1/4 to a 1/3 of frozen diced onion (you could probably use fresh onion too), a pile of leftover fresh spinach leaves and put in a saucepan with your favourite stock (I used a mix of Massel's vegetable and chicken style* stock powder).

Boil until all vegetables appear to be tender. Over-boiling is not really an issue.

Strain and reserve stock, put vegetables in a blender and add enough stock so the blender does not stall, and blend until moderately smooth.

Return to saucepan and add more of reserved stock to thin as you wish. If you over-thin, if you have it in your cupboard, you can add potato powder.

Simple green soup! Can have any added dressings and add-ins that you like. I put cream in and ate with wheat crackers.

This method can probably be done with any type of vegetable, though including red, yellow and orange vegies will change the colour. Don't let that stop you!

(* Massel stock is completely vegetarian, even the "Chicken Style" and "Beef Style" flavours. There are no animal products, the chicken and beef flavour is achieved by mixing vegetarian ingredients. I like the flavour of their chicken and vegetable stock powders. Massel may be an Australia-only product.)


Sep. 30th, 2013 03:13 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Imoen)
Well, it seems my desktop compy is having a biitchfit and my basic knowledge can't do anything for it.

That means a few things,
1) I'm stuck on Kili.
2) It may be weeks before I can do anything about it because I'll have to call in a pro and I don't have money.
3) I can't use Twitter because Kili hates it and won't let me type there without a huge rigmorole of space bar and delete t8 make sure it does't skip letters on me.
4) I can't use Y!messenger either so I should email Valandhir too...

ETA: Well I'm not stuck on Kili with it's issues, because I dragged Vector out from under the pile of random magazines and old catalogues. I can at least type on Veccy, and will be able to get onto Twitter, and Y!Messenger. I'm going to have to look up Google for my email accounts there though, because the only Bookmark file on Kili was older than I'd thought and is missing a number of bookmarks.

Veccy is still an awkward system to use, because it's slow, and I have to be careful about the power cord, but I am starting to realise that my first opinion about tablets is true - they trade usability for size and portability. Veccy though is more like a desktop that it is far more comfortable for my stubborn, growing old-fart-who-dislikes-new-fangled-crap attitude.
mimi_sardinia: (S3 Mimi)
 photo 20130920_160237.jpg

So sword happened.

Actually what happened is that Dad is far too willing to pay for things while he's here and went and paid for our weekly groceries. (Dad and Noddy are here helping with moving furniture while we had vinyl laid upstairs to replace the ancient crappy carpet. There's also bookshelves being put up, my two (a Billy and a Benno) are already up, though most of the shelves still need to go in.) It means I had spare money, so I went ahead and got my sword off laybuy.

If you're wondering, it's Strider's sword, from FotR. Not Anduril, the nondescript Ranger sword. At the time I put it on laybuy Anduril didn't look to have a sheath and I wanted a nice straight sword with a sheath included. There's now an Anduril in the store with a sheath, but I'm not even considering it. The one I am considering is the mini-Sting (no sheath either, but it's damn cute), but no, I won't get that either.

Actually before I consider anything else I have a phone bill and Macafee issues to consider.

Meanwhile, the other swords I have just bought are far far smaller - more Lego swords are on order from Ebay - Dwarf swords and extra Stings, and also some capes. I did actually get a replacement to Kili's lost sword in a Minifigure pack that had a Valkyrie, which also had a brown round shield that us now Boromir's, but I still I want spares of both types. And also capes, because I want to put capes on Fili, Kili and Thorin. Maybe also one on Bilbo.

Meanwhile, once my cube shelf unit is done, I'll work out some way to display Strider (I think that's what I'll call my new non-bendy sword) on top of it. I hope Feltimus and Felty Magnus's protective canisters fit in the cubes.
mimi_sardinia: (Bilbo and his Dwarves)
So, I'm finally back on Cybertron. I am relieved to have the compy back working. Veccy has plenty of limitations that makes the desktop far more comfy.

Been going through book marks too, since I collected up quite a few while relegated to Vec. I am however annoyed at Yahoo Mail, it keeps sending me to some annoying Overview page about it's new features and to only link on the page just goes to another page that's the same. I did dig out a URL that goes to the proper mail box at least - it's now on my Bookmark Toolbar.

I still don't know what was wrong with Cybertron, but the shop checked it over and now it's working, so that's okay. It still cost, but not a ridiculous amount and I was able to go get my copy of Sims 3 University off the impromptu laybuy I put it on, as well as get my first Hobbit Lego set.

Conversely, I have three foam LARP replicas of Hobbit weapons on laybuy - Orcrist, Sting and Fíli's warhammer.

On the subject of metal versions, I somehow ended up on the Weta website, looking at some of their merchandise, and looked at their swords. Sting is around $5000, Orcrist is around $10000. Umm, not planning on that unless I win Lotto. Maybe one of the cheaper companies that puts out movie replicas though. I still want letter openers too (there's a set with Glamdring, Orcrist and Sting available on Ebay).

Also, the Dwarf Lego figures are cute. The set I got is the one that has Thorin and Bifur in it (also Azog, but I'm not hyped on him).

Not yet tackling installing my Sims expansions.
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
Got this from [livejournal.com profile] angel_kink

How did you come to start your LJ?
This LJ in particular? RP originally. LJ in general? RP. Ironic that.

How did you find your first friends?
RP and fanfic.

Are those first friends still on your FL?
My first journal, no. This journal... possibly.

How long have you been on LJ?
Since around 2003. I know they still had joining codes at the time I made [livejournal.com profile] majinbakahentai.

Do you have more friends or communities on your FL?
Communities, but I don't actively watch most of them - I keep them segregated in flist filters and some filters I haven't looked at in years.

Do you do a lot of friends cuts?
Ehh, not really. I cut if I'm posting pictures or if I write a really long post.

What do you like in an LJ friend?
Friendly, chatty, talking about Fandom, talking about pets.

What do you dislike in an LJ friend?
Rabid hate, shipping nazis.

What would make you un-friend someone immediately?
Rabid hate, shipping nazis, blatant bigotry. I don't un-friend much though.

Have you been caught up in a lot of LJ drama?
Not really, I manage to keep out of the way of most drama, though I've had a few minor incidents that related to RPs I was in.

Do real-life friends and family members know you have a journal on LJ?
Mum is aware I have one. Grey might be aware since he's aware of my FFN profile.

Do you also have Facebook and if so, what do you prefer – LJ or FB?
No, no Facebook.

What about Twitter?
Yes, Twitter. Most of my posting for most of the past year has been daily Twitter feed. It's a lot easier to post random small observations there - I don't feel beholden to put more in to fill out a post.

Do you blog on any other sites?
I occasionally post updates on dA, but try to keep it relevant to my art interests. Once in a blue moon I'll update on the Sims 3 site, usually about recent things to do with my S3 game.

How often do you check in on LJ?
At least once a day, more if my attention isn't taken by something else (like right know I am rabidly consuming the Hobbit kink meme to the exclusion of all else).

What do you rarely or never post about?
RL romance.

Why don't you post about that?
It doesn't exist for me.

Have you ever thought about deleting your journal?

Have you ever changed your username?
Not in the sense of buying a name change token, but I did change every-day journals. My old journal is still there, but barring a recent post saying that I've gotten into the Hobbit fandom, it's left unused.

Why did you choose your current username?
Mimi Fish is a character I've had for years, and for some reason I decided to let her venture onto the RP scene. Then events conspired to make me shift fandom using this journal as my main ID and... *shrug*.

If you're looking for new friends, how do you find them?
Hang out on fanfic and discussion comms.

Are you taking new people on to your Friends List just now?
I don't immediately friend back if someone randomly friends me, but if I recognise them from fandom comms I'm far more likely to friend back.

Finally, tell us the reasons why you keep an online journal.
Fanfic, fandom socialisation, somewhere to air my thoughts.
mimi_sardinia: (Kíli - Pedophilia at 77?)
So for some unknown reason my desktop computer is not working.

It's like, one second it was fine, then there was what seemed to be a split-second blackout (I still think I heard the fan fail for a moment) and then the computer wouldn't turn on again. At all.

It's lucky I've got Veccy here, but I've lost all my Hobbit links, bookmarks and files (mostly pictures).

Also, it will be a while before I can do anything about it. I made one last splurge yesterday to go see the movie once more, got a copy of the soundtrack album, found a nice poster that needs laminating, and ordered the Fíli and Kíli double set of figures on Ebay (luckily it's an Aussie seller, so it's cheap and should be here soonish), since I couldn't find them in the shops. There was also the second half of a phone bill to be paid and I'm currently paying extra on the rent because I missed a week.

As much as I am finding Veccy less than optimal, I''m glad to have it, since it means I'm not totally cut off.
mimi_sardinia: (S3 Mimi)
Well that was a good movie, but I wasn't expecting it to be bad. Here are some random thoughts:

Martin Freeman looks better with the hobbit wig than he does with short hair. His ears however... well the hobbit ears were not quite working for me. Or the feet - too big.

I love that they did include the Dwarves singing that fun song about what Bilbo hates - I still kinda miss the song in Bree that Frodo did, but I understand why that one was left out while this one could be kept.

Kili is cute (in a "Hey! Gorgeous guy!" sort of way, but as some opinions I saw around have, he a little out of place amongst the rest. I also subscribe to another opinion I have seen around that he is very young - maybe even still in the tag end of adolescence for a Dwarf.

Now the one who really melts my loin into butter (to borrow a quote from Jared Padalecki) is Thorin. I will say however is that I like him better in the current time - the grey streaks make him look great and I was not very impressed with the curly hair in the flashbacks. Plus I prefer straight hair just that bit more.

Balin. The white-haired Dwarf who spoke of how Thorin fought the white orc - is that the same Balin who would later reclaim Moria only to lose it again when the Balrog awakes?

I really liked the discussion scene at Rivendell, with Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel and Sauruman. Also, I did spot a few fun little hark-backs, or is that hark-forwards? "I never doubted you for a second." and the scene where Bilbo first puts on the ring. Cute little continuity nods to LotR.

Now I want porn. Thorin/Bilbo porn. Somewhere where I saw those comments about Kili's age and such I also saw comments about that as a pairing. Not a bad idea.

Meanwhile on my wishlist of things I don't expect to see: Michael/Dean, with Michael wearing Adam, and bottoming. Just because I damn well wish it existed.
mimi_sardinia: (S3 Mimi)
Random Thought While Watching the Carols By Candlelight On TV:

My two most favourite Xmas songs are Oh Holy Night and The Holy City. They are also two songs that are best served by having really damn good singers singing them. Also, I have a preference for all three verses of The Holy City being sung. The subject matter of the second verse (the Crucifixion) should always be considered a necessary precursor to the third verse (the "New Jerusalem" aka Heaven). Also, the slightly grim tone of the second verse makes the intensity of the third verse even better.

Also, for some reason Twitter won't let me do anything. I can't tweet, I can Follow or Unfollow, I can't even sign out unless I use the browser tools to do it, but that signs me out of everything I think it's the cookies). At least I can post this to Twitter.

On the subject of cookies, the recipe for the lemon and ginger cookies I wanted to make has gone missing. I was all ready to do the work to make them (they need lemon rind, grating that is a bit of work, then there's juicing the rinded lemons after...).

...And now I'm trying to find "Ed" in Independence Day.

ETA: The one thing that has really dated ID4 is the Twin Towers.

ETA 2: Couldn't see Ed.
mimi_sardinia: (S3 Mimi)
So, today has been a hot, sweaty, dusty shmozzle. Why? Look in the corner )

It's going to take a while for me to get to the new layout - I'm not used to having a keyboard drawer.

Sudden Trip

Aug. 1st, 2012 02:13 pm
mimi_sardinia: (This Is A Nose)
I'm going to Sydney - tonight.

My Nanna is sick, in hospital. I'm going down, just in case.

I will be taking my internet with me, because I don't like having to negotiate with Grey for time on his compy. Last time it was a lot easier having mine with me, and Mum can survive with out it for a while. She still has her Mahjong.

I am tempted to pack my SPN DVDs, though I think the only DVD player they have is an XBox. Or Grey's compy. I can't play DVDs on Logos.
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I knew having a Twitter account would cut posts here.

So I had two weeks on my own. Spent most of it doing what I usually do, read fanfic to a ridiculous extent. I did however make some solid progress watching SPN, got through to mid season 3.

Mum's back now, and it's nice having someone around again.

I have more Kre-Os, Target has a big sale on, probably a stocktake sale, and they were on cheap. I laybuyed the Optimus and Sentinel packs because I found them before I went and did the grocery shopping. Later I took a trip up to Chermside and found Megatron and the large Bumblebee pack at the Target there. They cost me a total of $40 and the laybuy is about $50. That's peanuts for four sets that were each over $50, with Optimus being $100.

I am kinda waiting on the season 7 DVD set for SPN to hit the stores, though I want to try and get my pre-order in for Sunstorm too.

Besides completing my Kre-O collection and wanting the MP Sunstorm my interest in collecting TF toys has waned. I may still try and get MP Nemesis Prime though, I do like my twins and triplets.

I also need to get in and start seriously packing the toys in the crate. I can get my advance at any time and it's basically as soon as we have the money and Dad can come up with one of my brothers that we'll be getting in to clearing the upstairs for new carpet, and bookcases.

I suspect at the moment it won't be Grey who comes up, not after his surgery - he's supposed to stay off work until August. I would have liked it if he could have come up, but I wouldn't want him to strain anything. I know what stomach surgery is like.

On the subject of Grey, apparently he caught SPN 7.23 when it was TV. That was probably while he was in hospital because I don't think he's got digital TV at the house.

I need to crack down on my diet, I've put on 6 kilos since the last appointment, and I also need to take my vitamins regularly again. At least with it being winter I can go back to making stews - I can pile veggies into stew as much as I want. I will have to cut back on eucalyptus lollies though. And meatloaf, the meatloaf I was making was probably a huge donator to my weight.

I feel tired and bleh but I did try to sleep this afternoon but it was patchy at best.

Party Food

May. 18th, 2012 11:39 am
mimi_sardinia: (Hyperbole)
Done the shopping, got food of the types I happen to be fond of. Pie, pie, sausage, chicken, beef mince, blackcurrant cordial and lemon juice, ginger ale, pasta sauce (have pasta in the cupboard already), eucalyptus lollies and fairy floss, Tim-Tams, fried rice (frozen).

The only veggies I got was a packet of coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage and carrot) and a mirepoix mix. I am contemplating various uses, including stew, casserole, or anything else I think of.

Also, the mince beef and sausages, double my usual amount. I can have both patties and meatloaf. One of the packs of sausages is kangaroo (don't fuss, Roos are not endangered, in fact in some areas they're a downright pest).

Meanwhile, I have SPN playing on the TV (downstairs, the TV has an inbuilt DVD player, though Mum doesn't use it, preferring to use the Blu-ray player). I have just got through the episode with Max, and The Blenders is now playing. It helps to have it going in the background, maybe doing that I can make some proper progress on getting them watched.

You know I was very tempted to buy some saffron today and try making saffron flavoured rice pudding, but I couldn't find the Masterfoods brand packets (half a gram) and the Hoyts ones are a full gram and cost over $13. I could do $6+ but not $13.

Home Alone

May. 17th, 2012 08:50 am
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
So I am going to have something like a week here alone.

I wish I had plans to do something interesting, but I don't. Not really. I mean I am idly considering taking the opportunity to watch a couple of Blu-rays, since Mum won't be around to say yea or nay, and maybe getting in and watching more of SPN while I have uninterrupted time taking advantage of Mum's chair... but other than that? Eh.

The big problem is, of course, money. My phone bill is ridiculous, because somehow a call was made that lasted five fucking hours, so I am having to take advantage of the credit we have on the rent (again!) so I will just have spare money to get a taxi home from the supermarket.

That is one thing, I get to dictate the groceries this week solely for myself. I am definitely getting pie - both the Dean Winchester approved sort and the classic Aussie cuisine sort. And sausages. Maybe even stew makings.

But the real reason behind this? My brother Grey is in hospital. Apparently his Crohn's has done a number on him because he collapsed in pain, presumably at the shops, was taken straight to hospital, and has already had surgery to fix up a perforated stomach.

Apparently amphetamines for treating narcolepsy isn't the only medication in my family with problematic side effects (and let's not forget the easy to find suicide options in this house! Good thing I am nowhere near suicidal).

So Mum's going down there to see Grey.

I know from personal experience that stomach surgery will have at least week's stay in hospital, so she's probably going to be spending most of visiting hours there.

In Addendum: Dear Lord, was there really a good reason behind making pumpkin so bloody hard to chop?


May. 4th, 2012 07:12 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Gabriel - wings)
Went to see The Avengers. Good movie.

It will sadden me if the fandom for it doesn't start putting out Hawkeye/Black Widow het.

Also, it will sadden me if the fandom doesn't put out Nick Fury/Phil Coulson slash.


Apr. 20th, 2012 07:09 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Dean Cas - We Meet Again)
I have just renewed my account and also gained a heap of icon space.

I am going nuts with SPN icons, namely 7.17 ones I picked up recently.

Such as this one.

In other things, I R tired. Liek Whoa. I stayed up last night and did the shopping in the morning, and was hoping to catch Wrath of the Titans before it left the cinemas, but I started getting dizzy in the supermarket, so movie didn't happen. I will probably have to do a late viewing - the movie's only on at 6:30 PM for the next two nights, though I haven't looked at Monday's timetable. I'm not that patient though, I'd like to go see it tomorrow.

I did sleep after I got home today, but only for something like 4 hours and I'm still feeling the effects but I can't go back to sleep. I hope I'm better tomorrow afternoon.
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So the monitor is get, and set.

It may take a little while to get used to it - I didn't check, but it seems larger than the old one, I may be imagining that though. It's also bright, it may take a bit to get used to it, and to get the colour and brightness settings to a point that I like.

I also got huge wheelie crate from Ikea to put my TF toys in. Money for it came from Lotto - I won a 6th division prize of $27.

And it's official, I am blaming my current cravings for MacDonalds cheeseburgers on fanfiction.

Meanwhile Ima sleepies so Ima not simmin' yet.
mimi_sardinia: (Starwing)
Well we're not getting it until Friday, but there's options on a 24" one.


Apr. 11th, 2012 09:48 am
mimi_sardinia: (Griever)
So, Cybertron's monitor seems to be broken. It won't switch on at all.

On the other hand, Mum is willing to buy a new one straight away, if we can get one in her budget. I hope so.

It reminds me of the recent news I got from Mum though, it seems my favourite computer store closed down. The store I usually get my compy fixed at. Dammit.

Luckily monitors are an anywhere buy, but it worries me for when I next have serious issues to deal with.


Apr. 8th, 2012 05:38 pm
mimi_sardinia: (Default)
I have a rather uncaring attitude to Easter. It's a thinly painted-over pagan festival masquerading as Christian.

For one, Easter falls on the fourth full moon of the year. If that doesn't smack of pagan tradition, I don't know what does. Even Halloween isn't quite so blatant since it has a set date and isn't determined by lunar phases.

For two, there's a small historical point that when Rome took up Christianity as it's state religion, it re-purposed a whole stack of pagan festivals. Easter is one of them. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a bit of a hypocrite about this because I still observe Christmas, which is just as much one of those re-purposed festivals.

Neither the Birth or Death of Christ would have been anywhere near the dates of Christmas or Easter.

But the biggest reason in my pragmatic view of the whole thing? Chocolate. I mentioned it before, but two 400g blocks of Cadbury's almond milk chocolate on sale for $9. For the same aproximate price? A 200g egg. I don't bother with buying Easter eggs because all you're paying for is the moulding and foil. I'd rather the chocolate thanks!

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